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08-09 Fantasy Premier League, IKTS And Prediction Winners

number one 08 09 Fantasy Premier League, IKTS And Prediction Winners

Now that the 2008-2009 Premier League season is over, it’s time to take care of some business. Namely announcing the winners of the Premier Fantasy League (EPL Talk private league), the winners of the two I Know The Score (IKTS) leagues and a look at how well you, the readers, and I did in our predictions for the final 2008-09 Premier League table.

2008-2009 Premier League Predictions

Back in August 2008, EPL Talk and many readers posted their predictions of how the 20 teams would finish in the 08-09 Premier League. If we take a look back at those initial predictions, it’s interesting to see how many of us predicted Stoke City to get relegated but how few of us predicted Manchester United to win the league again. SS Reporters did the best by correctly predicting the teams that finished one through four, and almost getting five through seven correct. In comparison, my prediction of Manchester United finishing top was a wise choice, but few of my predictions for the rest of the table came true.

It’s interesting to look back to see that most readers predicted that either Chelsea or Arsenal would win the title. Maybe this was football fans feeling loyal to their team, or supporters thinking that Manchester United didn’t have what it took to win the title again?

While the predictions at the top of the table were predictable (if not in the correct order), most readers (myself included) had a terrible time picking the three teams that would get relegated. Not one person correctly predicted Newcastle or Middlesbrough being relegated, although a few people did correctly pick West Brom as relegation candidates.

Note, only those predictions made in August and September of 2008 were considered.

Top 10 Table For Premier Fantasy League, EPL Talk Edition

Congratulations to the top 10 winners in the EPL Talk private league are:

  1. Boca Seniors, Martin Walsh, 2165 points
  2. UDontNoWhatYrDoingFC, Pat Pence, 2152
  3. DJ’s Destroyers, David Jenkins, 2150
  4. AllGunsBlazing, Christian Monterroza, 2149
  5. The Speckled Hen, James O’Reilly, 2144
  6. Team KFC, Stuart Dixon, 2143
  7. Leave Bertie a Loan, Aphex Twin, 2138
  8. Dammit 2.0, James Sinclair, 2138
  9. Dikfore, Nick La Bounty, 2114
  10. snaggletooth, MAD MUTTLEY, 2112

Top 10 Table For IKTS (I Know The Score), EPL Talk Edition; League One

And the winners of the first division of IKTS, the official Premier League game, are:

  1. ROCKFISHDG, 2585 points
  2. TokyoToffeeman, 2485
  3. garyi, 2480
  4. ChrissMari, 2470
  5. olneyce, 2315
  6. wahoo0509, 2095
  7. dalton8, 1925
  8. DanMona, 1840
  9. JazzyChoi91, 1810
  10. ruudkin, 1775

Top 10 Table For IKTS (I Know The Score), EPL Talk Edition; League Two

And the winners of the second division of IKTS (because we had so many people who entered this season) are:

  1. RafaSweeney, 2300 points
  2. terror_returns, 2260
  3. LagunaBeach_Chels, 2160
  4. WROOMER, 2090
  5. rjohnston, 2000
  6. redredblue, 1865
  7. Sohankg, 1815
  8. tec990, 1715
  9. Elitutu, 1670
  10. pittisit, 1655

The three winners of IKTS and the Premier Fantasy League will all win prizes from EPL Talk. RafaSweeney, RockfishDG, SS Reporters and Boca Seniors, please contact me so I can mail you your prizes.

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2 Responses to 08-09 Fantasy Premier League, IKTS And Prediction Winners

  1. Sam Dalton says:

    My heart goes out to TokyoToffeeman, garyi, ChrissMari and olneyce on the I know the score game. Even though they won’t win a prize, I think they deserve recognition for their efforts on I know the Score. They all scored more points than RafaSweeney – who won the second league.

  2. alex says:

    i want enter

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