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New Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt For 09/10 Season: Revealed

blackburn rovers new away kit1 New Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt For 09/10 Season: Revealed

Parts of the new away football kit for Blackburn Rovers for the 2009-10 season are being unveiled on a daily basis. So far, the above pictured photograph/drawing shows what the new away kit will look like.

Designed and manufactured by Umbro, the new away shirt will look drastically different than the current away shirt (pictured here). The sponsor will continue to be Crown Paints.

The new away kit will be launched by Blackburn on May 14, 2009.

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What do you think of the new Roversvshirt? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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18 Responses to New Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt For 09/10 Season: Revealed

  1. BAZ says:


  2. Sean Atkinson says:

    Why do clubs even bother posting rubbish like this?

  3. Brian Bradshaw says:

    Surely it won’t be white, as it will clash with the home strip. My guess is the shirt will be yellow, the dark trim will be blue, and the light trim will be white. But the main colour could end up being red, I don’t see it being any other colour.

  4. Richard Barker says:

    You lot are taking the Proverbial **** with this rubbish on this web site. If you think this is a clever marketing ploy then think again as you are hacking off a lot of young Rovers fans. get a life!

  5. Matt Cooper says:

    Apperantly the new shirt is pictured in JJB in Accy, White with red trim.

  6. Morgan says:

    Ridiculous that clubs revise shirt designs every year

  7. Sam says:

    it is going to be white and the black bits on the top are going to be red…i think!!

  8. scott says:

    ive seen the pic its white wiv blue n red near the arms

  9. terry says:

    Ive seen the picture aswel and although it looks nice, it will clash with the home as its mainly white. It would have been much better all red with blue and white trim. Im hoping they leaked a white kit deliberately to fool people and it turns out to be red. I doubt it though.

  10. NixonBrfc says:

    i think it looks more like a trainin top, will take sum gettin used to and i think the navy bleu kit from this season will be a third kit cos wen we play away at bolton or tottenham hu have white home kits will eb a kit clash :/ !!!

  11. Sam Turner says:

    I think this new away kit is well cool.. nicest away kit rovers have had..

  12. Simon avison says:

    I love the new away kit even though it does clash with the home one.

  13. jemma dearden says:

    they could have put a fitter guy in the kitt such as pedersen :P phitt !!!

  14. antony ashby says:

    it is a very nice kit better than burnleys if they come into prem up the sheffield utd

  15. marrcco says:

    this is new rovers top iv seen it and gettin it its exactly like that and its a mint top better thn burnleys anyway obv cause ther crap:P

  16. Susanne Krokstrand says:

    Hmmm, different colour would do the trick :D Instead of white, how about yellow or limegreen?? :P :D

  17. ewan tweedie says:

    the new top looks like a batterd newcastle fan.

  18. Moreen Kuntile says:

    Ok it may clash with the home kit but it DOESNT MATTER.

    you dont wear home and away kit at the same time so who gives a shit if it clashes? just the people who dont want to buy both the kits.

    i like the away kit best one i have seen in a while and i dont give a shit if it clashes we wont use both at once get over it

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