Fulham Home Kit For 09-10 Season: Revealed


Photos of Fulham’s new home football kit for the 2009-10 season has been leaked.

Fulham’s home kit will feature the traditional white and black colours. Designed and manufactured by Nike, Fulham’s new home jersey feature a white shirt with black sleeves. To me, the design of the home shirt reminds me of Adidas’s Classic series of T-shirts (and football shirts) from the late 1970s-early 1980s (albeit in a different colour scheme that the example shown here).

The rest of the new Fulham kit features black shorts and white socks.

Overall, the shirt features far more black on it than the current 08-09 Fulham jersey, but I like the design. It isn’t too flashy. It’s simple and effective — just how a football shirt should be.

15 thoughts on “Fulham Home Kit For 09-10 Season: Revealed”

  1. I’ve never been that crazy about Fullham’s “plain Jane” white home shirts, but the addition of the black trim on the neck, shoulders and arms really jazzes it up a bit. Now I only hope they haven’t changed their away two-tone balck-and-red kits; they were already nice!

  2. u love it better than the reat of our other kits fulham to sign tevez and tuncay this will be our line up for next season

    Mark Schwarzer
    John Pantsil Aaron Hughes Brede Hangeland gareth bale

    Simon Davies Gennaro Delvecchio Danny Murphy Clint Dempsey

    andy johnson Ruud van Nistelrooy

    and subs: David Stockdale ,Paul Scharner ,Dickson Etuhu,Erik Nevland and Diomansy Kamara
    and maybe tevez

  3. I don’t know about all that Jack. I’d be happy just to keep last year’s group together.

    That being said, I like the new kit a lot.


  4. This is a sharp kit, but I must be in the minority of fans. I absolutely loved last year’s kit. That clean look with Fulham’s crest is class and so modern.

    The white stripe on the sleeves is pretty good looking. I too, like the away shirt, but prefer the white. I wouldn’t cry if the third kit didn’t make a return appearance this year.

  5. Agreed Chris, about last year’s kit. It’s pure quality. Simple, and classic. I liked it so much I had to get one shipped to me over here in the states. But I understand that teams feel the need to tinker with the kit every year, and I think this result is fairly good. It could have been so much worse.

    The stripe is good. But I must be the only fan on earth that doesn’t like the aways. If it were up to me, they’d wear the whites whenever possible. Maybe they do that already, I haven’t paid much attention.

    The yellow third from last year was so-so in my opinion, but the blue one from two years ago was one I really liked. I wouldn’t mind that one coming back. Guess we’ll have to wait and see……

  6. LOVE IT! The plain white was nice, but im lovin’ the bit of black. Yeah agreed, champions league next year! X-)


  7. Happy to see the new kit looks smart!
    Are we keeping the away kit?

    I like the idea of Tuncay cominbg to Fulham – but saying that the team we have at the moment is quite strong. Kelly is an okay signing but we need to bring more players in to help us contest in Europe, the Prem and other cups we contend in this year.

  8. I really like the Kit…I have to say I have finally became a Fulham supporter…for one its a little bit American Friendley..with them bringing in some american players…I love how Fulham fans took in Brain Mcbride and im hoping they like Clint Dempsey as much as they liked Brain. but anyhow GO WHITES!!!

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