Philly Pu, Definition of SSS and Women Sport in General.

Yes, the titles a list. So lets run it down…

Philly Pu incident:

Rivaly before they even take the pitch? Sounds like a smelly situation. Check the Philli Union logo in the bottom right corner.


Thats one mean snake…

That’s classy, well done Photoshop. Props to whoever did it.

BMO Lost SSS Status??? :


While on the way home to a fantastic canoe trip to Algonquin Park, I picked up a newspaper, and saw the MLL’s (Major League….Lacrosse) Toronto franchise played a game at BMO Field in Toronto, Canada’s only Soccer Specific Stadium. Now, I ask you, If Soccer is the Primary sport being played at the venue, is it still Soccer Specific? FYI the ‘Two Point Lines’ of the lacrosse games are “Viewably Hidden” when watching the TFC games. So again, If Soccer is the Primary sport being played at the venue, is it still Soccer Spsfic? I just want to know everyones opion.

WNBA, Who cares? More people than WPS… :


Interesting off topic thing here, WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury was the first North American non-football (soccer) team to have a full sponsor (No cite) on the front of the jeresy. Perhaps the big Four will catch up to what MLS and the rest of the world learned years ago. What do you think about Ad’s? there definitely a lot smoother than these… “Patches” ,


Its kinds funny how WNBA beat WPS to the whole Ad thing, when WPS is worse off.

And finaly, Here’s a WPS Kit Review I found in the UniWatch Archives.

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