Arsenal Away Kit For 2009/2010: Revealed

arsenal away kit new Arsenal Away Kit For 2009/2010: Revealed

A new photograph has been leaked that features the new Arsenal away kit for the 09/10 season. Modeled by Theo Walcott, the navy blue away strip is designed and manufactured by Nike, sponsored by Emirates.

The new Arsenal away football shirt features pinstripes and a polo-shirt styled collar. The design is quite plain by Nike standards as is the colour and style.

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What do you think of the new Arsenal shirt? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

Source: Clockenders.

And here are more pictures of the new Arsenal away kit:

cesc fabregas new arsenal away kit Arsenal Away Kit For 2009/2010: Revealed

new arsenal away shirt1 Arsenal Away Kit For 2009/2010: Revealed

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64 Responses to Arsenal Away Kit For 2009/2010: Revealed

  1. Bazooka Joe says:


  2. kenny says:

    Looks like he’s about to go golfing

  3. Thomas Nielsen says:

    It looks quite small for Walcott ..
    It’s not the most beautifull jersey he have had, but i’ll buy it anyway..

  4. Dave says:

    If you look at the right arm you can and you can see that this is fake. Very clearly a photoshop job

  5. Lewis says:

    i think its rather nice, its not photoshoped because i seen the slight teaser on the arsenal website and it was blue with lines

  6. Matt Parkman says:

    Of course it is photoshopped.. but only to make the picture look nicer. The kit is the real deal.

  7. Syb says:

    At least I can save some money on not buying a new shirt this year.

  8. Jaime says:

    I like it more then this years yellow. Im buying it.

  9. abdihakim says:

    look goood

  10. abdihakim says:

    it look good i like it

  11. iceman says:



  12. Three words:

    Poxy, poxy, poxy.

  13. Born Goon says:

    you lot are so sad speculating, photoshop or not photoshop, the kit’s great and what the f*** has it got to do with you anyway? and how is it ‘clearly photoshopped’? what do you know? you’re just a sad git with nothing better to say. i bet you’re the type of person that is never pleased, f***ing spoilsport. you’d tell kids father christmas isn’t real and the magician has his card up his sleeve. if you don’t like it don’t comment, do you think someone from arsenal is gonna come on here and say, “oh dear, we better change it, the fans don’t like it” ? it’s the same s*** every year, “oh it’s crap, i won’t buy it, it’s a fake. blah blah blah”. they’re gonna wear it anyway and still be great, why does it matter what the kit looks like?

    • jay says:

      yh i agree wiv u

    • gooner fan says:

      pat on the back for this comment i could not have said it better myself if ya dont like dont buy it as meer kat says SIMPLES AS LONG AS IT HAS THE ARSENAL BADGE ON IT IL WEAR IT THATS CALLED BEING A TRUE FAN ( TOP MARKS BORN GOON )

  14. chris andrews says:

    If it is real? you just have to look at this seasons away kit it is horrid so i think its a step up from the yellow kit.

  15. Rick says:

    To all the idiots saying this is a photoshop job, take a look in the sport section of the sun newspaper today. Case closed

  16. oyelami oluwasegun says:

    its cool but its too dull its look weird for the gunners anyway i it be cool if u could try another kit toward next season…….

  17. Ramas says:

    I think it’s great!!!’s a lot nicer than the green one they were thinking of doing..

  18. H says:


  19. Gooner-geeza says:

    I think it looks the dogs b*****ks mate… thats definately in my collection. ;-)

  20. YuppieScum says:

    It’s a perfectly fine kit, but why does Arsenal need anything other than a red kit and a yellow kit? Other than increased revenue from shirt sales, I mean…

  21. jebo says:

    nice chioce……….

  22. Big Budda says:

    Nice kit!! – let’s hope this one last’s longer than a single season…..much better than that dirty yellow thing we played in this season!!!

  23. Ayman Elamin says:

    The new kit looks good, as blue is a different colour for arsenal, but simple design, which i like.

  24. jm says:

    looks like tiger woods

  25. Elton says:

    !oh my god!!!! is beautiful!!!!!let’s go gunners!!!!go to fA premier league!!!09 / 010

    let’s go!!!!! arsenal my unic love in my life!!!! i love you arsenal!!!!

  26. SOLO says:


  27. JT says:

    Fxxk you Dave. No photoshop bull shxt please. Please take a sec to get on to check it before you say it. OK?

  28. ras says:

    check out da arsenal official website it’s the real one man

  29. bradderz2k9 says:

    its well beutifull im buyin it and fuk everyone that dont buy it there a buch of nob jockeys its perfect

  30. arsenal from north london says:

    its does look like a football shirt and why is it blue its nor even arsenal

  31. batman from 6 grovelands says:

    how can that be an arsenal kit it does even have yellow

    p.s it look ugley

  32. IDle says:

    I won’t hate seeing Arshavin banging in the crucial goals in this kit next season.
    Looking good.
    Definate purchase for my collection ;)

  33. Saaleh Patel says:

    Born Goon is right. this kit is beautiful and the people who dont like this kit are arseholes. This kit is way better then that fake f****** green kit.
    This kit also came on so dave you r G** because you know u r not a proper Arsenal kit!!!

  34. bob jim says:

    it is lush it is one of the best kits eva i will get coz i have got erevry arsenal kit even tho some r horrible i like it

  35. watsgooooood says:

    badman kit sell it 4 free 2 me pls !! lol any1 reply bak


  36. Kakokilla says:

    i really like it. i like how the blue resembles the outer part of the arsenal crest, gret great uniform! cant wait till next season!

  37. cameron says:

    well good kit i might get it

  38. Morgan says:

    I reckon the kit looks awesome. The green shirt idea was absolute s**t

  39. mesh says:

    looks more better than the yellow one 4 last season

  40. spursnut87 says:

    Hhahahahahaha you love wearing the blue dont you, its as close as your gonna get to spurs you chumps!.

  41. aseng says:

    looks like the 2007/2008 HSV home kit

  42. aceong says:

    what the horrible kit…i dont like it…. but i like the team..

  43. omar says:

    quite frankly i like it better than the green kit they had previously talked about, and at least blue is actually in the team’s crest unlike green.

  44. theo walcott says:

    does it look great on me? :D

  45. unclewong says:

    i do like the green one..honestly..

  46. kim says:

    i love it defo getting it for my son

  47. oliver says:

    why chelsea colours

  48. gooner fan says:


  49. gooner fan says:


    • Joaq says:

      Sorry lad but it’s impossible to be a glory hunter who supports the Arsenal. You have to win something in order to be considered a winning club. Arsenal is pure garbage.

  50. macjay says:

    i think its a cool look very different but classy

  51. macjay says:

    oh and joaq ur a fool for sayin Arsenal is garbage u sound like a bloody cricketer..ARSENAL IS AH BIG TEAM!!

  52. firdaus abdullah says:

    nice jersey.. love to see they wear it.. simple jersey.. no stupid stripe or anythin.. wil try to get one for sure..

  53. joshua ayre-monteiro says:

    i lvoe it its abselutly brilleiand+

  54. josh says:

    i love the kit i think it is the best kit that has been out 4 years

  55. nermina says:

    cesc hoy prepare un pastel porque tu tienes cumpleanon y espero que seas muy felizes pero lejos de carla……. te quiero

  56. gafar says:

    looking good and handsome guys are there in arsenal.
    up gunners……… 4life

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