New Chelsea Home Shirt For 09/10 Season Unveiled


The new home shirt for Chelsea for the 2009-2010 has been unveiled by Chelsea FC.

The blue shirt, designed and manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Samsung, incorproates the new template design by Adidas.

The new home shirt will be worn for the first time by Chelsea in the May 17th game against Blackburn Rovers.

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What do you think of the new Chelsea football shirt? Click the comments link below and share your opinion. Personally, I think it looks very modern but the unusual chest design makes it look like a bra.

31 thoughts on “New Chelsea Home Shirt For 09/10 Season Unveiled”


  2. I have supported Chelsea for years, and this is quite honestly the most disgusting effort I have ever seen! everything about it is horrible, I cannot understand how anyone at the club thinks this horrific shirt will sell? trust me, it won’t!

  3. I quite like it although i was hoping that they mite do an even darker blue as that has always been a chelsea tradition! also i think it looks better when u see it as a whole kit it looks smart n fresh. look forward to sunday wen i see em play in the new kit!

  4. Does look abit like a rubgy or training top. When people say it wont sell:/ of course it will People will buy it just because it is the new chelsea shirt They should of put a trim or yellow into it Like the last home one

  5. its an excellent kit, one of the Adidas’s latest jersey material. Superb, and the away kit, even more astonishing. Yea, thats it.

  6. To start with I must admit that I’m a Liverpool not Chelsea Fan, but I just had to say that the new Chelsea shirt is bloody awful, addidas dropped a bollock with the crappy green pool shirt last year and again with this one. They need to realise that people who buy these shirts do not all have the athletic figure of the players on the pitch, and they will all look like they have man boobs.
    Time to start going retro IMO.
    Justice for the 96

  7. non English supporters seem to like this hideous thing so maybe Kenyon wanted a shirt which appeals to our non English supporters. after all, we play pre season friendlies away from England so i suppose it was only a matter of time before we played in a continental style shirt.

    this is absolutely horrible. close up, the material looks cheap, just like the last one and the breast plates look even more hideous. i hate adidas, they are yet to design a decent shirt for us. we should have stayed with umbro or chose le coq and brought in the retro look like everton have done.

  8. Le coq sportif is even worse than Adidas at least there is some style in the adidas shirts although i do prefer the umbro shirts.

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