MLS Talk Podcast #86: US-Honduras Wrap, Open Cup, Promotion/Relegation

jozy scores 300x225 MLS Talk Podcast #86: US Honduras Wrap, Open Cup, Promotion/Relegation

Episode 86 of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast features a review of Honduras-USA with Chris Riordan as well as a preview of the first round of US Open Cup matches. Here why host Kartik Krishnaiyer believes the US has a batter shot of getting a result versus Italy in the Confederations Cup than versus Egypt (more on this later in the next show). Additionally, Ignacio Rodriguez director of Public Relations for Miami FC joins us to discuss Open Cup and USL-1. Adam Soucie comes on the show to discuss the potential of promotion and relegation in the US, and Brian Zygo wraps up another win for the Houston Dynamo.

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3 Responses to MLS Talk Podcast #86: US-Honduras Wrap, Open Cup, Promotion/Relegation

  1. eplnfl says:

    One of the better pods in the group. Everybody take timeout to give a listen.

  2. Peter C says:

    good show, as usual.

    I liked Casey’s effort and he looked like he was not intimidated. A shame he was off target. But I think his selection was due to Ching’s injury.

  3. Brian says:

    I need to give a big thanks to Erin Dutka who obtained the audio from the Dynamo after the game in Chicago. For video, searh for MsDutka on Youtube.

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