Manchester United: Summer Transfer Targets

Who will be in at Old Trafford this summer?
Who will be in at Old Trafford this summer?

With the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo adding £80 million to Sir Alex Ferguson’s usual £25-30 million yearly budget. A summer spending spree is surely on the cards. Looking at the side, it would appear to me a winger and some quality in centre midfield are needed, with possibly, a striker as the icing on the cake.

Looking at the players linked to Old Trafford, it would seem we have some familiar names.

Luis Antonia Valencia – £15-18 Million

Luis Antonio Valencia
Luis Antonio Valencia

A flying right-winger has player over 80 games for Wigan and looks a very tidy player. His premier League experience will mean he can fit right into the side and wont need much time to settle. Nominated for the Best Young Player at the 2006 World Cup it appears the 23 year old who has 34 caps for Ecuador has a bright future. Some downsides may be the size of the fee, and doubts as to whether or not he is better than what United already have. In addition, his goal scoring record is quite woeful with only 7 goals during his time at Wigan and only 4 for Ecuador, he does have potential, but I only see him as a squad player at most. Wigan Chaiman Dave Whelan will not stand in his way and Sir Alex is a long time admirer, this transfer is pretty much nailed on.

Franck Ribery – £40-50 Million

Franck Ribery
Franck Ribery

A world-class player, a player, who would be the ideal replacement for the departing Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently United put in a £60 million bid a few months ago and Sir Alex is keen to have him as part of the Old Trafford set up. His abilities are unquestioned, great dribbler, pace and immense skill, he also added goals to his repertoire scoring 14 in all competitions this season. Bayern have stated they would not keep him against his will and he has stated his desire to play in Spain. United would have a fight on their hands to persude him his future lies in Manchester, added to the hefty fee; Barcelona and Real Madrid are also circling thus increasing the price further.

Karim Benzema – £30-40 Million

Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema

The next great French striker in my opinion, and at 21 years old has plenty of time on his side. A seasoned Champions League performer, 24 caps for France and over 50 goals for Lyon in two seasons. He is tall, powerful and strong yet possesses pace coupled with a deadly eye for goal. Lyon have said he is not ‘untransferable’ and Ferguson has had an eye on him for years. The only issue would be his intention to stay in France during a World Cup year to maintain his place for Les Bleus.

David Silva – £30-35 Million

David Silva
David Silva

A player I like a lot, he has pace, skill, vision, great technical ability and a lethal shot on him. Part of Spain’s Euro 2008 winning team he can play on either flank and behind the strikers. With Valencia harbouring a mountain of debt and in dire need to sell, Silva’s days are numbered at the Mestalla. Ferguson bid for him last summer and another attempt appears to be on the horizon, but with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool all interested, competition will be fierce for el Chinito. For me he would be an excellent addition and should be pursued vigerously.

David Villa – £35-40 Million

David Villa
David Villa

If a well-known brewer made strikers they would probably make David Villa. As with his namesake Silva, his days at Valencia appear to be numbered due to the moeny he would bring in to help clear debts. A fantastic goal scorer and leader of the Spanish front line, a transfer to Real Madrid collapsed last season and it could be the same again this season. Although it looks far more likely he will remain in Spain, Chelsea and Liverpool have both announced interest but United have apparently put in a cheeky bid. Villa would add some much needed goals previously brought to the Stretford End by Ronaldo. A transfer to United however, seems just out of reach.

Mirko Vucinic £20-25 Million

Mirko Vucinic
Mirko Vucinic

The 25 year old Montenegrin currently ply’s his trade for AS Roma. This season having established himself as Roma’s number one striker, he has scored a number of important goals including two against Chelsea in the Champions League. With an impressive record of 48 goals in 83 games for the Giallorossi, he seems ready to step up another level and play for a top European club. Along with his excellent finishing ability he is also versatile, playing as a left-winger, and behind the striker during his time in Rome. Coupled with Roma’s lack of Champions League football and huge debts, it may be time to cash in on a very saleable asset.

Douglas Maicon – £30-35 Million

Douglas Maicon
Douglas Maicon

The Inter right back is arguably the best in the business. He controls the right side, from corner to corner, strong in the tackle and great positional sense; he bombs forward with consummate ease to deliver a phenomenal quantity of crosses. Athletic and agile, he could be the answer on the right side. Sir Alex tried to sign him in 2003 but was refused a work permit. Reportedly unhappy in Italy, a move appears ever closer for the Brazilian.

