10 English Football Bloggers You Should Follow On Twitter


As the popularity of Twitter skyrockets, more football supporters are signing up to stay updated on the latest football news. Trouble is how to know which people to follow on Twitter.

To help, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 English football bloggers you should follow on Twitter. I ruled out the Twitterers whose main focus is not Premier League-related, and here are the ones I recommend (in no specific order):

  1. Chris Oakley (Some People Are On The Pitch)http://twitter.com/spaotp – 163 followers: There are very few bloggers based in England who are as scholarly as Oakley on the topic of world football. As well as sharing his comments and questions about the world’s game, Oakley provides goal summaries from the Premier League which are exceedingly helpful when you’re away from a computer, radio or television on a matchday.
  2. Sean Ingle (The Guardian) http://twitter.com/seaningle – 482 followers: Not a blogger per se, but Ingle is one of the chief reasons why The Guardian have been one of the pioneers in new media. Ingle provides a unique glimpse inside the offices of The Guardian’s Sport desk as well as the shenanigans that happened at Sid Lowe’s stag party.
  3. Henry Winter (The Telegraph)http://twitter.com/henrywinter – 875 followers: Not a blogger either, but Henry Winter, the talisman of English football writers, is as astute an observer about football on Twitter as he is in The Telegraph newspaper. Lots of glorious insight about players to watch out for as well as first-person reporting from football venues worldwide.
  4. Dirty Tackle (Dirty Tackle)http://twitter.com/dirtytackle – 386 followers: In addition to links to the latest stories on Dirty Tackle, voted Best EPL Blog of 2008-2009 in the EPL Awards, there’s a healthy dialogue with the blog’s readers.
  5. The Offside (The Offside)http://twitter.com/theoffside – 1,185 followers: The Offside’s Twitter feed provides links to each new post from the popular blog, which is helpful for football fans who don’t want to bother with the hassle of RSS readers or whose fingers are tired from hitting refresh throughout the day. Unfortunately, though, The Offside’s Twitter communications are all one way with no correspondence with readers themselves. Lots of room for improvement there.
  6. Footbo (Footbo)http://twitter.com/footbo – 493 followers: Footbo’s Twitter feed may not be updated that often, but there are some gems in there such as links to funny football videos and articles as well as commentary on football matches.
  7. Red Ranter (Red Rants)http://twitter.com/redranter – 255 followers: This Manchester United blogger mixes in quite a bit of personality in addition to his tweets about his favorite football club. This is someone who obviously understands how to use Twitter and the benefit of communicating with his audience.
  8. SoccerLens (SoccerLens) http://twitter.com/soccerlens – 394 followers: It’s refreshing to see a football blogger carrying on conversations with his readers and fellow bloggers about the world of football instead of trying to flog his blog or latest articles. Definitely one to follow.
  9. ArseBlog (ArseBlog)http://twitter.com/arseblog – 2,793 followers: The infamous ArseBlogger does Gunners fans proud with his frequently updated Twitter feed chock full of the latest insights and updates about Arsenal FC. It’s obvious to see that the Dublin resident takes his twittering as seriously as his blogging and it’s no wonder that he’s built such a loyal fan base of followers from around the world.
  10. Umbro (Umbro)http://twitter.com/umbro – 626 followers: Who would have thought that a company founded in 1910 would be twittering about their brand in 2009? Thankfully the tweets aren’t hype or propaganda about new Umbro shirts for sale. Instead Umbro uses its Twitter channel (and blog) to embrace social media to respond to its customers directly and promote its creative advertising campaigns. The newest one has them encouraging people in Manchester to hang limited-edition Blue Moon posters around the city to promote the new Manchester City home kit coming out in July.

Last, but not least, be sure to follow EPL Talk on Twitter for the latest updates from me about anything and everything Premier League-related as well as a few updates now and again about what happens behind the scenes at this blog.

Are there any twitterers who aren’t listed above that you feel should be added? If so, click the comments link below and share your favorites.

12 thoughts on “10 English Football Bloggers You Should Follow On Twitter”

  1. UMBRO actually owns the United Soccer Leagues here in the US which features the majority of professional and semi professional soccer in this country- recently international standouts such as Eric Wynalda, Jurgen Klinsmann and Romario have all played in the USL.

    But the fact that UMBRO cannot be bothered to tweet anything but news about England kits may explain why they have less followers than many US Footy oriented tweeters. It’s actually insulting that the folks in either Beaverton or London cannot give us the most basic USL related news on that UMBRO feed. Come to think of it they don’t give us much Scandinavian news either where UMBRO has a wide scope.

    Does Reebok, Puma or Addidas only have 626 followers? I doubt it, but if Adidas only gave Germany national team news perhaps they’d have as few followers as UMBRO. I would recommend people skip following UMBRO.

    As for people to follow, Some People on the Pitch should be the first tweeter any one new to Twitter follows if they are serious about the beautiful game. Chris Oakley’s twitter feed is a must if you want to be in the loop as to what is really happening in the world of football.

  2. NOOO! don’t listen to the journos – much better to listen to the bloggers, much funnier and less up themselves. twitter.com/twofootedtackle and twitter.com/pitchslap are two of the best.

  3. Hi Katrik

    We’re still learning how to talk about what we do and to be honest, we’ve stuck to what we know best. In the future we’re looking at having a far closer relationship with our colleagues at Umbro in the US and Scandinavia and South America (http://blog.umbro.com.br/) and Japan (http://www.umbro-jp.com/) and talking about what’s happening globally. It’s unlikely we’d ever rival some of the hardcore twitterers on USL news though… there’s no substitute for following individual passionate fans is there and why would we try and compete with that? I think that’s what makes Twitter so great, that individuals can offer a perspective on things that organisations can’t like you @kkfla737 There’s always @ussoccer for general US soccer too.

    The other point to make of course is that Nike and Adidas and Puma don’t twitter officially (unless they’re hiding) – thought the Nike Dunk Shoe had a go for a while http://twitter.com/nikedunkshoes

    Thanks very much for listing us in your top ten EPL Talk!

  4. How Henry Winter is on this list is anyone’s guess. Have you seen how many replies he’s made? Or how many people he’s followed back? That’s right – a big fat zero.

    Including glorified hacks on this list just encourage the same behaviour. Umbro does a top job with their Tweets.

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