Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away And Third Kits For 09/10 Season


A photograph has been leaked showing the Tottenham Hotspur home, away and third kits for the 2009-2010 season.

Designed and manufactured by Puma, the new home Spurs football kit features a white shirt with yellow stripes over the shoulders, navy shorts with yellow trim and white socks with yellow trim.

The away Spurs kit is the one in navy blue with yellow stripes over the shoulders, while the yellow kit is the third kit.

The new kits are again sponsored by Mansion while the away and third kits again have Mansion spelled out in Chinese as well as English.

What do you think of the new Spurs kits? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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128 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home, Away And Third Kits For 09/10 Season”

  1. Crap, Plain and Boring. Its the same kit as last season but with a stupid yellow stripe. God! We need a different manufacturer…very unproffesional, not to mention the stripey socks have gone!

    I wont be buying this one but im gonna have to get used to it!

  2. Hideous, Gross, no creativity, dull, I’ll buy a retro from Toffs instead. I will not be seen in this piece of cloth. I wouldn’t wash David’s Benley with that. Very disappointed in Puma. Suddenly the Zenith Jersey looks beautiful

  3. Not a fan of the yellow on the home kit (hopefully it will be a grower), I prefer last seasons one though. You guys are spot on about the socks, the stripey ones really grew on me. At least the away kit is better than last years, but not much better. The best kit last year was the black one, could they not have incorperted that into one of them.

  4. I really like them! 😀
    I knew that leaked picture of the home shirt would look better.
    I thought we were getting a new sponser though?
    Look foward to seeing us play in them next season.

  5. I like them, we’re not aiming for flash chavvy strips here. They are clean, simple and sophisticated, what do you want on them, flames up the sides?! We are lillywhite and navy and incorporating the yellow is a nice idea.

  6. Can we please get out of the contract with Puma, and beg Nike to make our kits…Hope to God this is a joke….

  7. Come on boys – How much variation can you put in a white top? At least its not skin tight or got blue arms eh? I really dont mind that much as long as we win in it! COYFS!

  8. oh and by the way in 1896 our kit was brown and yellow stripes…. (The year before that it was all red!)

  9. I quite like 1st and third

    What can you do when traditionally the kit has been plain white, nice to do something different me thinks. Rather strange that our captain isn’t in that picture

  10. D
    F**k this is stupid?…Levy you are going to make a BIG loss in shirt sales…I Have been a Spurs supporter since 1955….why the yellow stripe?????

    As a second kit we have always supported the use of a yellow kit…..but where in our past do you drag a yellow stripe?…..stop cow towing to the bloddy manufactures son and realise that some of us know the history of this great side….Sir Nic would be turning in his grave….god bless him.

    I am probably not be around to see manynew kits in my lifetime but I can proudly say that I have bought all of them….I WILL NOT buy any kit that looks likethis.

    I am the saddest I have been at any time……..

    Oh my beloved Spurs!

    Thank god I have lived long enough to see Jimmy greaves get his cuomedal that he sorely deserved!

    England would not even reached the final without him. God bless you
    Jimmy…….Thabk you for somre wonderful memories!

    Everyone wanted to be JIMMY GREAVES!!!!!!!!!


    1. Did you mean World cup medal. Greaves was my hero and yes I wanted to be him. My preferred position was inside right and my favourite number is 8. Often when I shot at goal I would exclaim ‘Greaves!’ I know – sad but that’s life.

  11. I have been happy with all the past Puma kits, but their latest offering is horrible! I know it’s hard to do anything revolutionary with the home strip( the last time it happened was with the arrows on the Hummel kit,still my favourite shirt!), but the yellow stripes are just wrong!

  12. I hate it the yellow on the kit just doesnt go. Like most of you i much prefered last season’s kit and the socks and especially the black away kit. These shirt jest look awful and especially the blue one with the yellow, just crap. Dissapointing and we need a new manufacture

  13. It looks dreadfully like we’re wearing Leeds United Shirts with our Badge!!
    Come on does Levy really approve this? I’ll stick with last season’s white + blue shirt. We’re diverging too much from our White + Navy Blue history!
    Yellow, brings bad luck too!

  14. The only good thing about it is the hooped socks have gone.

    I have bought a new shirt every time one was launched for the last 14 years, but i’ll be giving this a miss.

