Manchester City Home, Away and Third Kits For 09-10 Season

[pictured removed by request of copyright holder]

A picture has been leaked of Manchester City’s new home, away and third football kits for the 09-10 season. Designed and manufactured by Umbro, and featuring new sponsors Etihad Airlines emblazoned across the front of the shirts.

During the past few seasons, Manchester City have been on the receiving end of some awful shirt designs. Luckily, for next season after changing to Umbro, the new shirt designs are significantly improved.

The home shirt features the traditional sky blue colours with white trim. The round collar adds a traditional style to the shirt. In fact, the design of the shirt altogether is a good balance between modernity (the logo, for example) and a classic design. Simple, but effective.

What is presumably Manchester City’s new away kit for the 2009-10 season is the white shirt with red and blue stripe that runs diagonally across the shirt. It’s a tribute to the classic Manchester City away shirt from the 1970′s. Just like the home shirt, the away shirt is classy and appealing due to being retro. Interestingly, the diagonal stripes run down the opposite side of the shirt than it did in the classic 1970′s version.

The third shirt, meanwhile, is difficult to discern in the above picture. It appears to be navy blue or black in colour.

What do you think of the new Manchester City shirts? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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17 Responses to Manchester City Home, Away and Third Kits For 09-10 Season

  1. Feed the Goat says:

    No News like old news, this picture has been on the net for a couple of months, poor quality shirts …..imitation copies.

  2. Shakira says:

    The thrid kit is ugly as hell.

  3. Tugboat Willy says:

    Crap, pure crap. should be all sky blue, no trim. alternate red , navy stripes, navy sock, third, all maroon, no trim.

    Up yours too!

  4. Gaza says:

    The black shirt will be the new away kit, whilst the white one will be City’s 3rd choice from what I’ve been told.

  5. Future City says:

    Love them – retro cool – especially the home and white kits – hoping they’re made like the England shirts with the same nice material and tailoring details. Fingers crossed for a class kit and a better photograph!

  6. As a City fan myself, I must admit I love all three of the new shirts.

    The home is, as you say, “simple, but effective”.

    I am hoping that that 3rd shirt is actually black and not navy because in the picture it’s very hard to tell.

  7. Pete Page says:

    Nice shirts, city fans will love em, including me.

  8. AtlantaPompey says:

    Doesn’t the word ‘Etihad’ mean ‘United?’ If so, that’s just too funny. I heard that somewhere, not sure if it’s true. Anyone know?

  9. Garry Cook says:

    Etihad means Federation or Union but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story at City’s expense. Media mongs.

  10. mido muntaz says:

    I was hoping for something better, and not umbro, but nike. they look good anyway….

    as for ETIHAD. it means unity or union. Union Airways per se. where as UNITED is translated as alitihad or al-mutahid. reported it to be united. reporter must have been a man utd fan. prick lol. go sky blues!!!!

  11. J S says:

    The translation of Etihad into english meaning is Unity and or United. But in the context of the airline its United Airways in Arabic. Maybe they will change the colour to red. Anyway i find this rather amusing, city playing with united written on there shirts lol

  12. Carey says:

    What a load of s**t why did we choose umbro they are s**t at making footy kits like everton should listen to Tugboat willy

  13. Carey says:

    away kit should be bright green like the goalkeepers kit we have just had

  14. coby says:

    it not as smart as i thought it would of been in fact it shocking the white 1 red is for united nd last years 1 was kk coz it was fare smart.

  15. coby says:

    black 1 is smart really smart but we should be sponsored by nike nd aon like united nd i really hope we sign sum new players wot do u guys think

  16. worley says:

    Well gareth barry is a good start 4 sum new players he brings abit ov premiership exp we need n more strength within the midfield !

  17. Adam Cochrane says:



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