Man United: Premier League Champions, 2008/2009


Manchester United have won the 2008/2009 Premier League title after drawing Arsenal 0-0 at Old Trafford. Congratulations Man United. The trophy is well deserved after a fantastic season.

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After the match, however, there were issues with the TV footage for viewers of Setanta Sports in the United States. Instead of seeing images of the players and manager accepting their award, we were shown images of the crowd only. Plus, viewers got to see an interview in French with Arsene Wenger. After experiencing issues, Setanta Sports then switched coverage to MUTV — which showed the players celebrating with the trophy. An embarrassing flub on a very important day.

UPDATE: I contacted the president of North American operations for Setanta Sports, Shane O’Rourke, and here’s what he said regarding the mess-up regarding the trophy celebration after the Manchester United title win:

The feed issue was from IMG: We had two feeds one for the full game and one for the next game which was the Newcastle game. Normally the end of the feed and the beginning of the other feed would be the same on a game day like this but for some reason they were not.

“Very strange and very rare for that to happen. In future I have told the transmission team to stay with the cup until that is over before moving feeds but they were naturally trying to get out the Newcastle game right afterwards.

“Bit of a snafu but we reshowed it during Setanta News and in the reshow’s.”

12 thoughts on “Man United: Premier League Champions, 2008/2009”

  1. What an absolute cock up!…FFS Setanta, are you TRYING to get RID of subscribers?????????????
    By the time I realized they were not showing the players walking out it was too late to scramble for P2P
    Very poor yet again from Setanta…they have not had a good run in to the season. I expect more from them.
    My 10 year old who is a huge United fan was really upset about this!
    He stropped upstairs and said
    “I’m never watching Setanta again….and That’s a Fact!”
    ROTFL…Nearly pissed myself!

  2. This season was… interesting.

    Fergie seemed to be much more efficient not expending any more energy than he needed to in each game.

    I wonder if this new more organised and efficient United is what we will see next year?

    Anyway I think this was Liverpools year with all their rivals slipping up and giving them an opportunity to win but they didn’t take it and I don’t see them getting another opportunity with the opposition slipping so badly like that again.

    Hopefully as a United fan we will have a better season next year and be a lot more assertive and capable when we need it rather than rely on moments of genius to turn things our way instead of employing good thorough play throughout the entire game.

    I think United will be revitalised with two very important players back next year(Hargraves and Wes Brown) and they will be quite a lot more dominant next year as they were in the previous season.

    I have no concerns at all about Liverpool anymore(if they can’t beat us while we’re down an on form United is leagues away) and I think Arsenal have a ways to go before they become the untouchables again though only a fool under estimates a man of Arsene Wengers caliber. Chelsea on the other hand will either be terrible or good and hopefully the former because an on ball Chelsea is a nightmare for any team on the planet.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what this squad can do next year and am very confident for the next 3-5 years. I think United possess the best squad they’ve ever had and probably the best any team has ever had and I’m looking forward to the less mature players maturing to the level where Fergie could field 2 seperate game winning squads.

    To be honest I’m in nirvana at the moment as a United fan. Lifting that Premier League cup.. watching your players celebrate.. God it’s so riveting it’s an experience I hope even Liverpool our arch rivals will one day get to experience. It’s just so wonderful when your mind flashes back to those headlines and everything that went wrong and what people said and wrote and now your standing on top of the world.

    Can’t wait for the parade and the next stop is Rome. Then roll on 2010/2011 season that title is ours. I guess we’re just plain greedy.

  3. I don’t know if there were technical issues with the feed or a poor director but showing views of the crowd while Manchester was lifting the Cup was disappointing to say the least and to show Wenger talking in french was cherry on the pie. Again, there was problems getting on Setanta’s website (server was busy) I had to go directly to Setanta I. Thank god I thought to do that. Again, Setanta – next time you plan a major platform change, please do it during the Intertoto cup or something not during the season.

  4. I am glad that I had acouple of streams going on one for Setanta and the other was either from Africa or Australia and I did get to see the medal celebration w/post match interviews on the pitch with Fergie and Ronaldo.

    I remember 2 years ago FSC screwed the celebration up by going to the studio right in the middle of the players lining up and receiving their medals. I was so pissed that they cut to Christian Miles mug instead of seeing Ronaldo pick up his winners medal. They got it better this year Setanta dropped the ball the the most as they did an even more shocking job of presenting the celebration than FSC from a few years ago which I lambasted them for and haven’t forgotten!

    I wish I would have found a stream for MUTV as they had the best coverage I am sure. I have to say I did enjoy the stream I watched that had all the Sky Commentators watching games on monitors and describing what was going on s that made for some very entertaining TV> ESPN Radio does that on the radioi side I wonder why they don’t turn ESPN News into a show that has former players watching the game and giving their thoughts of what is going on. It was controlled maddness at its finest as they focused mostly on the action at the bottom of the table with not much run on SpursCiteh and extra coverage of the Hull, Newcastle, and Boro’s games which were fun!

    The penultimate weekend of the Premiership RULES!!!! .

  5. Hats off to Sir Alex on his win. Every knows the numbers involved both of wins and cash that Man U. has but in the end even with all the money you want (Chelsea) it takes a strong field manager and off the pitch organization to get things done. Yes, Man U. love them or hate them does it right. Best of luck in the CL final.

    In a week or two we can talk about how good or bad another Man U crown is for the EPL, CL, and the socer world as a whole. Yes, it means that much.

  6. What a frigging debacle. I never imagined I could end up pissed off and yelling at the TV during a title celebration, but Setanta found a way. If they really are on the brink of financial disaster, I say bring it on. When FSC makes you look bad, it’s time to hang it up.

    Regardless…..18 times and that’s a FACT!!!!

  7. I’m with Tyson. United rarely seemed to with their stride this year, and yet it was a fairly stress-free championship run. Next year? You’re all screwed. United will be so dominant, everyone else will be fighting for THIRD place.

  8. Glory…glory…man united ,the the club in the world
    ok get one again throphy league champion beat barca

  9. I’m sorry to say thats actually a Sky Sports c*ck up. They are the host broadcaster for this game, and left their world feed (the feed that all the international broadcasters take) on fans shots. I don’t want to be cynical but I suspect the reason for this might have been they didn’t want other broadcasters getting their hands on some of the great shots they were putting out on the domestic feed at this time. Setanta did well to switch to MUTV (who were taking the Sky domestic feed) – many other international broadcasters were not this quick thinking!

  10. who wants to watch the arsenel manager when man utd were presented with the cup and medals poor sententa in canada will think about switching

  11. Gaffer,

    Please contact Shane O’Rourke at Setanta and find out what happen. It’s a shame all of us couldn’t see the trophy presentation.

  12. Am an ardent fan of the red devils. i can only say bravo at the 18th victory.we look forward to the next season, 2009/2010. congs once again.

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