    Its not Spurs

  15. 2nd kit i like it home kit shit with that yellow on it yellow kit just shit might get better after you have seen it a few times

  16. Gentlemen
    I did not buy last years kit. Instead I went to a supplier and brought the one from the season before. The home shirt needs to be pure white with few embellishments.

  17. Boring, simple as that.

    On a more interesting note, why did it take so long to release basically last season’s kits with the same make and sponsor? Something odd afoot if you ask me, it make no sense at all.

    And why is Lennon the main man as opposed to Keane or King? At least f”king Jenas isn’t in it.

  18. this isn’t the real strip. Spurs are looking for a new sponsor and the home shirt is a training top from last season. A bad photoshop con job. Wait till next month for official strips

  19. It also looks like a photoshop to me, looking at how the shirt fits around Defoes neck, but saying that i like the yellow stripe on the yellow away kit, not on the blue one tho.

  20. this is a horrible photoshop job, totally fake , so i wouldnt even pay attention to this!! you only have to look at the yellow down the side of the home shirt to see this was a two minute job! this kits will look nothing like this!
    again total waste of time , and has only been leaked to cause more speculation, tbh we only have to wait what a week now and the real kit is launched.

  21. It would be good; oh yes, it would good. If those stripes were fukcing blue! I wanted to buy a white shirt this year. Haven’t had a white shirt since 06/07. Thank a lot Tottenham cutns!

  22. If we get this kit then it is a disgrace, it is horrible and not even a new design really, its just like the kit of 3 years ago just with the yellow bits on it. Will not be getting one and will voicing my concerns.

  23. I think the designers are lazy!
    Its the same as the kits a couple of seasons ago!
    I woulnt mind the yellow as long as they keep the hoop socks but they could of made a bigger effort on the design!
    There is no point in buying the kit we might as well just drawing on the yellow.
    I hope its fake and out of photoshop and iam hoping that there is a big chage with vairity in the 3rd kits including the keeper.
    Last season the keeper kit was just the 2nd kit!!

  24. Who picks are kit designs? They clearly are a massive spacko! Why would tottenham do this to the fans who pay to watch and put money into the club just for a crappy little shit rag like that. Sort it out tottenham we want a classy kit that doesn’t look stupid. What was wrong with just white and navy blue?, yeloow is the colour of sick and are now looks crap!!!!!!!

  25. Is it a possibility that the yellow stripe is not deliberate, but merely a result of Keane, Pav, et al having pissed themselves on the kit in the dressing room, worrying about who their next employers will be?

  26. Don’t be fooled you idiots this is a mock up – PaintShop Pro at its best.
    There can be no leak if the photos for the shoot haven’t been taken yet.
    The photo shoot for the next edition of Hotspur is not until next week where they will also be doing the shots for the new kits. This is a mock up of the design published by another website claiming to have the new Spurs Kit pics……when in fact they had a picture of one of the training tops. Do not fret fellow Yids, our leaders would never allow such a load of sh!te to be released as our new kits. Scott.

  27. Not the worst kit we’ve had, I think a couple of new signings and carrying the form into next season is more important, would still get the top even I weren’t that ‘keane’ on it. Love me spurs no matter what they play in! Actually don’t mind the home top, would like to have seen the black 1 again. COYS!

  28. New kit is crap time to get rid of Puma who show no design quality at all.
    How much did the lad who adds to lines get for this master piece?????

  29. bit ashamed on puma , but i really like the white one bit dissapointed with the yellow on it but any kit is better then a scummy gooner kit (y) lol hate the arsenal with revengence! but good luck puma loook forward seeing our troopes in action with them next season 😀

  30. im sick of puma they are s**t we need to b sponserd by nike dont mind the home kit tho not shure about the away ones tho and miss the hoop socks y didnt they keep the black kit that was the best 1 last season

    1. The only Puma kit I’ve liked was the 06/07. The big boys at spurs bringing out 3 new kits to hoard in more money from there supporters are going to be shocked when no one buys them. I could seriously design a better kit then that……..Puma must have a few designs they take to the board…….Why the hell did they choose these for????…….Like they say in dragons den, Im not buying it, Im out!

