2009-2010 Premier League Fixtures

premier-league1The fixtures for the 2009-2010 season have been released, and Sir Alex Ferguson should be happy. The fixture computer must have applied a “Fergie Filter” to reduce the wrath of Sir Alex Ferguson fuming about how the fixtures are in favour of other teams except his own. This season, they seem to have it about right.

Plus shock, horror — Tottenham Hotspur actually get to play their opening day fixture at home instead of on the road. The last time Spurs had an opening day fixture at White Hart Lane was five years ago in 2004 when they played Liverpool — who coincidentally are the same opponents for the Lilywhites on the opening day, August 15, 2009.

The key fixtures involving the Big Four for the 2009-2010 season can be found here.

The new season kicks off on Saturday, August 15 with a few intriguing matches. The most appealing are Spurs at home against Liverpool and Everton at home against Arsenal. Roberto Martinez’s first match as the new Wigan boss will be against Aston Villa at Villa Park. Blackburn face Manchester City at Ewood Park, while Chelsea are at home against Hull, and Manchester United are at home against Birmingham City.

For the complete Premier League fixtures of the 2009-2010 season, visit the Premier League website.

60 thoughts on “2009-2010 Premier League Fixtures”

  1. Looks much more even between the big 4 this year.

    Last year United had the hard start to the season but the easier second half while Liverpool and Chelsea had a very easy start but a pretty difficult second half.

    This year looks significantly more even which should at least mean more consistency during the overall season for all three of them.

    It’s a good thing in my opinion as well with the way the games were stacked last year the season was either impossible in the first half or ridiculously easy and then it was abject opposites in the other half.

    With a more consistent rhythm should prove more fun rather than one team dominating for a period and then the other dominating the second.

  2. hope it hard the coming season n/n 4 teams!
    unfortunately the opening of liverpool isnot good
    i want the fixture on my e-mail

  3. arsenal and everton got screwed. both play the top three clubs in a row. fergie’s rant and control of the prem in evidence.

    1. all in the space of 10 days for arsenal
      they just dont want arsenal to win the title
      how unfair can it get to b honest?
      just gonna tire out arsenal like that
      not to mention they have a top 3 team then 2 weeks inbetween and then another top 3 team, this has happened about 3 times in arsenals 09/010 fixtures

      not happy at all

  4. Iam very eager to see my lover Arsenal taking the Trophy ths season of 2009/10.Please,send for me the fixtures for the entire premier league.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. liverpool fc is very best Club. he can win 3 trophe in next season with : torres , gerrard etc and with rafael benitez

    1. every big team is playing for the first place, except for liverpool which was playing only for the 6th place and was unable to get the 6th place, you are talking 3 trophy hahaha…… advice you to change team, liverpool is a team with a broken leg now…

  6. manchester city in next season will be more good than arsenal everton and aston villa and he will be at fourth position big four: 1. chelsea 2.man united 3. liverpool 4. man city

  7. the results is likely 2 b similar to last season’s with;
    man utd 1,chelsea 2,liverpools 3,man city 4…………………….
    just wait n c.

  8. This season’s fixtures are quite interesting.It ‘ll see some hitherto underdogs advance in EPL.Pls send the fixtures to my mail box.UP GUNNERS!

  9. Kindly send me a complet premeir league and barclays league fixture for the current soccer season.

    kindly regards.

  10. wazup Arsenal,Liverpool,Chelsea and Aston Villa.Peeps remember Manutd has gat its way out of the game. we (manutd) start ordinarily like any other small team jus to appease the junior teams so they do not quit but we do what is important when weve gat to do it.say hi to all manutd fans at Githunguri Social Club. Tell Maina aG-pange.Guys send me the epl fixture to my email.

  11. I love premier league,please send me the updates(results,fixtures and table always).
    please consider my request.

  12. please i great fan of aresnal and i am muslim from pakistan i love fabregas and adre arshavin and please manager let robin vem perse play in aresnal and i want all date sheet of aresnal match against any team hope u will email me thank u

    1. I am happy to hear from an arsenal fan from pakistan. I’m from Zimbabwe, Africa and a big Gunners fan. Lets hook up, I’ll provide you with all the arsenal fixtures. My email is emanzanga@email.com and my phone number is 00263913018112. This Sunday (17/01/09) we are playing Bolton Wanderers at 16:00GMT.

  13. “GO MAN – U GO”
    Like Man United Than Anything Else In Soccer!
    Kindly Give Me Further Updates & If Possible Send Me The Whole 2009/2010 Season Fixtures For The English Premiership Since It’s Kick-off

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