Major League Soccer Talk #76


In this weeks show we debut two MLS Talk correspondents. Robert Jonas from San Jose and Brian Zygo from Houston. In the upcoming weeks we will debut reports from Washington, Puerto Rico, Miami, and other MLS/USL/WPS markets.

Host Kartik Krishnaiyer also urges all DC area listeners and readers to attend this weekend’s save DC United rally.


3 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Talk #76”

  1. kartik this last podcast was awful. if i want a recap on the weekend's matches i'll read the news and not have it read to me. you talking with these guys would have been a lot better than listening to them ramble on about the games.

  2. Francesco,

    Give it some time. In the long run, there is no place else that you will get to hear as much audio from the MLS locker rooms.



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