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Next Season’s Bundesliga Kits

presentation 20090503 1496026020 Next Seasons Bundesliga Kits

See the full picture here!

Football Shirt Culture has released a photo of next season strips for the current Bundesliga sides.

What do people think? I am loving Dortmund’s shirts for next season. My favorite strip might be Hertha’s third shirt, followed by Gladbach’s 2nd. Hannover’s shirt are just terrible. And I’ll miss Bayern’s hoops.

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6 Responses to Next Season’s Bundesliga Kits

  1. Luke says:

    I’m with you on the Dortmund kits. I think overall, the Nike kits beat all the others hands-down. I think Bremen might be the best–they will definitely not look like a Baskin Robbins promotion.

  2. Tarek Zohdi says:

    I don’t wanna be a smart ass but I wouldn’t take those templates for granted. If you google the new Bayern jersey you get several different and conceivable ideas. And as for the new Wolfsburg shirt, they’re endorsed bei Adidas next season. An error like this makes the whole thing highly doubtable…

  3. Double Pivot as somebody who deals in new soccer jerseys, I can tell you these are just fantasy designs for next season. Check out the URL of the image “fantasy kit design”.

    To keep up on the latest official releases check out this site: Official New Football Kits or if you want one with some more speculation try mine: New Soccer Jerseys.

  4. Double Pivot says:

    Tarek, I don’t think you were being a smart ass. If these are wrong, they are wrong. So I guess we should expect differences between these and what will eventually be next season’s jerseys.

  5. Andrew says:

    Love the new Bremen shirts. Dortmunds are pretty cool too. Im not a big fan of the new adidas shirts with the shoulder pad/ breast covering. it just looks weird.

  6. Double Pivot says:

    agreed Andrew. It’s like they are doing mock ups for the next Marvel movie franchise :)

    NSJ, I will keep an eye. I have tended away from these as we have no idea what the real jersey’s will be until released. But I couldn’t help the conciseness of this avatar :) Feel free to write me when you get official, and we’ll link you here. Cheers

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