New Man Utd Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season LEAKED


Another new picture of Man United’s new home football kit for the 2009-10 season has been leaked.

While there’s been a lot of debate regarding recent pictures of the shirt and whether they’re legitimate or not, this one appears to be the real deal.

It’s a promotional image from Nike that features the new Manchester United home football kit. The black V is quite prominently featured above the AIG logo, while Edwin Van der sar is wearing the white goalkeeper shirt with red V on his shirt.

If this is in fact the new Manchester United home shirt for the 2009-10 season, what do you think of it? Share your opinion by clicking the comments link below.

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70 thoughts on “New Man Utd Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season LEAKED”

  1. I think MAN united as a lot of work 2 do next season,sir alex should Go for more players.the management should surpport sir alex.

  2. more players? loool the players he has are blatently capable plus the fact we will see more of the next generation coming through next season such as macheda, possebon, cambell coming back from spurs etc. no need for new players really plus if he doesnt spend at all this summer then its more likely that funds could be put aside for the ot expansion :) but yeah i agree the kit looks pretty cool but does just look like they have taken the current kit a stuck a v on it but none the less it does look very good :)

  3. United don’t need more players at all,we’ve always allowed the youth players to come through and the new crop coming through look as exciting as ever!There’s also some which haven’t pushed through yet who look good in the reserves.Kit looks ok,but thought AIG couldn’t afford to sponsor us anymore?Thought Saudi telecom were doing it??

  4. I thought the sponsorship deal with AIG was over after this season and they would have new kit sponsors next season? Is that not correct?

  5. The AIG sponsorship expires next year.

    I’m a little surprised. The Homage to the 1910 FA Cup team was a common discussion point for this kit, but this looks more like the old Mexico kit template from a the last World Cup. Odd for Nike to pull out an obsolete template on a marquee club. I think there still might be a tweak or two in the works. Putting Carlos Tevez in your promotional material also seems a bit of a risky move. I doubt the real deal will be a lot different, but I think this particular bit is a hoax.

  6. Alot of talks on about the kit looks fake.Think united have alot of talent coming through but we need to buy a decent centre midfieder

  7. :: Puts on Sherlock Holmes deerstalker ::

    The images MUST be photoshopped, as they show the new kit infront of a big crowd, which hasn’t happened.

    The question is, photoshopped by Nike or by someone else?

  8. I respect the fact Manchester can bring in good players from their own (first team, academy).
    I don’t see the need to bring in new players and wasting good money unless the bastard Ron decides to move.
    Players like Fletcher,Anderson,Park (flat-footed energy beast), and Oshea stay committed without having to shell big money out.
    Macheda, Evans, Rafa, and a couple others look very promising.
    Being that we kept our home kit for a bit, I’d be happier with a change in the basic design. Bring back the 07/08 Black AWAY!!

  9. this is a hoax,, lol first off they are playing football in the shirts when they arent out yet, they are match snaps, and secondly as mentioned earlier aig cant afford the expensive sponsorship deal with united , it has 2 years remaining but somebody else can come in and buy the sponsorship because aig are f@£%kd , tevez is going so they defo wouldnt put an ‘out of contract’ player in. also ronaldo? he is 70% gna stay .tevez’s shorts have got a red stripe on the side the others havent. lastly ryan giggs in top right ‘N’ he is sponsored by reebok

  10. this is real i can promise you that i have seen the kit. also if you go on to the nikefootball web site you can see they have done the same thing with the arsenal kit, and yes AIG is no longer the sponsors of manchester united football club, however they have NOT got a deal in place with a new sponsor yet, so they will keep showing AIG on there kits until the can confirm a new sponsor.

  11. this is not a very good home kit we are champions and we must have an extra ordinary home kit so that we looked like to be champions

  12. hi i wanna say the sir alex to get frank rebree if it’s posible and let c.ronaldo go because he was not happy this year for man united therefore let him go

  13. Whoever is right about this being fake or not, I do think those t***s will be wearing s**t like this next season.

  14. First off if it real that shirt looks nice and secondly any idiot who did their research and made an effort would know aig have not renewed their sponsorship deal which ends 2010!

  15. just got transfer news city have signed barry from aston villa for 12million
    man u target klaas jan huntelaar (as he is not happy with real madrid having his butt warm up the bench all the time) valencia (long ter transfer target) and karim benzema (cause they want him!!!!!)

  16. sir fergie must take 3 players…1 player for change Ferdinand.. 1 player for change giggs(the best player) and 1 for top striker..its know for MAN.U come to champion….GLORY…GLORY…GLORYYY MAN.UNITED

  17. Although United have secured a new sponsor (AON), AIG will remain on the new shirt for next season.
    As for the team, they entered 5 competitions last season, won 3 and got to the semi-final and final of the others. Major changes needed? I don’t think so! In Ferguson we trust.

  18. I agree. The team is in great shape. Rio, Vidic, Ronaldo, Fletcher, Anderson, Rooney etc are all top quality. As for the future, Foster will be numer one soon, Rafael is class, Hargreaves is on his way back and Berbatov will come good.

  19. I cant wait for next season to see utd run out in there new crap strips the home one is pure terrible lookin and the away one is really stinking it will make rooney even sexier he will love it.

  20. AIG will be our sponser next year they have just not renewd their current contract, which ends at the end of next season. Our new sponsers are AON which will start from end of next season. As for the kit it is ok considering they used the same kit as last season and put a black stripe on it, but i still will buy…..MUFC TILL I DIE….. BELIEVE…..

  21. nice kit!!
    an we aint gettin saudi telecom to sponser us, AIG’s last season then we gna have AOG, F**k all u city, liverpool, chelsea supporters ur all shite we are the best team in the world

  22. this is absolute rubbish. manchester united never ever show the kits until release date. this kit is not right and they do this because if they bring it out today, you will have all the people making fakes. so they rather wait and release it on the day, where people will go to the store and purchase it. If you go to the megastore on the day of release you will probable buy the kit.

  23. there is that many versions i am not sure. the away 1 with the strings looks very expensive to make. i like the 1 with with the big white v myself

  24. I’ve just brightened the new official MUFC teaser pic from and I confirm this is the real deal.

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