Tevez will be missed at Manchester United

A man on a mission?
A man on a mission?

As Manchester United moved closer to their 18th championship, it was Carlos Tevez who made the back pages of the Sunday papers with the revelation that he probably wont be a Manchester United player next season. After months of speculation it appears the Argentinean has ran out of patience with United’s lack of urgency in making his loan move permanent.

In an interview with the News of the World Tevez said, “I do not feel wanted. I feel bad over my situation, I do, but it’s very, very difficult to stay any longer. I guess what I’m saying is goodbye.” Words that indicate his intentions and also stressed the fact he hasn’t been offered a contract by United. He goes on to say, “I don’t think I will be a Manchester United player next season. I have done everything I possibly can but they have never made me an offer or given me a contract, so I have to leave. I don’t think I deserve to be in this position but you realise if your time is up you have to go.”Thus fuelling the fire with regards the speculation.

“Realistically, my time is over and I think I will be at another club next season. It’s very, very difficult to stay any longer, so I have to finish this season the best I can and move on,” he explained. But he did thank the fans for their support, “The fans treat me like family, but United have not signed me so they do not respect me as a footballer.”

Where he will end up at the end of the season seems to be a matter which looks less shrouded in mystery and a move away from England appears less likely, “It’s not true my family are unhappy in England. It’s not true I want to leave England for Spain. My four-year-old daughter Florencia is learning English and my wife is very happy living in England,” said Tevez.

“We want to stay. I want to play in England because it is the best league in the world and it suits my style. Any club I join, whether it be Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool or Everton, will be a rival of Manchester United. I would like to thank the United fans for their support. They will always have a special place in my heart.” Tevez explained.

A few questioned must be raised after such a frank interview by the United forward. Firstly, Will Sir Alex Ferguson allow him to move to a rival, knowing full well they will also have to stump up the £20 million United are believed to have been quoted. Secondly, Tevez, to me, is a vital cog in the Manchester United machine that could go on to dominate Europe of years to come. He scores vital goals, adds an urgency and snap to the United attack, that is somewhat lacking especially in the absence of Wayne Rooney.

I feel it would be a mistake to let Tevez leave a club he has become admired and loved by the fans. They love his work rate and passion for the club. Something that Dimitar Berbatov should take note of. It should not be forgotten that in United’s recent double winning triumph Tevez scored a number of vital goals, notably, a late equaliser against Blackburn late last season. He also formed a fluid and devastating attacking trio with Rooney and Ronaldo.

It could be argued he has not delivered this season, but his lack of playing time or prolonged run in the first team will have an effect on a players confidence and match sharpness. In addition, when he was given the chance, no matter how he performed, he almost knew that in the next game he would be benched. A prime example was in the Carling Cup where he scored four goals against Blackburn yet in the following match he didn’t start. The mind boggles.

Maybe the writing was on the wall all season, maybe Ferguson has grand plans in the summer, or will he promote one of the promising youth strikers he has uncovered. As most would say letting the little Argentinean leave is the wrong decision, one must feel Sir Alex knows what he is doing and most definitely has Manchester United’s best interests at heart.

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  1. ManU is in as good a position as any to reload, and losing Tevez wouldn’t matter as much to them as another team gaining Tevez. His work rate is perhaps only rivaled by Dirk Kuyt’s, and his skills and ambition are high. Another team – English or Spanish – will get an immediate boost. Will ManU miss him? Maybe but they’ve done fine without him, and have recovered from losing several other players they should’ve kept.

  2. I don’t think SAF or the club have a real issue on Tevez, but probably cannot tolerate the attitude of his agent.

  3. Tevez is the best that is no doubt but I trully believe Ferguson, he knows what he is doing and what is the best for the club, If there is a chance to sign he will sign him without all this mess and I do believe all this mess is been created by greedines of Tevez’s agent Kia Jorbichian. At the moment the ball is on Tevez’s agent and he play his tune to blackmail United.

  4. Tevez is a good player without a doubt but with a star studded cast of players United will not tolerate being hounded by Tevezs agent and thats where the issue is.

    Of course United want to re-sign Tevez. In the past when Ferguson commented on it he made it very clear Tevez was a part of Uniteds future plans but United are not in the position where they have to bend over backwards to extortion.

    In reality it’s a stand off and chances are United will win the stand off since Tevez wants to stay in the Premier League and he’s unlikely to be a big enough signing to give momentum to any of the other 3 sides who are trying to win the titles aside from maybe Chelsea who are pretty much already a league winning squad and could do with a little boost.

    I doubt he will leave and I think a lot of things are over stated. For example this year in the league hes played around 1700 minutes of football which is not a lot less than Rooneys 2000 minutes or Berbatovs 2400 minutes.

    A lot of the arguments are unfounded about him not getting a lot of time on the ground. He’s often used to replace Rooney and has nearly as many gameplay minutes over the league season as him.

    I’m willing to bet he’s still a United player next season though or if he leaves I’ll hedge my bets on Chelsea and then City.

  5. I think if United let Tevez go, that will be one of the major mistakes SAF will ever make. Tevez is a striker and one who definately compliments Ronaldo and more so Rooney whenever they play together. So what happens when rooney is injured? you need someone with the same work rate as rooney and can score goals like rooney, no one else in a united jersey fits that position. Park is a work horse but he is a winger and not a striker.

    Most folks say Tevez has not scored alot of goals in the EPL, which i think thats rubbish talk, the dude wasnt given enough chances. Look at how he performed for United in Carling cup and FA Cup matches, scoring atleast once in every FA Cup and Carling Cup matches, remember the day he netted 4 goals? think it was againt Fulham or something.

    The man has proved himself, there is no way all Man United fans would loved the dude if he was not up to scratch.

    Granted that perhaps United management wanna keep him but the agent is being stubborn, however if united realled wanted him, they would fight for him like they did when they were train to buy him from West Ham.

    Am sure we’ll see how things will plan out, wouldnt want Tevez to go to any of our rivals. As much as i respect SAF, i think he would be wrong not to sign the dude, unless of course it way beyond SAF, but then again, what is?

  6. They love his work rate and passion for the club. Something that Dimitar Berbatov should take note of.

    Err, you did see Tevez’s goal on Sunday, right? And what Berbatov did to set it up? All the headless-chicken “work rate” in the world isn’t worth that kind of ability.

    You’d think you wouldn’t need to explain that to people who spent five years cheering for Eric Cantona, but … that’s the English for you.

  7. Come on back to West Ham, Carlos. Come home. We miss you. You love us, we love you. It works out. Plus, once we get Faubert, LBM and the rest of our dead weight, we can afford your wages! COME BACK TO US, CARLITOS!

  8. sell berbatov he a lazy bastard and keep tevez he is so much better and i think him and rooney are a great team!!!!

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