  31. i think that the new kit looks awsome and the print is good to i cant wait tell it comesw out next season

    all i want to know is wat the price will be like

  32. to be honest i quite like them i think that there something new and unusual

    it seems to me like im the only one who likes the new kits every comment ive read on the new kits have been bad

    spurs for life

  33. I think i am speaking for every spurs fan whos not out of their mind here by saying the new kit is S**t,

    Why yellow?? navy blue would be soo much better then we wont look like our kits were manufactured by ASDA

    I just really hope This is a false rumour :(


  34. I don’t like the home shirt, can’t believe there is yellow in it, looks like something dirty leeds would have. didn’t buy last years but the previous 4 as thought that puma/spurs were playing safe and it was bland. this however goes the other way and loses our tradition in white/blue. Hope this is just a diversion from what the kit will really look like. Also seen the ‘keepers jersey’s and don’t rate that either.

  35. the blue one isn’t that bad but the other two are absolutely awful we need to scrap that stupid mansion poker it has red in it for god sake!!! we should have went retro liek man city all white with blue shorts

  36. this new shirt shows an appalling lack of taste and judgement. apart from its revolting appearance any idiot will know that a yellow streak actually represents something other that just a natty little design. Here’s a SERIOUS request – ditch it now, please.

  37. Whats with the yellow strips. You can see all the gunners saying you should have put them on the backs like cowards,just make sure they are removed. In short lets get back the real strip of the lily whites.

  38. Doesn’t matter what the club does, you always get the typical Yids who just have to MOAN. ” its got red in it, “its got yellow in it”, get a life. The new kit looks great, traditionally our away kit has always been yellow, its only in reacent years that we have experimented with 2nd & 3rd kits in different colours, HENCE WHERE THE YELLOW COMES FROM. Who gives a monkeys if the g*****s laugh, they can blow, lets all laugh they havent won s**t in nearly 5 years, and that their stadium is like a librarythey had that s**t burgandy thing a couple of years back. Its supporters like you lot that get all the other clubs laughing at us calling us fickle fans.Been spurs for 45 years, god willing i will be for another 45. So stop moaning and get on with backing the club. It will only be for 1 year anyway?

  39. I don’t like it, really disappointed with most of the spurs’ kits, apart from this season’s 3rd kit, which we wore like 4 times. Tbh, I don’t care how we look, as long as we win games right? No, get rid of the stupid yellow bits on the side and get a new sponsor and logo! Go to Adidas or Nike!!!!

  40. I don’t know what most of you are moaning about. The kits are excellent.
    And some of you forget if they don’t change the kit so often we would have no money.
    New kit, new players & a better Spurs

  41. The blue one ain’t bad…. but the home looks like one of them mcmuffin eggs you get in mcdonalds. but saying that the last time we had yellow on the home shirt i think was 94, a little trim on the arms , and jurgen was happy wearing it player of the yaer and all that. maybe it’ll be good luck.

  42. hahahahah god 3 more kits from spurs !!!!! 8 home kits in 8 seasons…and 19 away kits since 2002 oh and god know how many goalkeeper kits……man u is not even that bad !!!!!!

  43. I might be the only one who likes the third and away kit, I don’t care! But i think i speak for everyone when i say that the home kit is dreadful. The main bad things are: Horrible yellow designs, the red on the logo. I would buy the blue one, only if they start the price at £30, which i doubt very much.

  44. ha ha ha nick phillips made me laugh… they seriously are not that bad really. could be much worse, someone at manure (sorry man u) was obviously on drugs and also a closet airdrionians supporter when they decided on their poor effort, which easily eclipses their childish racing stripes home shirt

  45. i like the new kit its got colour unlike the others the plain white was starting 2 piss me off so puma have made a decent kit this time i think

    spurs 4 life

  46. it obious the strips have been done on paint and if i was real why couldnt they made the yellow strip blue grrr i hate all of em.

  47. to ben, they are clearly real…… and i didnt like them at first but the home one is groing on me….. YID ARMY!!!!!

  48. IF these are the new strips I quite like them, ok the yellow is a bit in your face for me and I would prefer blue rather than yellow on the home shirt but I think there alright.

    People saying about getting rid of the sponsor because its read is just stupid they sponsor us with a lot of money and that is there logo so shut up and put up!!!

  49. it’s loads better than last years !!!!!!
    id like to sea what a** anal have in store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. The Shirt is a joke, Puma are a Mickey Mouse Company that don’t make and design credible Sportswear like Adidas and Nike.
    These companies don’t wish to Sponsor Spurs, because we are ‘shit’, that’s why we have to wear a shit brand like PUMA!

