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GolTV And Premier League: Gol TV Declares Interest In US TV Rights

goltv logo1 GolTV And Premier League: Gol TV Declares Interest In US TV RightsAfter announcing that GolTV has renewed its TV rights to the Bundesliga for the next three seasons, a GolTV executive has revealed that the US TV broadcaster is also interested in the TV and/or Internet rights to the Premier League which are up for renewal in the next 30 days for the 2010-2013 seasons.

In an article in MultiChannel News, GolTV COO Rodrigo Lomberto stated “We’re evaluating the situation to see if there is a way we can participate,” he said, adding that “we have the funds” to be in that game.

GolTV’s interest in the Premier League TV rights is quite surprising. In the past, the network has shown Liverpool TV and Arsenal TV, but the last Premier League TV rights deal cost $59 million in the United States. The price tag may be out of their reach, but it’s possible that they could share part of the rights deal alongside one or more of the other bidders: Fox Soccer Channel, Setanta Sports and ESPN.

In other GolTV news, the network is planning on having HD broadcasts available as early as next year. “We’re having discussions with our distributors. A lot of the matches from Europe are now being shot in HD. I think you’ll see some of our programming in HD during the second or third quarter of 2010.”

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5 Responses to GolTV And Premier League: Gol TV Declares Interest In US TV Rights

  1. olivert says:

    Sounds like GolTV is playing some “poker” against FOX Sports Int’l/Setanta.

    I won’t believe that GolTV will get a piece of EPL in the U.S. market until I see a press release.

  2. NJ says:

    Any chance GolTv would like to come back to Dish? A guy can dream, while he waits for his contract to end to make the switch to Direct Tv

  3. The Gaffer says:

    Hi NJ, it doesn’t look likely unfortunately. In that same MultiChannel News article, it talks about GolTV suing Dish Network for funds it says it is owned.

    The Gaffer

  4. Double Pivot says:

    Kind of hoping that they can’t get hold of EPL. We can barely get coverage from Gol TV on the Bundesliga as it is. Add the EPL to the mix, which has games at the same time as the BL, unlike La Liga, and I will be doomed to watching Chinese feeds on the net.

  5. olivert says:

    I understand that the last EPL video rights deal in the U.S. market was for USD$57 million over 3 seasons (not $59 million).

    The EPL video rights for the past 3 seasons in Canada were sold separately to Score Media for USD$3 million. Score Media turned around and immediately sublicensed 9 matches each round to Setanta, which later partnered with Rogers Communications so that Setanta Sports Canada would eventually be able use Rogers’ “Sportsnet 2″ CRTC Digital category 2 pay TV licence.

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