Confederations Cup Post Match Podcasts

Approximately three hours after the conclusion of every US game at the FIFA Confedrations Cup, Major League Soccer Talk will release a postmatch podcast breaking down tactics, player selection and the result of the match. We will feature the analysis of top drawer commentators and journalists who cover the US team.

Here is the schedule:

Monday vs Italy  podcast due out about 8pm ET

Thursday vs Brazil podcast due out about 3 pm ET

Sunday vs Egypt podcast due out about 8 pm ET

For the best coverage of the Confederations Cup matches during and immeadiately after the matches check out FOX Soccer’s special section.

2 thoughts on “Confederations Cup Post Match Podcasts”

  1. That is excellent coverage Kartik. It’s what the American soccer fan needs and deserves! Just think one day we maybe even able to tune in after a game to a local radio station doing a post game review and call in. In the meantime your doing a great service.

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