Honourable mentions must go to Victor Valdes of Barcelona and Douglas Costa of Gremio. Both have been on the radar but I don’t see any developments in the near future at least.

Every one of the above has been linked with Manchester United at some point over the last few weeks. For me a ball winning midfielder should be high on the list of priorities though the rumour mill seems obsessed with attacking players.

A very eventful summer could come into fruition very soon and you may well find a few new faces strutting their stuff in the Theatre of Dreams.

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52 thoughts on “Manchester United: Summer Transfer Targets”

      1. Are you stupid? A half dead players that have no vision don’t you ever mention those stinking apocalypse again for utd to sign. you should be talking about young players who has somthing to offer like surez

  1. United could really hit this one out of the park.

    I mean when it comes down to it with a warcraft of 100 million or more United could afford 2 or 3 good players.

    I think if they make use of that 100 million or so they could potentially buy both Ribery and the likes of Benzema.

    That may be a bit overload considering they care both capable and you wouldn’t really need them both on your side to win a game but the money is there to buy 2 top players and maybe even a third potentially.

    I think this windfall is the best thing that has happened to United in many years. It opens so many doors and potential.

    I’d like to see what we’re capable of next season with the likes of Ribery and Benzema on our team.

  2. i think man u should buy atleast 3 of these world class players valencia , villa , silva and maicon . maicon would fit perfect at rb having him and evra on the full back posistions would be like having two extra wingers going forward, and theyd be good defendin as they are both quick,strong and skillfull however his price scares me……. also silva would be ideal on the left with giggs now playin central and the only cover is nani ( flop ), park good but doesnt get goals and tosic well no1 knows how good he really is, so silva would me amazing buy….as for david villa well if tevez leaves or not we should definatly sign him he is just world class and he has a great goal scoring record he’d be perftect with rooney…and finally valencia a great team player but doesnt get goals but still he’d fit in well as a squad player. Valencia 17 mil…. Silva…25mil-30mil …….David Villa 35mil to 45mil and maicon 30mil …..SAF SIGN THEM UP ASAP

  3. SAF really needs to build a strong midfield and with Tevez and Ronaldo gone i think we need an attacking winger such as Costa, Javier Pastore, or Alexis Sanchez to be devoloped into the next #7 with Valencia as replacement in the mean while. A proven goal scorer: Benzema, Aguero, Villa, Huntelaar, or Torres? And a tactical midfielder, I love Silva but a Moutinho for Nani switch is attractive too if he doesnt show more consistency. Also Maicon would be excellent while Rafael develops. If I was SAF i would sign Silva, Aguero, Maicon, Sanchez, and Benzema/Huntelaar.

  4. I think SAF should get Silva to replace Giggsy,and Alexis Sanchez to replace Ronaldo.His still only 20 and SAF is known to nurture young players. And up front, we should get Huntelaar or Benzema. Huntelaar has a predator instincts and Benzema is just awesome=D


  6. need DM – gattuso would fit bill. lil old at 30? but would be fairly cheap i imagine – 13m?

    Maicon would be incredible at right back but not sure if needed as da silva will be immense in few years and oshea and brown are good enough, and if priced at over 30m it wont happen.

    Aguero is the man for me going forward. Quality quality player. would spend 50m on him and still get a bargain. fingers crossed for this one.

    then a few youngsters for the future:

    Costa, Kerlon (just for his seal dribble!)

    I’d be tempted to put a cheeky bid in for an out of form ronaldinho. True his best form is without doubt behind him but will not be happy at his lack of 1st team action last year and would surely only cost around 10m now. get him fit and his class will be ouzing out of his pores once again.

