Newcastle United Unveils New Home Shirt Design for 09/10 Season


Newcastle United may be near the bottom of the Premier League this season, but they’re at the top of the league in terms of their commercial department.

The Tyneside club are the first to make their new home shirt for the 2009-10 season available. In fact, it went on sale today.

The new Newcastle United football shirt, at first glance, doesn’t look much different than the current strip. But on closer analysis, the front of the new shirt now has three black stripes instead of two on the current one (there are also black stripes along the front side of the shirt). Plus, the shirt features a V-neck collar instead of a more traditional one currently worn.

Newcastle’s home shirt for the 2009-10 season looks more modern and much closer to the style we expect from Adidas.

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10 thoughts on “Newcastle United Unveils New Home Shirt Design for 09/10 Season”

  1. ‘m pretty sure this would look good in the championship,:) , but i really hope geordies stay up , jus for the fans sake!

  2. this is a terrible top especially that badge in the would look well stupid without a number or name on the back!they are also going down looking like exeter coz they play in st james, they play in black n white n all haha(basically there crap)

  3. I love this top shame a cant say much ov the away 1. All a can say is that the away 1 wil be perfect for the players shit n i support the club. :(

  4. I thought they were being sponsored by argos next year i’ve seen a picture of the shirt but i don’t know; any ideas?

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