New Chelsea Away Shirt For 09/10 Season: Revealed


A leaked picture of the new Chelsea away shirt for the 2009-10 season has been revealed, courtesy of Football Shirt Culture.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the new shirt is white with black trim and is sponsored by Samsung. In comparison to Chelsea’s new home football shirt, the away shirts is quite conservative.

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38 thoughts on “New Chelsea Away Shirt For 09/10 Season: Revealed”

  1. Chelsea prostituting themselves for money yet again. Isn’t Corporate Adidas black and white with stripes? I thought Chelsea were “The Blues” not Adidas United. Looks like Tottenham in disguise!

    1. LOL absolute donut. an AWAY KIT is usually a complete different colour so it doesnt clash with another teams kit incase your home kit does… have u not seen this years away and third kits? YELLOW AND BLACK? you t**t. learn about football and everything with it before you talk you idiot.

    2. THIS IS NOT THE AWAY KIT! The away kit can be found on the web and believe me it’s not conservative! It’s black & blue hoops with “samsung” in green and adidas stripes and trim in yellow!!!! I kid you not! you’ll see !!!

        1. seeing as it says AWAY KIT on the chelsea website and has the black and blue one, its the away kit. I havent heard anything about the white kit being the third officially.

  2. I hate all the new strips. They are simply dreadful. Not what you expect from a top Premier League club. More like a local club here in Sydney. Fix them now before it is too late.

  3. its the away top, you cant have a blue away top when your home top is blue. Also its actually a redesign of a kit from the earlier years, its actually in looks much more normal looking then chelseas new home shirt which looks horrendous. That said the shoulders in this shirt are wierd.

  4. Eh….All the non-Chelsea fans who are not descriminating the shirts of our club but our club itself, you jolly well go get a life. Our club, Our support understand this FACT. And little “Danny”, clubs have away kits you know? For your information, an away kit is used to differentiate the HOME team to the AWAY team. All clubs have different colour away kits. This would surely increase the little knowledge you have on football or what some may say, soccer.

  5. Danny,
    i think you’re missing the point. This is the away shirt, not the home shirt, so it’s obviously not going to be blue is it?

  6. Danny 05.06.09 at 7:09 am

    “Chelsea prostituting themselves for money yet again. Isn’t Corporate Adidas black and white with stripes? I thought Chelsea were “The Blues” not Adidas United. Looks like Tottenham in disguise!”

    What are you stupid?! Its the away shirt! Everey adidas team have the stripes. Alot of teams have stripes on their chest, dosen’t mean that it has anything to do with sponsors…

  7. Danny you cant have 3 blue kits Dumb Ass…..
    its the away kit, hence the differant colour. seen as adidas make the kit thats probably why it looks like an adidas kit.! just a thought!

  8. I think that this jersey along with all the new jerseys (i.e. barcelona’s new “referee” style jersey even though it was used before when this years was the best so far) are absolutely pitiful. this away jersey sucks. And the home jersey looks like new york’s red bull jerseys. and the stitching makes the players look like they have boobs. Man U is probably the only FA club that wont have crappy looking jerseys next year (and i hate Man U btw)

  9. i went to a soccer store today and they had a different jersey for Chelsea maybe a 3rd kit, it looked kinda like this one but it was dark with neon on the shoulders and around the crest they had along with the new home kit

  10. possibly the new gk shirt

    and danny maybe if u look at the comments we are sending u might get a clue on why all 3 kits cant be blue

    bloody slimeball

  11. I like this white kit, it is the only one out of th new kits I actually like. I’m going to say something to stick up for this Danny person, I think what he means is that we never usually have a white away kit and that it looks like an awful tottenham kit. Not that the away kit should be blue. I love this kit though. Not keen on the home or 3rd though so i think its the away for me.

    1. actuall we have had a few white away kits over the seasons if not as away as our third kits. i personally am undecided on the home kit but think mayb away kit this season 4 me

  12. its different, the colours remind me of something like the german kit (not exact) but i like it, and the home kit is crappy how they made like sections for the adidas, the badge and the samsung bit, the colours disgust me on the third, so looks like im going to buy the goal keeper top which has the sexy neon green outlines :)

  13. danny,..u sounds like ur not a chelsean….then stop wasting ur time complaining chelsea things..4 me,dis 2009/10 season,home kit was shows like a warrior’s kit….n the away kit was better then the last season,right…

  14. it’s not bad but it’s not good enough, add some colour and I don’t understand why they keep f*cking with the colour of the badge, it should be the same on every kit, I think we need a black away kit personally and perhaps a white and blue third kit…

  15. i’m glad this is the 3rd kit but i don’t get the away kit as hen we play any team that has any form of blue on their kit we will have to play in the 3rd not the away we will play in the 3rd more that we play in the away kit

  16. uh yeah steve is wrong. the away kit is the blue/purple horizontal striped with the green highlights. This very well could be the third kit.

  17. All u Yanks shut up u no **** all about football chelsea are an english club support a club in ur own fkn country and the top is smart dont like the new home top tho ! jst ordered the away top with terry CAPTIN LEADER LEGEND

  18. Josh your a t**t i bet you like ac milan or something as well, I English but don’t care about the yanks. The only things i hate are that they call it soccer instead of Football, they call it the EPL not the Premiership and that they call it a jersey not a kit, top or shirt.

  19. You all should take this some how like that, i like this new kit and im gonna get one pretty soon as soon as he got to my country….. I have been waiting my life to get a WHITE beautiful KIT from my Chelsea, i guess my dream has come true waiting for the BLACK KIT anyways….!!!

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