Man United: Premier League Champions, 2008/2009


Manchester United have won the 2008/2009 Premier League title after drawing Arsenal 0-0 at Old Trafford. Congratulations Man United. The trophy is well deserved after a fantastic season.

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After the match, however, there were issues with the TV footage for viewers of Setanta Sports in the United States. Instead of seeing images of the players and manager accepting their award, we were shown images of the crowd only. Plus, viewers got to see an interview in French with Arsene Wenger. After experiencing issues, Setanta Sports then switched coverage to MUTV — which showed the players celebrating with the trophy. An embarrassing flub on a very important day.

UPDATE: I contacted the president of North American operations for Setanta Sports, Shane O’Rourke, and here’s what he said regarding the mess-up regarding the trophy celebration after the Manchester United title win:

The feed issue was from IMG: We had two feeds one for the full game and one for the next game which was the Newcastle game. Normally the end of the feed and the beginning of the other feed would be the same on a game day like this but for some reason they were not.

“Very strange and very rare for that to happen. In future I have told the transmission team to stay with the cup until that is over before moving feeds but they were naturally trying to get out the Newcastle game right afterwards.

“Bit of a snafu but we reshowed it during Setanta News and in the reshow’s.”


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