Blackburn Rovers Home Jersey For 09/10 Season Leaked


A photograph of the new Blackburn Rovers home jersey for the 2009-2010 season has been leaked.

From season to season, the Rovers home kit doesn’t change that much due to its classic style. But there are some important enhancements made in the new jersey compared to the one from last season. The trim of the v-neck is now red, white and blue instead of white. The effect adds a degree of patriotism to the shirt for England fans.

Designed and manufactured by Umbro, the Rovers home shirt now features the red Umbro logo instead of the customary blue one. The shirt also features a red trim along the bottom of the jersey. Plus, there’s the attractive touch of the red, white and blue trim on the edges of the sleeve.

Lastly, at the back of the shirt, Umbro has added an insignia for Blackburn Rovers. It’s difficult to tell from the picture what it says, but it seems like a classy touch to an overall well-designed shirt that I believe will be a big hit for Blackburn supporters.

Source: Football Shirts.

20 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers Home Jersey For 09/10 Season Leaked”

  1. Oh my, how dissapointing :( pretty boring shirt
    I don’t think i’ll be buying this, its a bit too plain, i thought there would at least be some side panels like our new away strip, or the embossed club logo, like sunderlands new umbro kit, but this just sadly lacks and the sponsor is a bit naff!

  2. hmm, being a rovers supporters, its a bad shirt design! collar is queer and the red, blue and white together wrecks it! :(

  3. oh my, that is awful, when r they gonna do something about that big black box why cant the crown text be black or half blue n half white? the color and the sleeve parts are embarrasing, it looks as though the designers couldnt be bother because they see us as not an important team in the EPL, jokers!

  4. Lovely kit, Its blue n white halves! so its always going to be nice! Nothing wrong with a bit of red on it either, Ill be buying a couple as i do every year! Not sure what name to have on the back! in the last 5or so years iv had….. Ferguson, Duff, Kuqi, Bellamy, Bentley, Friedel, Santa Cruz, McCarthy & Derbyshire. and by Septermber they could have all left! So ill have to start getting shirts with the players on the back who we want to leave. Looks like it’ll be Olsson next season then.

  5. As someone said it is the blue and white halves,which is a beautiful thing. i think it plays on our heritage very well balancing our history with the present. We are lucky we have Umbro as our shirt sponsor The England shirt is crisp,simple and well made . Hardly surprising as Umbro was taken over by Nike who make the craft ofdesign simple rather than overcomplicated and gaudy. Check out the Umbro website for the attention to details.

  6. I think it looks great. What more can you do with our traditional blue and white halves without wrecking it? It’s the most recognisable shirt in the league. what do people want a big all white or all blue panel on the back like some clubs? well done Umbro.

  7. It is the new kit,would look better if the umbro logo was black, if the crown was just writin n if they had things down the sidee like the new away (in red)

  8. Basically ….
    All good teams have a good kit…
    why the F**K do our board think that is a good kit…..
    umbro is THE worst sponsor to have
    i dont care about england being sponsored by it
    that right there is Pants….
    Kappa as someone else said looked quality as our kit
    it looks like a championship shirt simple as!
    for god sake change it…..

  9. For god’s sake please bring back kappa, or something decent like puma or nike. This is awfull, I’d rather wear that kit for my pajamas. Just cuz we not a big club anymore doesnt mean we have to insult ourselves. We still a premier league team end of the day.

  10. Why the hell can we never attract a decent shirt manufacturer!? I mean c’mon – Spall, Ribero, Asics, Kappa, Lonsdale (The worst of the lot – horrific!) and Umbro. Its all cheap chav sh*t. Why can’t we have Nike or adidas???????????

  11. Brilliant kit, for would like to say thank you to all the manufacturers at umbro what a brilliant job they’ve done, the collor is gourgeous and would like to say to all the people who do not like it that you are all blibering idiots, the lot of you, i mean the kit is the team and if you dont like the kit go support United, you are not true fans and i hate you all. i will be purchasing this kit as it is lovely and unlike you who dont like it i have already got my season ticket to watch the kit do its magic. Come on you rovers, do this kit proud!

  12. Congratulations, all irish rovers fans have been disregarded with both home and away kits red white and blue! Such a disappointing shirt design. Very much a “that’ll do” kind of design.

  13. Im sory but this must be a fake. The new away is questionable but at least shows abit of thought. Rovers are still a premier league team, so can we have a home kit that will reflect abit of class

  14. Don’t complain kids its blue n white. It may look tacky, but its your team! SO SUPPORT THEM U idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. mind the gypsy’s

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