    Imagine the lineup:

    Maicon RIO VIDIC Evra
    Ronaldinho Carrick Anderson
    Rooney Aguero

    subs: Costa, R Da Silva, F Da Silva, Berbatov, Nani, Hargreaves(if he ever plays again), Kerlon


  7. manchester united should buy silva asa a replacement 4 scholes and they should consider villa who can have competiton between torres in scoring goals.pls man u but this players:)

  8. Man U don’t actually need to buy anyone.
    Ronaldo was to aragont and overshadowed players like Nani and Park
    we don’t need any strikers, Rooney will be able to play his normal postion which he is best at. Berbatov created more assists and goals than Tevez even though most people think Tevez is more of a team player. And who cares if he goes to City. Its city…there not going to do anything… Scholes still has another season and so does Giggs. And we have massivly underated Fletcher… We could win the prem without signing anyone.

  9. i think sir alex should buy franck ribery to replace ronaldo and i think he should but karim benzema to replace tevez! sir alex should buy casillas to replace van der sar and valencia to replace giggs:p

  10. Manu should use 100million on Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema. I have heard speculation sporting lisbon want nani back for jaoa montinho that would be perfect. Sir Alex needs to bid instead of waiting for the last minute like Berbatov. If u want someone bid, just like Man city. Ronaldo could never tackle thats why i wanted him to leave Ribery is suberb. Benzema is a superior striker and will destroy the premier league (if he joins man u). He will come through the ranks and be the worlds best. From ultimate man u fan.

  11. dun dream too much MU.. there are no chances for u to sign spanish player.. all spanish player belongs to benitez.. fergie only afford to buy scottish player..

  12. I think David villa is out of conversation. He will either go to Madrid or stay @ valencia. I think Man United Should buy Douglas Costa, David Silva, Antonio Valencia & Benzema. It should strengthen United squad for sure, especially in midfield. Hergreaves will be back . I think they need either Douglas or David Silva for sure to creat goal scoring chances for either Rooney, Baba, Benzema.. If Man United don’t have playmaker.. They are not going to win Champion League in the next 5 yrs or so.. I swear.. I think David Silva is pretty good and fast..

    Sir alex. should sign.. them..

    My line up..would be..
    Rafel Rio Vidic Evra

    Hergreaves/ Fletcher Carrick/Scholes

    David Silva

    Douglas Costa/ Valencia Valencia


  13. I think that the current squad is capable of competing with the top of Europe, however I feel that if United wants to dominate the league and win the CL again, then they should buy 2 players to replace Tevez and Ronaldo…

    I don’t think it’s fair to the new signings if we’re constantly comparing them with Tevez and Ronaldo. We should instead welcome a new style of play, which we would get if we’d buy Valencia (very possible) or David Silva (would be the perfect signing) together with a top striker like Benzema or Agüero…

  14. I think SAF should have got Robben in a cash + player deal for Ronaldo, well we can still get him for around 25 mil, now that Real are getting rid of all its Dutch players. He’s one heck of a player, got pace, a few tricks up his sleeve and provides great crosses, and unlike Ronaldo he PASSES the ball and even though he looks like he’s old enough to be a coach he’s just as old as Ronaldo. Then i think we should get Silva on the other flank. they would be supplying great crosses for the front line (preferred with Benzema, but even without him, its good with Rooney and Berba and Macheda and Welbeck rising up through the ranks, But he certainly would be a great buy because Berba is not really getting the goals and we do need someone to fill in Ronaldo’s goal-scoring shoes). Then the strikers will surely be scoring goals, lots of them. I think Ronaldo overshadowed our strikers and went for the glory by himself too much. Now that he’s gone the wingers will do their job i.e. cross and the strikers their’s i.e. SCORE. I think we should trade Nani for Moutinho.

    Valencia… he’s good but I don’t think he’s up to United’s standards.

    Moutinho – Nani
    Silva – 30 mil
    Robben – 20 mil
    Benzema – 35 mil
    Total – 85 mil and it would fit well in our budget. We’d still have around 15 mil more which we could spend on Douglas Costa or Alexis Sanchez. Or we could just use it to collect funds to clear our debts because we already have a bunch great youngsters. Buying too many of them may just create another case like the ones of Frazier Campbell, Chris Eagles or Giuseppe Rossi (who I may add, we may consider buying back because we have the first refusal on selling him and also the buy-back clause), great talents but just no place for them

    I think it would be a great team.
    PS. I would love to see Beckham back at OT if it was possible. he wouldn’t be a bad signing. After seeing him playing for England, who’d say he’s past his prime. he’d also pass on his bit of experience and sheer class to our youngsters.

    And ummm…. does anyone know where’s Zaki?

