Liverpool Third Shirt For 09-10 Season Leaked


Liverpool’s third jersey for the 2009-2010 season has been revealed, and it’s going to be white with red trim according to a leaked photograph (see above).

Liverpool and Adidas have finally got their designs right for this season compared to last season’s horrid green third jersey and the uninspiring gray away shirt. Liverpool’s new third kit for the 2009-2010 season will again be designed and manufactured by Adidas, and will feature the white shirt emblazoned with a green Carlsberg logo, red Adidas trim and gray lines near the bottom of the short sleeves.

What do you think about Liverpool’s new third shirt? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

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Source: FootballShirtCulture.

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47 thoughts on “Liverpool Third Shirt For 09-10 Season Leaked”

  1. Not a ‘Pool fan but that one along with the red home and black away kit are probably the nicest in the Prem.

    Not sure what we’re doing with the black “V” on our kits this year. Maybe if United put out a white away shirt with a red “V” it’d look alright but we’ll see.

  2. if proved to be correct, as i alreay have the home ki which isnt changing untill next seaon ater this, then ill buy the new 3rd kit,it look boss ut its a close call long with the new away one.

    torres on the red one!
    kuyt on the 3rd kit!

    and hopefully davd silva on the new way kit! sound great

  3. Looks like last year’s training kit. Very nice though. I’d buy it.

    But I’ll wait till January. Bought the red home jersey with Keane 7 on the back last year…got my Gerrard away kit yesterday although I hope I don’t still carry the “won’t last six months” curse…

    1. yeah you should be ok with a gerrard shirt im thinking, ha ha.

      i was about to get a keane shirt last year and then totally changed my mind at the last minute but i didnt change the number… i ended up getting first the home shirt with gerrard on it and then another home shirt with 7 on it and the immortal name DALGLISH. at the last minute i figured that although keane might prove to be good he shouldnt be able to get the number 7 so i retired it for him.

      i usually buy all 3 shirts but last year i only got 2. i had to boycott the away and euro kits because they were both pure rubbish and it didnt look like liverpool playing when wearing them. Shankly put us in red coz its a strong colour that makes the team look bigger and stronger. what is the reason for picking gray? or aquamarine or whatever the hell it was. on a personal note the only blemish on that glorious day in march in manchester was that we were wearing that utter garbage top whilst killing the mancs.
      i like this better (not as much as 2 seasons ago away but i still like it) and i just got my new away torres shirt and it looks damn fine. well done this year adidas and whoever else decides these things.

  4. i dont believe that its the same as our old white and red one for the 07/08 season liverpool fans dont believe it until we see it on official site ps johnson done deal cant wait and villa rumours are picking up if only eh and reine and masch wont go newhere or xabi give up u foreigners leave our players alone

  5. Ha! Kirby.. thats an hillerious comment! “U foreigners leave our players alone”- forgive me but arnt Reina, Xabi and Masch technicaly “foreigners”!

    Nice kit ddows.

  6. wat do u min by horrid green jersey??!!
    that was one of the nicest lfc shirts ive bought…
    the yellow one 3 seasons ago was horrid…
    and besyds, this shirt doesnt even look too good…
    the black one is nyc, but this one is all CHRISTMASSY…
    no match from our white away jersey a couple of seasons ago…

  7. decent kit dis like the sleeves me and just the design i av stevie g on red kit torres on new away kit and on third johnson ? silva ? lavezzi ? well see 😀 SCOUSER

      1. dossena wont be here for long hopefully so wats the point he is the worst defender ever hes only useful wen he is attacking

    1. i almost had an accident last sunday when i heard fergies plan last sunday morning… i thought he might have bumped his head and gone ultra senile after too much wine on saturday night. god i laughed though… poor fergie knows that he took the big pay out and ‘sold real a virus!’ and thats it over for him now. its now Liverpool F.C.’s time for some time to come.
      p.s. nice v shirt mancs, and i thought ours were the worst ever last year!

    2. you wish. i am staying with LFC(YNWA) i am not like ronaldo (the traitor) I signed a new 4 year contract last month. and i get paid enough in anfield. My english is improving and i think the shirt looks fantastic. look at the man united shirts. not the liverpool. manutd shirts look horrible. I am staying in Anfield untill Rafa says go out of the Shankly gates.

  8. Very nice! i LOVE it!.. but the ‘Carlsberg’ can be in grey though.. dark grey have seen them use that color before.. it complements the grey linings… just a though..

  9. Thats a classy, simpl nice kit, i like all the kits for next season but personally feel that we should swap the away and euro kits around i.e. white for away, black for euro.

    Iv got Insua on the home kit sl, Torres on the away ls, and im gonna get a new signing on the away sl.

    And as for El-nino to man united, dont make me laugh.

  10. did you read the comment from elnino to alex ferguson. ooooooo that was a good one elnino. good luck in the future and as long as the fans sing your song u stay thnx for the help..!!!!!!!!!

  11. To be honest i think its pretty bland. Looks more like a training shirt.

    I liked the grey one last season – reminded me of the late 80s shirt. I didn’t like the rounded neck though. Last season’s green shirt was horrid though.

    The current home and away though are top notch. Liverpools best shirts since the 80s… bring back the old adidas logo now and all will be well with the world!

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I support the reds and this is almost as bad as my secondary school uniform, (maroon blazer, black tank top, Lilac tie) it will not be third, someone has messed abouth with last years away again on this website. I personally think the third could be blue or possibly yellow

    1. you can tell this is the one look on the lfc website n llook at this the collar is the same and its unique not been used b4(the shape)

  13. Yasmin, do you really think it was Sir Alex and El Nino. I seriously doubt two big time people would comment on a website with shit written all over its face. Get a life jackass

  14. the best team an now we got the best kits, there nice but rather have the white kit as away one an the black one as champions league kit. watch out manchester rafa an the boys gonna get yeh this year!!!!! JUSTICE FOR THE 96.


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