Burnley Home And Away Kits For 09-10 Season Revealed


Burnley have unveiled their new home and away football kits for the 2009-2010 season. To say that they’re unique is an understatement.

Just as Aston Villa’s decision to add the name of a charity to sponsor its shirts pleasantly surprised many football supporters, a similar goodwill decision has been made for Burnley’s home kit. In this case, it’s the decision of shirt designer and manufacturer Errea to remove their logo and branding from the shirt to help make the new Burnley home kit look more traditional.

The new home and aways kits are designed to replicate those worn by the club in 1960 when Burnley won the Championship (the equivalent of today’s Premier League).

Burnley’s new home kit features the classic claret and blue colours with a v-neck as well as the classic club crest worn by Burnley from 1960.


The back of the neck for the shirt also features a commemorative gold foil stamp to celebrate the 50th year anniversary since the team last won the title.


According to the club website, “The jersey is finished with claret and blue trim on the neck and sleeves and accompanied by plain white shorts and claret and blue hooped stockings identical to those worn by Jimmy Adamson’s men when they won the First Division title.”


Burnley’s new away kit for the 2009-10 season, meanwhile, features a white shirt with claret and blue trim, as well as black shorts and white socks (again with the claret and blue trim).


More and more football clubs this season are going for retro designs instead of modern ones. Manchester City’s new home and away kits are retro, as will be Manchester United’s new home kit. Everton have gone back in time for their new kit. And there are still several kits that have yet to be unveiled by other Premier League clubs. It’ll be interesting to see if they go retro, too.

30 thoughts on “Burnley Home And Away Kits For 09-10 Season Revealed”

  1. i think its ok i will buy them only because its there first kit they were in the preimership and it was awsome watching them at wembleyt cum on you clarets go up the clarets

    1. stop pipe dreaming u will just be like every championship team that comes in the premiership except for stoke and hull u will go down this season and u will be back in the championship u just wait and see.

  2. I saw Burnley whan they played Southampton at St. Mary’s, they were sh1t.
    Odds on to go down next season by a mile.

    1. We don’t care if we go down, it’s experience in the premiership, anyway… have a good time in league 1, how good will trips to Tranmere and Stockport be !!!!!!


    2. Congrats, you got to watch the mighty clarets play at St Marys. then you ran on teh pitch and threw coins at women and children but didn’t dare to get past a few skinny stewards. Oh when the Saints go marching where?? when??

  3. not bad they could look better last seasons was a nice enough design they could of just changed that one abit but who cares come on you clarets!!!!!

  4. Love the new kits, especially the omission of the kit amnufacturers logo and the “Dare to dream” crest.

    The only thing that could improve the kit would be it to be sponsor free.

    Still is this money orientated era, you can’t have everything so I’m not complaining too much.

  5. The only thing new about that kit is the back, the number will be 21st century premier league style.

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  6. Kits are nice but the thing that needs addressing is the fact they have gone and printed the web address of the sponsor on the BACK ( shoulder to shoulder) – not only is this not permittied in the Premier League but where the hell are you supposed to put the players NAME!!!! Typical Burnley blunder if you ask me!!!!!
    What out for the shirts done PROPERLY soon! – HOPEFULLY!!!

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