New Era for Liverpool?


Liverpool are the most successful team in English football having won more trophies than any other team, but it has been nineteen years since Liverpool last won the league title and unless Man Utd make a lot of mistakes then you will have to round that up to twenty.

Yes Liverpool have won the Champions League but the league is the main prize, as to win it truly shows that you are the best team in the league. The Champions League isn’t always won by the best team, it is won by the best cup team which isn’t always the same as the best team.

Liverpool have looked more established this season and if it hadn’t been for some silly mistakes along the way could have had the titled tied up by now. Could we be on the verge of a new era for Liverpool? Are they about to show again why the Liverpool home shirt is one of the most recognizable shirts in the world?

Well in my opinion not whilst Benitez is in charge. He has spent a lot of money, more than Manchester United, and hasn’t delivered the title. Yes he has signed a few good players but too many have been substandard and his team selections are at times simply baffling.

Liverpool are heading in the right direction and are one of the hardest teams to play against but their lack of consistency in games they really should win means that it looks like the title will gain be out of reach this season.

Written by Danny Watson, a professional sports journalist who blogs about football news.

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  1. mate you havent got a clue what your talking about thats comment is a load of crap of cause liverpool will win it under rafa , let me guess your another united fan writing this article.

  2. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but ususally, ill-informed morons aren’t listened to . In an age of bloggers, this sort of drivel gets an airing. I could start my own and say that Liverpool are the greatest ever team who will win the league forever – it’s about as relevant as this div’s tripe.

  3. well he may have spent more,bt he had to sell as well to keep the book balanced..n besides dont think he brought in quality instead it was all quantity…bt it wasn’t all rafa’s fault as he definitely didn’t hav the final say in transfers,he may or may not win the league..this season was definitely the best we had in years,n it aint over yet.

  4. Yet another substanceless post.

    Wow! The author doesn’t think Benitez will win Liverpool a title.

    News flash! People agree with author.

    Breaking! Other people disagree with author.

    This just in! Man wastes 90 seconds of life reading tripe (and another 90 responding).

  5. I love the fact that many people state that Rafa has spent more money than Sir Alex but, completely neglect the fact that ever since he has been at Liverpool, for the most part, Liverpool has to sell players in order to finance their transfers. Manchester United on the other hand does not have to come up with imaginative ways to get an extra £5 million in order to purchase the players they want. This fact is often lost on the media. They seem to think Liverpool has been buying the players that Rafa has wanted when in actuality, they have been buying the ones that Liverpool can afford.

    Furthermore, the man in charge of the transfer policy during Rafa’s tenure thus far is one Rick Parry, not, Rafa Benitez. Did Rafa want Cisse? Did he want Keane?

    When he asked for an upgrade at right-back over the summer, what did he get? He got Philipp Degen, a man who has sustained four injuries since joining the side and has yet to make his first team debut.

    If the transfer policy was in fact in Rafa’s control, Liverpool would have purchased Dani Alves when they actually had the chance years ago instead of being denied the opportunity because Mr. Parry was in a miserly mood.

  6. Another typical anti Rafa piece that misquotes financial information to suit the aims of the piece.

    I guess this ‘professional sports journalist’ is a worried Utd fan who knows Liverpool are making real progress with the 5th most expensive squad in the prem. No team has ever gone from 4th to winning the prem the next season so stick your opinion cause it don’t count for nothing with real pool fans.

    Waste of time….. and do your research properly

  7. all the pieces have been falling into place since rafa has taken over…in his fifth season we are the only real challengers to manU,have taken 14 of 18 points from the other big four teams, and have won the FA cup,comm shield,super cup,been to two Champions league finals & won one of them… took mr alex six years to win the league and 12 years to win the champions league….we’ll see whos knocking who off their perch.

  8. What? Rafa’s spent more than United? Kindly show us Rafa’s net spend compared to United’s over the last 5 years. Also, look at the squad Rafa inherited compared to United’s 5 years ago. So, not only has Ferguson spent far more than Rafa over the last 5 years, but he also started with a squad far superior to the one Rafa inherited. In conclusion, Rafa’s on course to becoming the first LFC manager since Kenny to bring home the league title.

  9. A lot of people point out that Benitez has spent more money than Ferguson in the last four years. To counter that Liverpudlians say that he has had to sell in order to buy. Both of these are relevant points however everybody misses the most important point which is:
    Since Benitez was apointed Liverpool manager he has bought almost the whole squad, apart from Gerrard and Carragher! Ferguson already had half of the team he has now in place by the time Benitez joined Liverpool, quality players like Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Wes Brown, Darren Fletcher, Wayne Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo, Gary Neville etc. Meaning Ferguson has only had to buy a few replacements such as Michael Carrick(Roy Keane) and luxury players that arn’t really necessary such as Berbatov and hasnt needed to spend as much as Benitez who has basically started from scratch. OF COURSE HE HAS SPENT MORE MONEY HES HAD TO TO EVEN GET TO A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD WITH UNITED! Idiots! As from this summer on now Benitez has the core of the title winning squad he can start spending a lot of money on flair players, just to add some quality to the side in the same way Ferguson has been going for five seasons while Benitez has been reconstructing a football club!

  10. It really does amaze me how so many so called ” Journalists ” continually get there facts wrong , and to think they get paid for it aswell ?!!? Give me strength . . .

