Bolton Wanderers Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season Revealed


Bolton Wanderers have unveiled their new home kit for the 2009-2010 season, and boy is it awful.

Why on earth they decide not to consult fans regarding these designs before they’re released to the public, I don’t know. For the 2008-2009 season, the Trotters wore a football shirt that was designed, not on purpose I hope, to look like a sports bra. Now the new Bolton home kit (pictured above) looks just as bad. The bottom half of the football shirt looks like a tea towel.

The new Bolton Wanderers home football kit is designed and manufactured by Reebok and sponsored by 188Bet. The shirt will be worn by Bolton for the first time this Saturday when they play Hull City in their final home match of the season.

What are your thoughts about Bolton’s new football kit? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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49 thoughts on “Bolton Wanderers Home Football Kit For 09/10 Season Revealed”

  1. Probably wrote by a united fan with a low sperm count…
    Yes, the kit is quite bad but i think you’re over-reacting slightly….
    I support Bolton and don’t like this shirt but it’ll grow on me like it will grow on you all!.

  2. That is an ugly kit. They managed to top the previous Sports bra effort. I’m a Bolton fan, so I’m entitled to be disappointed in this ugly-assed kit.

  3. Sorry to disappoint to AdWilk and Mr. L, but as a Bolton fan, in my opinion this is an awful shirt. The best thing related to the shirt is this report, which makes some valid points. I can only assume that Reebok, who are still making the shirts, are having the last laugh at losing the shirt sponsorship.

  4. The orange 188 part of the logo dominates the whole shirt, with the most important part, the club crest, paling into insignificance in comparison. What a horribly garish logo. Like you said, an awful kit.

  5. I like the design of the kit but not the sponsor in the middle. Its one of those kits that will grow on me the more i see it. I’ve seen much worse.

  6. i agree with my brother. The design its self is ok but not the sponsor 188. The colour scheme of the shirt is nice. Maybe if they change the colour of the 188 sponsor to navy blue. Like the shorts it might match better. me and my brother adam both are trotters fans. we both think everyone should buy the new top get behind the team next season. Fianaly i would like to say well done to gary megson on a good solid season. megsons no 1

  7. Are the Howard brothers on crack???
    It’s as if the designer (for want of a better title) decided to do a little bit of everything. We’ve got the contrasting shoulder piece . . . but only on one side, some blue, not quite diamond thingy’s on the sleeve, a traditional, all white body section that suddenly becomes a patchwork quilt with a middle eastern prayer rug.
    Sorry boys! Better than last year, but still butt-ugly.

  8. Someone is obviously clinging on to their jobs for dear life, the fella who came up with this should be flogged on the town hall steps!

    Instaed of feeling the need to go crazy with a spirograph why dont they go for a more classic design, plain white. Look at what Umbro are currently doing coming up with classic designs for England and Man Citys new shirt. They look better and i bet we would sell a hell of a lot more! This would mean more money for Reebok and more money for us to spend on players!!!

  9. I am a Bolton fan and I think it is a joke. I have seen better kits on the park on Sundays. For the second season running I will not be purchasing one. As long as the team is better than the kit I dont find this too much of a problem.

  10. Well i have to say there is alot going on on it. But this is how i felt last season, but in the end i got to like that kit, especially with the red numbers and names. This certainly isnt the most advertising picture of the kit, i will buy the kit, purely because i am a Bolton fan.
    I also hope that Ricardo Gardner will be fit to play some time soon.

  11. This is the worst kit i have seen in a long while. Its a discrace to the Bolton team and i think that it would meake our team a laughing stock

  12. As a Bolton fan I am appalled! What are they thinking with the stripes? Do they seek the slimming effects of horizontal stripes? And the orange logo is hideous.

  13. no neon the howard brothers are’nt on crack.In the end its not how cool the kit is. Its about winning football matches. As long as we win matches then i don’t care if we wear chipmunk outfits. As much as i think kevin davies is a good player. I think he needs to go for the team to change its style of play. We need a younger striker to parttner johan up front. Johan a good player but needs more support up with him. Megson needs to more youth than old. megsons no 1

  14. Both my brothers r right. its not the kit that wins football matces. Its the palyers. I think the kit is ugly aswell but idont really care. If by a miracle the reason we don’t win football matches by wearing a ugly kit. than i’ll run round the reebok stadium naked. With the words written on my huge c..k its the new bolton kits fult. Away from the kit i think megson is a legand and deserves the money he wants to bulid the new bolton team to take us to the stars.

  15. Did they run out of material 3 quarters of the way down and then use some yassa arafat turban material. How come most clubs have decent kits but we never do. If the new home shirt isn’t to your liking at least you could purchase our lovely mustard and grey away kit !!

  16. i like the lines at the bottom of the shirt but the sponsor stands out too much and ruins the kit.

  17. I was at the game yesterday and the terrible kit reflects the pathetic performance by all player (minus Jussi as per usual). To whoever wrote ‘megson no1’ get a grip. His negative style of football and terrible tactics is making our beloved football team a laughing stock… and the shirt doesnt help!

  18. When I first saw the shirt I brought up my breakfast but I’ve seen it for the second time today and I just brought up bile because I’ve not had anything to eat yet !!

  19. Not sure what you’re all whining about. There’s nowt wrong wi’ it.

    Besides, when did the kit ever accumulate league points?

  20. I agree with stan…..they’res nothing wrong with the shirt and it does not reflect on winning or losing! Besides i’ve seen worse kit’s!!! its actually growing on me now! wasn’t too keen at the start! But now it doesent look all that bad! Goalkeeper kit is well better than the lime green….I mean common!

  21. I don’t really see any problem with the kit. At least we’ve finally got a proper sponsor, even if we’ve gotta share it with Wigan… Still, best we’ve had for a while. Lets be honest, we’ve never been too great on the spectacular kit angle but it doesn’t matter and I like it anyway. To be fair, any real Bolton fan would rather wear this than any other teams shirt, even if they are a bit prettier.

  22. whats so bad about the t-shirt? everybody else will be wearing the same one so whats it matter. your there to support your team not to look good so all try to write possitive instead of neggtive comments on here or there clearly isnt point of writing one.

  23. Sorry about my lads…they’re talking crap. This is the worst kit I have ever seen in my life. I wouldn’t dress Guantanamo Bay prisoners in it.
    The whole country is laughing at our beloved club. It started with the appointment of Megson…it will end with his dismissal.

    Gartside…get it sorted!

  24. Howard bothers, you seriously are on crack! if you think megson did a good job, we just escaped relagation, with stoke finishing above us! Wigan finishing above us and it wont surprise me if Blackburn finish above us! A new manager would do me sweet. Owen coyle maybe?! but apart from keeping us up in his first season he done nothing. And how can you say we need to replace Davies he bin our best player! id be looking at a new centre half instead of O’Brian, now thats a donkey!

  25. It’s disgusting and atrocious that Bolton think they can copy the sponsor of their much better neighbors Wigan Athletic.

  26. Im A bolton fan .. and i love the new kit. cant wait for next season. saturdays are boring now without football :( x

  27. Alls i see on here are a lot of whinging bitches! What the frig does the kit matter as long as the players in it do their shit, they aren’t meant to be fashionable or do you dimwits go out on a saturday night wearing one?

    I like the kit i think the away is better though.

  28. Oh my freakin god. How many Howards are there? Bolton time to change from reebok. But I don’t know to much cause i’m from Kazackstan

  29. It would be really nice without the bottom bit. Looks like an after thought but the shoulder design and the crest mounted on the pocket are nice

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