The Bundesliga Rumor Mill


Here is this week’s round up of transfer rumors.

Of course the big news has been about Klinsmann’s replacement. Wenger is probably off the table after Rummenigge’s pleasant comments about the Arsenal manager, but the list of manager’s linked is fairly absurd: Jol, Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Hiddink, Gerets, Hitzfeld, Veh, Mancini, Schuster, Sven and Scolari. Wow! More interesting is the other managerial news: Schalke look set to give Felix Magath the same role he has at Wolfsburg and will meet his salary demands which are €5 million per season.

However there have been actual transfer rumors as well this week.

Diego looking more and more likely to head to Juventus, with the Turin side having talked with Diego and Werder and Juventus being only €6 million off in valuation.

Leyton Orient are the only team in the world that have not been linked to the French playmaker. Much of this is predicated on the possibility of Bayern missing out on the Champions League again. I for one, think he will be off in the summer either way.

Alex Silva wants to leave Hamburg because he’s been asked to play out of position occasionally.

Bayer 04
Leverkusen have signed hot prospect Lars Bender from 1860. The midfielder will stay on loan next season with the Munich side before joining Bayer in 2011.

Keeper Faryd Mondragon will be replaced by Karlsruhe’s Markus Miller, as the 39 year old Columbian wants a two year deal.

Grafite is a possible target of Zenit. Even VW can’t compete with Gasprom.

Borussia Dortmund
Alexandre Frie may leave for Tottenham (the Ghetto kid could be used as a make-way) and be replaced by Colo-Colo’s Lucas Barrios.

2 thoughts on “The Bundesliga Rumor Mill”

  1. In regards to the report of Felix Magath heading to Schalke, it actually first came out of Stuttgart, of all places. Stuttgarter Zeitung first broke the news before every other news outlet does. Magath thought that this was planned to unsettle his team, considering VfB Stuttgart are also in the title race alongisde with Wolfsburg.

    I have to say, even as a VfB Stuttgart supporter myself (but then you are already aware of it, DP), I also thought it was quite fishy the news first came out of the Stuttgarter Zeitung! And in regards to my club in the title race…I am quite uncomfortable over it actually. Don’t ask why.

    On the news of searching for Klinsmann’s successor, kicker claimed that Louis van Gaal is in the running to be the permanent man in charge. But then I thought, the Belgian FA are interested in the AZ Alkmaar coach to coach their national team? Not sure how that went but, Erik Gerets had said this week that he would step down from his Marseille job at the end of the season. This is in reaction to comments made about the Belgian by Marseille’s largest shareholder Robert Louis-Dreyfus. Gerets had already beforehand turned down the job to coach the Belgium national team, or if you believe what he said, he denied that he was in the running.

    The news about Gerets –;_ylt=AqX_5fzcjNz7mPWv4U2nsanHOrgF

    Sven to Bayern…I thought I have read even more stranger transfer rumours, but when I first read that he was linked to the Bayern job, I was like ‘What?!’. I rather read Hiddink being linked to Bayern than he. DP, I think you forget to add Hertha Berlin’s Lucien Favre in. He has also being linked to the Bayern job as well. Another of those absurd rumours. I rather Lulu stay on at Hertha than heading to Bayern.

  2. I had not heard the Lucien link, so thanks. Let’s be fair, I personally wouldn’t want to see any trainer taken from another Bundesliga side. Favre has HBS on the right path. Jol could do great things with HSV. And I’m quite surprised that Klopp hasn’t been linked.

    As for Stuttgart trying to unsettle, well considering their form that wouldn’t be a bad move. I said a few weeks ago that they were the king makers as they had to face everyone down the stretch. At that point it didn’t seem possible that they could make themselves kings, but if they can win the rest of their games and get Wolves to get just one other draw, they are most likely going to win the title. It would make 2007’s march up the table seem pedestrian. So many good stories in the league (or potentially good ones) when the champ is crowned.

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