    If you are going to suggest that Rafa has spent more than Ferguson then please back it up with evidence , do you really think that people are that naive to just believe you ? ? Of course Journo’s never fabricate stories to fill their quota of required work !! No ….. !

    Man Utd have a 76000 attendance for 99% of their games , we have 44000 , we have alot of catching up to do financially so how on earth you can say that Rafa has spent more than Fergie is beyond me , he hasnt got the money to do that in the first place.

    Small details my friend anyway , just remember we had Alves ,Vidic , Evra , Ronaldo all interested in coming to Liverpool only for it to be messed up by Rick Parry and a lack of transfer budget compared to the teams they went to and they went elsewhere . . .

    So please present the facts to back up your ” article ” .

  11. Total shocker.

    Nothing of substance is actually said in this article, except that Liverpool want to win the league, and that Rafa’s spent more than Fergie. One is obvious, the other is false.

  12. Sean said it all …

    >>Furthermore, the man in charge of the transfer policy during Rafa’s tenure thus far is one Rick Parry, not, Rafa Benitez.>>

  13. Dude, get a grip on your details. How much did the scum pay for that sulking beba? 30 mil! get your facts down next time

  14. Face facts fans,Liverpool are trying to buy the league,just like Chelsea and United have done over the years.Nothing more,nothing less.hehehe.

  15. Funny how, most people saying that this is a rubbish article are 90% LiverFool fans. Just because something about your team has been put out there and it aint pretty doesnt mean its wrong or bollocks!! Man UTD is always criticised by the media but you dont see fans acting up and writing comments like those above.

    Get used to it…… ohh and LiverFool aint taking the league this year, and YES you guessed right, I AM A MAN utd FAN!! Blood.

  16. the standards for being a proffesional sports journalist musnt be very high if ur writing garbage like that.
    1. liverpool have not spent more than united in terms of net spending. they had to sell in order to buy, unlike united who just buy buy buy.
    2. how can u say rafa wont win liverpool the title, people seem to forget that it took alex ferguson 7 years to win a trophy for united, yet benitez gets stick even tho hes done alot better than ferguson had.
    3. wen a team doesnt hav alot of money to spend, and therfore has to rely on cheap signings, they are obviously going to get less influencial players than team like united and chelsea who can afford to spend big on world class talents, if rafa had the money, i can guarantee u wudnt hav seen so many “flops” come in and out of the team.

  17. Rafa spent more than Alex Ferguscum? Where are the statisitics to prove that he didn’t? Right here: statistics?

    Facts in figures

    £221.95m: Manchester United’s gross spend on transfers (£147.90 million net) since June 2004, when Rafael Benítez was appointed Liverpool manager, up to and including January 2009 transfer window

    £212.60m: Liverpool’s spending (£111.39 million net) during same period

    In the words of Rafa, “FACT.”

    Oh, and at least when Rafa does spend money, he doesn’t waste the whole lot of it like old whiskey nose does? 30m pound investment in a dud as berba.. hilarious!!!


  18. “Written by Danny Watson, a professional sports journalist who blogs about football news.”

    You mean you actually get paid for writing crap like this? I’m in the wrong job.

  19. Munu are a good team and play some good football…. I am a liverpool fan and I CAN ADMIT THAT.. i STILL HATE MANU and Fergi. He just gets up my nose. Fergi only has a go at teams who are a threat to him and over the years we have been a threat. We have also won the most trophies over the years and Fergi just hates that as well as all Manu fans. FACT! I hope the Mancs win nothing this year and every year after.

  20. Mac
    Liverpool haven’t won the league for nigh on 20 years ! FACTOF*CKINGMUNDO !

    You’ve got a good chance to win it this season,time will tell if you do.

  21. MAC, ManU have already won something this year and the league is already decided Liverpool bottled it against Arsenal and earlier against Stoke. Its Liverpool who will win nothing, out of Europe, out of the FA Cup, and out of league.

  22. Are you kidding me? LFC have spent MORE than ManU? Two years ago, after having won the league for the first time in what, 3-4 years, Fergie goes out and purchases Owen H., Anderson, Nani and brings in Tevez. That is what, 60 million pounds? Benitez brought in Torres for around 20 million and Babel for 10.

    As for keeping Crouch, Crouch did not want to stay. Period. What is Rafa supposed to do? You sell the player and get as much money as you can.

    But it is the start of a new era. New owners will be in shortly, and Rafa will have a transfer kitty of sizable proportions this summer (for the first time ever). Hopefully we will not be forced to sell in order to buy, and we will bring in Silva and Tevez along with a decent RB. Agger stays and Carragher starts to see less playing time.

  23. Last statistic I looked at had Manchester United spending a bit more than Liverpool.

    As always, however, I’m sure it is all depending on who you want to have spent more (what the time frame is, what you include in “spending”, etc).

    Regardless, if Liverpool finishes 2nd this season (as they probably will) it is still a great accomplishment that they can bring into next season to push on for the trophy.

  24. Liverpool will win nothing this year. All this talk about transfers. united have spent slightly more but look at what we have won.
    im so glad rafa has signed a long term contract. the man is a goat!!!
    Glory Glory!!

  25. Manchester United have won the most tropheys by far
    scousers are all living in the past
    hoping for the glory days that once were and will never come back
    just come to terms that Manchester United are the dominant team and will be for a very long time to come

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