Liverpool to be In Same Predicament After Being Told to Sell


The transfer merry-go-round has begun to turn once again as we approach the summer when all there is to talk about is who you would like your club to sign. For Liverpool top of their list appears to be Gareth Barry from Aston Villa, and David Villa and Raul Albiol from Valencia. The problem for the Reds is that their cash flow isn’t the best at the moment, what with George Gillett and Tom Hicks plunging the club into massive amounts of debt and being unable to fund the repayments.

So what to do for Rafael Benitez’s nearly men? Well the obvious answer is to sell some players but then that will leave the Spaniard and his band of merry men in the same position they find themselves this season. For the majority of the season questions have been asked of Liverpool’s strength in depth, or apparent lack of it. Talking to a couple of Liverpool fans last week they all said the same thing, they have 11 good players but they don’t have the replacements that will do the same job for the side.

The problem for Benitez is that no one is going to want his average squad players, not at the prices they will need to charge if they are going to pay the £40million asking price for Villa. So then they will have to sell one or two of their decent players which leaves them just replacing a good player with one who may or may not work out at the club. In essence then Liverpool will still have 11 good players and a rubbish bench, a side worthy of finishing runners-up once again.

Here’s hoping I don’t have to eat those words come the end of the season but winning the title is the only way I can see Mr Gillett and Mr Hicks digging into their wallets for a bit of extra cash rather than forcing Benitez to become the Del Boy of the Premier League transfer market.

As for those who I think Benitez may be forced to sell off well Sami Hyypia is the first name that springs to mind with the defender now getting on a bit. The second would be Xabi Alonso who, despite having an excellent season, still isn’t reportedly seeing eye-to-eye with Rafa. My third and final pick to be given the boot from Anfield, should it be necessary, is Andreas Dossena after his terrible first season in English football.

Now watch none of those three leave in the summer as Liverpool upset the football odds and find a treasure chest from somewhere. If they don’t happen to make such a discovery then they will continue to go around in circles unless they give the team the strength in depth it needs to avoid being number two for a second season.

7 thoughts on “Liverpool to be In Same Predicament After Being Told to Sell”

  1. what rubbish, you write with the talent of Stan Collywobbles!! Liverpool will not to sign Villa – where the hell did you get that from, it is well known that IF he moves it will be in Spain. Why would we spend £40 mil on one player when that is all we will have to spend (if we are bloody lucky) and YES we may finish second but that is not down to strength in depth, it’s down to some dodgy defending and not taking our chances – not once I have said this season – we need x, y &z to win the league – the truth is we need to ensure we get rid of the nil nil draws against bloody Stoke – we don’t need to spend £40 million to do that we just need to play more attacking football like we have been doing of late. You might not be a Liverpool fan – but good journalism should be objective you pratt

  2. sell dossena? what substance have you been smoking by saying he had a terrible first season ? boy betta know hes had a few bad games but plenty of quality games , and has improved allot , if we ware looking for money no point in selling sammi as we will get f**k all for him , maybe alonso but i dont think he will go. hopefully we will sign eto’o or tevez or bramble.

  3. Sami Hyypia at his current age would not fetch much in the transfer market so I see that as a bit of a non-starter. I could see Ryan Babel and perhaps Andriy Voronin going to a club in the Bundesliga. Moreover, hopefully Philipp Degen will not have another nightmare season, though his last two have been injury riddled, and he will be able to give Liverpool some cover at the right-back position.

    Furthermore, while Dossena has had some shockers this season and, at times, has looked more like a matador than a left-back, I do not think his season has been a complete disaster. He has come on a bit in the second half of the season for Liverpool. Likewise, I do not see Alonso going either, he has been immense this season and offers a lot of things to Liverpool that cannot be replaced by the likes of a Gareth Barry.

  4. This is one of the worst pieces of journalism I have read in a while. Even the red tops wouldn’t dream of suggesting that there is a sniff of a chance Liverpool might sign Villa!

    The reality is, Dossena may well go for a fee of around 5 Million in the summer, he hasn’t been anything like the player I expected but to suggest he has had a terrible first season is grossly unfair and simply inaccurate. I think Aurelio has been playing superbly this season and with cover from the young Insua who has made great steps this season I think Doss is surplus to requirements as much as anything else.

    I also believe Voronin (never settled) and Degan (injury prone/not good enough) will leave in the close season for 1-3 million. I can also see Babel leaving for 7-9 million.

    I expect to see Glen Johnson, Gareth Barry and David Silva Playing in a red shirt this season!

  5. i would reall like to see tevez come and play in a red shirt but it is highly unlikely


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