  15. Going backto Maicon would be good, wesigned him before, bu UNited couldn’tget him a work permit as he hadn’t played the required number of internationals for Brazil. The rest, I’m not too sure about, yes, they’d add to the quality of the squad, but getting Ribery/Silva/Valencia wouldn’t solve the goal-scoring problem, getting Bezema/Villa/Vucinic wouldn’t solve the winger/creativity problem. Ronaldo was truly a great player, as he was able to be a winger, and a supplementary striker/sharp-shooter. Maybe we should look to get an -out-and out winger, who’ll do nothing but whip-in the crosses, for now, and strengthen the strike-force, to make sure they get converted into goals.
    Milner, Young, maybe Silva, all look to be good crossers, and of course there is Beckham!

  16. I think benzima is the player man u shoulb b eyeing and i also think valencia is good but not to our standard.

  17. manu should get Etoo,benzema,ribery,david villa and fenarndo torres.Bravo to sir alex ferguson we already antonio valencia .We going to crash anybody whether chealsea ,liverpool or any danm body.

  18. Sir Alex Ferguson should buy Silva from Valencia,he is perfect for Manchester United.
    Antonio Valencia is not good enough to the United standard,better sell Giggs,Brown,Neville and Scholes.They are getting old

  19. With the departure of Ronaldo i think we shold buy Ribery valencia owen and David Villa they are all great players and have a big chance to play at the greatest team in the world.

  20. next years squad realistic

    Rafeal Ferdinand Vidic Evra
    Valencia Carrick Anderson Nani
    Rooney Berbatov

    subs: Foster,brown,oshea,hargreaves,giggs,owen,marcheda

    but i am hoping SAF buys a desent striker

  21. SAF should sign Ibrahimovic from inter he,s the perfect target man he scores goals he has amazing footwork for a big fellow and he will be rooneys perfect partner. And also david silva or aguero (or both)

  22. man ugot owen which is really great.coz hes got class and u cant deny it even though hes outta form.. once out of his injury problems hes gonna be a force to reckon.they seriously need a super winger rite now.and the likes of robben and lennon perfectly fit da bill…..

  23. i tink dey dont need any wingers nymore wid da reacent sighnings coz rooney said he play dere nd hes sikk dere valencia on the other wing hagreeves nd carrik in da middle but now dey need a goal scorer like thieryy henry or van nistorroy but in younger terms so huntelaar..pato..villa..etc.. nd buy a new goalie v.der sar i tink is gonna retire next season

  24. i think that Sir Alex Ferguson should keep his transfers to him self because every one that manchester united buy other teams put a bid in or want to buy them like Real Madrid!.

  25. i think that manchester united should buy Moutinhio from Sporting lisbon because he is realy talented and realy young(21) And they should buy Arjen robben because he could replace giggs. they should buy Alaxander Pato beacuse he is like 19 n i would rate him atleast 93 out of 100.

  26. but youse need to sell berbatov and get some more money out of it. 30 mill and buy somelike thiery henry who can score in the premier leauge

  27. my team
    van der sar

    Maconi Ferdinand Vidic Evra

    Robben Carrick Scholes(moutinhio after he retires) valencia

    Rooney Owen

  28. sar alx fargorsin we manunited fc we wont u to go for benzemar first befor ene ordar playar plc do him werl so dart he can com plc managar

  29. I think I will sign David Villa(Valencia) for 40 millions, David Silva(Valencia) for 35 millions and Karim Benzema(Real Madrid) for 25 million if I have 100 million.

  30. This is my team:
    Goalkeeper: Van Der Sar
    Defender: Rio ferdinand, Vidic, Evra
    Midfielder: David Silva, Valencia, Scholes, Moutinhio
    Striker: David Villa, Rooney, Karim Benzema

  31. i think sir alex ferguson should go for a mid fielder and an attacker siutable attaker would be torres or villa or sir alex ferguson should go go for the big one the playmaker messi

  32. its time to get rid of berbatov now , get robben or ozil , Ozil is realy good ,, befoe the world cup i said he wil b clas. we need a left footer like ozil to replace giggsy , and we should get benzema of real and also sendjier

  33. I think de federico or edindzeko or E.elia can match rooney.please hurry up the trasfer season is going to finish!

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