Where Does the Egypt Game Rank?


In terms of US National Team history very few days have matched yesterday in terms of pure drama. Just three days after Team USA equaled its worst ever loss to Brazil and six days after the national teams worst loss to Italy since 1934, the US found itself in a position to clinch passage to the semifinals of the Confederations Cup. Here are the previous best US performances in a FIFA or COMNEBOL competition, ranked in chronological order.

1992  vs Ivory Coast  (FIFA Confederations Cup Third Place Game)

At the time this competition was known as a the King Fahd Cup. The US won 5-2 over the Ivory Coast behind a Bruce Murray brace. Also Cobi Jones scored his first ever goal for the US in this game.

1994 vs Colombia (FIFA World Cup)

The 2-1 win over one of the pre tournament favorites put the US through to the second round of the USA 94.

1995 vs Argentina (Copa America)

Still arguably the greatest win in US history, the 3-0 thrashing of Argentina gave the US a ticket to the knock out stages of the Copa America. Alexi Lalas, Frank Klopas and Eric Wynalda scored for the US.

1995 vs Mexico (Copa America)

The US won in a shootout versus rival Mexico to make the semifinals of the Copa. Brad Friedel saved 2 pks in the shootout.

1999 vs Germany (FIFA Confederations Cup)

Ben Olsen and Joe Max Moore score in the 2-0 US win that clinched passage to the semifinals. Moore’s free kick goal is among the best in US history.

2002 vs Portugal (FIFA World Cup)

Portugal received it’s fair share of pre tournament hype but the US came out flying and when John O’Brien scored off a corner in minute four, the US never looked back and won 3-2. The third US goal was a thing of beauty as Tony Sanneh found Brian McBride with a cross in a play reminiscent of their days together with the Milwaukee Rampage.

2002 vs Mexico (FIFA World Cup)

Unforgettable game that came on the heels of an embarrassing thrashing suffered to Poland in the final group game. The US were lucky to escape a handball on John O’Brien in the area, a sure PK on most days but dominated much of the game. Brian McBride scored on a nice Josh Wolff setup and Eddie Lewis put a beautiful cross in Landon Donovan’s path for the second goal.

Relive US-Egypt from the 2009 Confederations Cup with our post match podcast featuring Jamie Trecker from FOX Sports and Dave Denholm from ESPN 710 Radio in LA.

8 thoughts on “Where Does the Egypt Game Rank?”

  1. Holy s***. I didn’t know the score of the game as I was driving cross country when it was played. Or the Brazil Italy game. Just watched on ESPN360 (thank you sports gods). Amazing! I admit that I was as cynical as Kartik’s hosts and commentators about the US program in the MLST podcasts. Is all rosy in USMNT land now? Oh, far from it. But to be humiliated twice in a row, completely shown up and put to shame, and then come back and best Egypt (no shabby team, people, though also missing Mido if my memory serves me) – wow. It would have been easy to roll over and play dead. Now, the key is to not do that in the first game of a tournament, or the first ten minutes of most games. And to keep players who are not match fit or out or form off the pitch (Beasley, Dempsey – and yeah, I would prefer Feilhaber in mid and Davies and Altidore up top to seeing Dempsey up top).
    Luck was a lady tonight for Bob Bradley.

  2. It’s the Mummy Miracle. Pure luck. jk. An extremely painful day for Egyptians worldwide. We hoped to treat the usa like we did the Jews in ancient times. They parted our defense like the Red Sea.

  3. I must take issue with the first game on your list. Ivory Coast were quite ordinary in that game, and if the US had had a better finisher that Bruce Frickin’ Muray up top, we’d have won by a couple more.
    It didn’t mean much either, what with it being the 3rd place game in the 4-team field (the shorthanded US losing 3-0 against much of the run of play in the prior game to the Saudis.)
    I’d replace it with the 2-0 win over Mexico in the 1991 Gold Cup semi-finals, setting us up to win the first ever Gold Cup and qualify for the King Fahd Cup.

  4. Agreed on that Ivory Coast games but I was just listing all the big wins. It was a 3rd place game in a 4 team competition. As far as the Gold Cup the 1991 win under Bora was massive and keep in mind we didn’t win another Gold Cup for 11 years. However this list is for non CONCACAF games, qualifiers or Gold Cup. the Mexico Copa game is listed because it was in the Copa.

  5. “Relive US-Egypt from the 1999 Confederations Cup with our post match podcast…”

    Nineteen ninety-nine? :-)

  6. Kartik,

    Been loving the podcasts being released so close to the end of each US match, really great stuff.

    However, could you freshen up the line-up a bit? I’ve definitely heard enough from Trekker lately. He makes some good points at times, but it’s become quite repetitive lately. I definitely get his overall dissatisfaction with the USSF, but let’s try to focus on the actual match and what happened there. It’s best to save that bigger picture discussion of what’s wrong with USSF for a more expansive pod.

    Would also love it if some of the guests disagreed at times or were willing to express some different points of view from each other.

    Anyway, thanks again for all of the US coverage, it’s been great.

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