Jimmy Bullard Interview: Questions Please


Jimmy Bullard, the Hull City midfielder, will be the next guest on the EPL Talk Podcast. Bullard, who previously played at Fulham, Wigan Athletic, West Ham United and other teams, will be interviewed tomorrow (Wednesday, April 29, 2009).

Here’s your chance to ask any questions you may have to Jimmy. Simply post your questions in the comments section below and EPL Talk Podcast host Kartik Krishnaiyer will pick out the best questions and will ask them to Jimmy on-air as well as mentioning your name.

Many Americans have a soft spot for Bullard especially after he dazzled us with his heroic performances for Wigan Athletic and Fulham. He was unfortunate to suffer injury problems at Hull, but he’s already back in training and recovering quite well.

I look forward to reading your questions for Jimmy. Please submit them by midnight today (Tuesday, April 28, 2009).

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39 thoughts on “Jimmy Bullard Interview: Questions Please”

  1. I’d really like to know a bit more about how Bullard ended up at Peterbrough United and his early career before he moved to Wigan.

    Also was he seriously considering an international offer from Germany? What was all that about??

  2. Hello,

    I would love to know what Jimmy Bullard’s routine is on matchdays prior to kick-off. I read somewhere work on the Shapeshifters program. I would love to know the rumour is true? Murtext Muse Clydebank.

  3. Does Jimmy have any regrets about moving to Hull? Why did he make comments like ‘Hull are the biggest club I’ve played for’, ‘I wasn’t prepared to play with just a year and a half left on my contract’ and ‘Phil Brown plays football the right way’ after moving? Is his career threatened with the two serious knee injuries?

    Don’t make this a wishy washy interview like so many others after his move to Hull…

  4. Why did he declare that he wasnt prepared to play with 18months of his contract left and by saying that did he feel that he was holding Fulham hostage by saying either give me the contract I want or I am off

  5. I want to ask one thing:

    Do you still think Hull is a bigger club than Fulham, or even Wigan for that matter? If not, then why did you move with over a year left on your contract.

    I mirror Forky’s comments – don’t make this a wishy-washy interview but ask him the questions he won’t want to answer.

  6. How was this last injury rehab compared to the previous one and do you feel you can still perform at the level you were at when you left FFC?

  7. 1. How do you feel about me falling out of love with you and focusing my affections instead on a big Norwegian?

    2. On a scale of 1 to 17, how psychotic is Phil Brown behind closed doors?

    3. Roy Hodgson = God? Transfer Market genius? Both?!

    4. Enjoying the wages?

  8. Dear Jimmy Bullard,

    On a scale of one to ten, five being the middle, how bad is your types for Fulham on Hull?

  9. Did you think you were funny when you took that orange coloured dye that they used on the MRI and disposed of it so that they couldn’t identify your dodgy knee?

    Did you think it was even funnier when you put the aforementioned orange dye on Phil Brown’s facecloth?

  10. My questions are:

    If you could choose any player to play alongside you in midfield (or anywhere on the field), who would it be?

    What players did you watch growing up or idol as a kid?

    What is the best advice you’ve ever received (and who from)?

  11. 1) On reflection will you be happier being an overpaid footballer, compared to your fellow professionals in the Championship or as you were, only a reasonably paid footballer, compared to others, in the Premiership?

    2) On signing to Fulham from Wigan you said one of the main reasons was to be near your family in London, so how will the commute to London from Hull, which is a little further north than Wigan, suit you?

    3) Will the extra money you are now receiving compensate you for your change in status, from being one of the best loved footballers in England before your move, to now being regarded as just another greedy so and so?

  12. I’d ask Jimmy

    Under the current economic crisis.

    Would Jimmy consider giving back (to charity) a percentage of his wages to Hull and Fulham. As in most of ther professions; under current Government employment rules he’s not been working long enough the past 3 years to be entitled to any where near full benefits.

    Yet Jimmy’s taken home over £1M from Fulham and now £0.5M from Hull whilst not contributing.

  13. Do you find your change in fortunes a touch ironic? I’m sure you’re a nice guy but you really screwed up here. Hull cannot win and is now up against 2 seasoned EPL teams in a fight against relegation…. My question is this; If Hull are relegated, will you hobble off to a new club? Youch. You were nursed back to health with Fulham, started reaching your potential and then you left for “greener” pastures.

  14. Simple question. Did you leave Fulham for the money OR the length of the contract? I hope this gets asked as it can change many bitter peoples opinions on him.

  15. How does Jimmy feel about possibly having to play in the Championship next season when if he had shown some loyalty and stayed at Fulham he could be playing in Europe?


    I just want to you comment your boss Phil Brown,i like him very much,

    The on-pitch teamtalk must be one of the most memorable moment this season.

    Plus when you got your hair cut,i want to see a bald Jimmy next year.

