4 thoughts on “Confederations Cup Preview Show”

  1. I am glad you have excellent, respected national soccer journalist on this upcoming show. Respectfully, many of the local correspondents bring little to the podcast in my opinion, especially when talking about the National team.

  2. Did Bob Bradley work for the KGB or the Stasi prior to being US MNT coach? He is pathologically evasive every time he gives an interview or pre or post game press conference. It would be nice for the press corp that deals with him to ask more direct questions and not let him off the hook when he refuses to answer a direct question, especially if that question is related to a specific player. His evasiveness would get him crucified by the sports press in England, Spain or Italy. Why can’t a member of the press ask him a question like, “Why do you continue to play Beasley, what do you see that the rest of us are missing?” Or, something like: “Have you given a serious look at Kenny Cooper as a possible call up?” These kinds of questions get asked all the time of EPL gaffers. Stoic Bob should not be allowed to continue to juke and jive his way through an entire press conference without having to say something that the rest of us didn’t already know from reading a handful of blogs.

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