  51. If these are the new kits then i certainly wont be buying one,
    i think they are load of crap,wots with the yellow stripes?
    last seasons much better i will stick with that!!

  52. spurs fans were told at the begining of last season that we will not be using yellow anymore as part of our team crest ,badge,kit etc etc , i also heard last week that mansion had pulled out of the sponsorship deal. i was led to believe that either virgin or a brewery company were takin over, so the kits are probably not those as shown above,i bloody hope not anyway. there awful .

  53. i think they look ok, it’s just that spurs keep changing their kits every year, sorta trying to rip us off in a way…..

  54. David are you 10 years old you toby!! How is that the “real new kit”

    These are the kits for 09/10 season. Ok we have had better kits we all know that but does it really matter as long as we get good players in and the mugs out and finally keep a manager for more than 2 seasons we will be alright and could win a cup and get in to europe.

  55. The new kit’s are nice, what is everyone talking about? Maybe it’s becase I’m from the 90’s generation and am young, you old bastards are too set in your old way’s! Lol. Although I’m not totally sure about the yellow kit… the other two are very nice, and I’ll be purchasing both. =D

  56. I think these new kits are quite good yeah fair enuff on the home kit it should be blue instead of yellow but it still looks nice but then again there gonna charge us £40 odd quid for it just becuase of the yellow

  57. landon ackord i find ur comment completley a load of rubbish about u saying if ur a true fan then u will buy EVERY kit EVERY season. I mean wot about all the other footie fans like man u, arsenal or even jus us spurs fans who cant afford a new kit every season im sure others will agree with me on that.

    Dont reackon much of the kits especially the home one with the yellow in, the yellow one doesnt look 2 bad but it jus looks like the 125 years 3rd kit with the “125 years” jus pealed off or a short sleeved version of last season goalie 3rd kit, so i wont be buying that one as i gt both the 3rd 125 years one and last seasons goalie 3rd kit. the blue one looks ok i mite buy that one. but i think andy above who said about Mansion breaking partnership is right im sure i heard something like that.

    I mean i tried this same thing last season and the offical kit was completly different than it was the pic sum1 put on da net.

    Jus hope this pic is a fake

    I would accept any replys to this message


  58. Hope dis pic is a fake. i mean if its not wouldnt it be on a bigger site or even in the sun newspaper or da london news. i mean i would if i found out wot it looks like b4 release more money.

  59. They aren’t fake – pictures released on official spurs site.

    The home kit is rubbish – lets home we don’t play like yellow streaks of p..s next season! COYS!

  60. They are all terrible – the worst kits since our pony shirts, I wont be buying any of them, Puma are shocking

    Ditch Mansion and get back to Adidas

  61. There is no need for the yellow on the home shirt. they should of kept to the traditional plain white and navy shorts. however i dont mind the two away shirts. lets hope we dont play as bad as the home shirt next season. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!

  62. luvin the new kits gonna buy the away 1, u guys need 2 stop moanin, hu cares about the kit its about supportin the boys 2 the champs league next season. YID ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. the boys will get a top 5 finish, without a doubt.. so im not bothered if we have a fluorescent pink shirt with bright yello designs. (by the way I am loving the third yellow kit, it’s actually amazing)

    Also.. all three of the goalie kits are AMAAAAZZING! I loovee them so much.

  64. Home shirt is horrible, why the yellow stripes? Other 2 kits are decent though. Let’s hope we have a left winger to fill the shirt!

  65. The Kit is all right but the have brougt the kit back for a glory of the year when last wore white gold and navy but if tottenham do suck at the begging of the season then the kit makers did because they think we are P**S we need Nike next season i mloads of prem teams have nike why not us?????????????????????

  66. these kits are rubbish why cant we have something different same thing every year its lucky tottenham are soo amazing we forget about the kit

  67. is it just me, but is that not last years kits with a bit of yellow on? personally think its a bit of a rip off just to pay for the added yellow

  68. the new spurs kit is horrible i only hope are football this season is a top four finish doubt it though .A good cup run would be good

  69. Wtf u guys the shirts are pretty nice and imma get em.
    Anywayz its not the shirt its the stylish passing game that we can all rely on Tottenham for. And btw before any1 starts moaning about king harry not getting any1 yet , i think he got summink big up his sleeve.i heard roumers about D.Beckham signing in january.Even though the ashley young roumer was fake, i also hear A.Robben , real madrid star, might be commin along wid P.Crouch and a few more.

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