  17. I’m a Fulham fan and was there last season when we escaped and you played an integral part but don’t you think after all the club and fans had done to help you in your recovery that you owed them more? Your interview on the BBC has left a number of fans unhappy in that you had 16 months of your contract left and you were not willing to play without a new contract. What would you say to that and don’t you think that was a shallow comment?

  18. Hi Jimmy,

    So if the worst comes to the worst and we go down this season what are your intentions? Get super fit, play your heart out and get us back in the Premier League or say your getting on a bit and need to be in the Premier League to get a look in at international level and thus request a move?


  19. Hi Jimmy,

    Would just like to know if you’ve had chance to fish anywhere in east yorkshire yet? If so have you found a place you really like?


    Danny Collinson

  20. How highly do you rate Freddie Adu? I know many players in the EPL rate him as one of the best three players in the world. Do you agree? And do you think any sides in the league will be able to stop him amazing runs, dribbles and free kicks next season if (when) he joins a EPL side?

  21. Dear Mr Bullard,

    Please ignore the post by Lanki. It was not me. It was an idiot posting under my messageboard name. Please also, if you happen to google my name, ignore the posts on various messageboards which come up. They too are a work of fiction from idiots on the fulham messageboard.

    I do have a question for you though, what do you think of the current swine flu pandemic? Do you think it has been handled well, or do you think the WHOs response to it has been severly lacking. Do you lie awake wondering if you’ll catch the virus, or are you reasonably confident that it wont spread up to where you are. Most humans don’t want to go near Hull, so why would a flu virus be any different?

  22. I would like to start by thanking you for being a terrific player for Fulham, you were great and helped immensely in our Great escape. For that I would be grateful. How gobsmacked were you when Hull offered you £45k a week for nearly 5 years considering you age and recent injury?

    How does threatening to go on strike which we all heard you clearly declare …”I am not prepared to play when I have 18 months left on my contract…” make you anything other than a cash hungry whore who let down a Club and its supporters where you could have been remembered as a legend rather than a bellend?

  23. 1. Do you think Luke Robinson is an arsehole ?

    2. Do these bitter Fulham fans, all of whom would leave their jobs if offered a better paid one, get on your nerves ?

    3. How many goals are you targeting for Hull, in the Premier League, next season ?

    4. Is East Yorkshire the best place to live in Britain ?

    Just thought I’d balance the questions a little !

  24. Have you ever thought about playing abroad? Your last move seemed to be all about financial security, and if that is true, leagues in Russia, UAE and Ukraine would suit you down to the ground..
    But in all seriousness, has a foreign move ever appealed to you, as I doubt any of the bigger teams in England would take a gamble on you now, limiting your options. A little Serie A action, or La Liga maybe?

  25. Did you know that bellend has 57% of the same letters that BULLARD has?
    ANd, curiously , you were injured roughly 57% of your stay at Fulham.

  26. Is Hull ACTUALLY the biggest team you’ve ever played for, and how do you justify that against the likes of wigan and fulham?
    Would you be happy to finish your career at hull, or do you have ambitions for the future to be elsewhere?

    is there a jimmy bullard appreciation society? and if not, can I have your fuzzy haired babies

  27. Lambrettaman! Of course I would consider leaving my job if a better one came along.

    But I wouldn’t threaten to go on strike for more money after having 18 months out fully paid!

  28. Jimmy, last week when asked what you would do if Hull would get relegated, you said you wouldn’t walk out on them.

    Did you mean you couldn’t walk out on them coz someone nicked your crutches?

  29. Jimmy,

    Now you’re playing with a big club like Hull, in front of jug eared, large foreheaded idiots like Lambrettaman, what are your ambitions still to achieve in the game?

    England Cap, rather than just warming a seat in the stand?
    Manage to cobble more than a dozzen games together before you retire/bust your knee again?
    Go on strike and force a move to another ‘big club’, further from your family?
    Or to grow your hair so you look even more of a ponce?

  30. You said that you wouldnt leave Hull if they get relegated, is the reason being you know no other club would pay the wages you are on for a 30+ injury prone midfielder?

  31. 2. Do these bitter Fulham fans, all of whom would leave their jobs if offered a better paid one, get on your nerves ?

    Yawn, there’s a difference between leaving a job on 20k a year for 40k a year, but if you earned 25k a week for 2 years you’d never have to work again.

  32. Jimmy,

    Is your middle name Judas and how will you be investing your five pieces of silver? May I suggest a modified Ferrari as with that knee you aint going to be able to put your foot down!

  33. Hi Dullard

    How does it fell to be a figure of hate from the fans of the club that stuck by you during a career threatening injury only for you to throw your toys out of the pram and threaten to go on strike?

    Makes you a loser in my eyes, now mind where you walk, you might screw up your other knee (with any luck!)

  34. “How does it fell to be a figure of hate from the fans of the club that stuck by you during a career threatening injury”

    You stuck by him ? What constitutes not sticking by him, going to the pub and saying to your mates ‘We should sell Jimmy, he’s got a bad knee’ ?

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