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New Chelsea Home, Away & Third Jerseys For 2009/2010 Season Revealed

new chelsea home jersey New Chelsea Home, Away & Third Jerseys For 2009/2010 Season Revealed

Photographs have been leaked of what are supposedly Chelsea’s new home, away and third jerseys for the 2009/2010 season. Designed and manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Samsung, the new shirts are quite modern in design and feature similar templates (especially the home one) to the new kits coming out this summer for Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and other teams wearing the Adidas brand.

The new home kit will be officially released on May 1, 2009 and a full launch on May 14.

new chelsea away jersey New Chelsea Home, Away & Third Jerseys For 2009/2010 Season Revealed

Pictured above is the away jersey which is white with black and gray trim.

new chelsea third jersey New Chelsea Home, Away & Third Jerseys For 2009/2010 Season Revealed

Pictured above is Chelsea’s third shirt which is black and blue with yellow flourescent trim.

What do you think of Chelsea’s new football kits? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

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Editor’s note: The images aren’t actual photographs of the new Chelsea kits, but kits of other teams that have been mocked (or photoshopped, if you prefer) to show what the Chelsea kits will look like.

Source: Carefree Chris.

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70 Responses to New Chelsea Home, Away & Third Jerseys For 2009/2010 Season Revealed

  1. Tony says:

    Love the third kit but not sure about the home kit…..then again I never am keen until it becomes familiar!

  2. Nicholas Cendrowicz says:

    You people have just come across a load of mock-ups designed by Carefree Chris. Carefree Chris is a genius with computer designs, and he likes to invent stuff, but he has absolutely nothing to do with the club. To say that these are leaked photos of Chelsea’s kit next year is laughable. They aren’t even photographs.

  3. Nicholas:

    The home kit, if not the real deal, is certainly possible. It’s the latest Adidas template.

    The third kit? Two thoughts: (1) If you can’t wear your first, how could you wear that?
    (2) Is this an attempt to confuse Jose and get him back to Stamford Bridge?

  4. Pedro says:

    Ha Ha, these will look great on your average beer bellied supporter. can’t possible be real unless Chelsea don’t want to actually sell any to average fans.

  5. okposo m says:

    quite ok if its real. i think it will afordable for true blues fans

  6. mikky says:

    this is the latest from adidas and will surely be a great deal if it can come to lime light.
    it will be quite affordable

  7. steve says:

    it weird with zip da home nd away jerseys ar ok but da third is class

  8. gerard says:

    there lovely and going to get the 3 of them

  9. olivert says:

    Since when did association footballers need to wear shoulder pads?

  10. sophe Msia says:

    2nd & 3rd … xcellent but 1st… ?
    bring bck UMBRO ;

  11. wmn says:

    its not bad.the adidas jersey design are same like the one,Russia national team jersey using right now —–> .Just that maybe the Chelsea blue colour made the pad look weird.

  12. Max Power says:

    haha jack petroczy if you ever see this you will relize you are a traitor.

    (he supports newcastle apparntly but has chelsea kit)

    total crap

    LFC 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Adam Pavlyuchenko says:

    i really hope these are the kits for next year they’re all class i really like the template. plus this years kits were a joke especially the home one, but if they are the kits i really hope these arent just for one season im sick of having to buy a new every year. btw those arent pads lol


  14. Christopher Walker says:

    Anyone else have the words ‘tour de france’ spring to mind when looking at the home shirt?

  15. namith says:

    away jersey is the best

    AS USUAL!!!!!

    Not bad ………wish they would remove the chest pad thingy in the home jersey

  16. Aaron says:

    the third kit iz well good and the away one is quality but im not to sure about the home i look a bit plain

  17. Jeremy says:

    i’ve seen the leaked pictures of these kits and for some reason they look better on this website. i don’t like how they look like rugby jerseys. i don’t mind the home jersey but the away and third look really cool. i think i have to get used to them first. the only way i’ll buy the home kit is if chelsea win the CL. i’ll put roma 09 in the back…blues fan through and through…

  18. Zaikzy says:

    i liked the 2nd one rly cool but are they fake?

  19. eme009 says:

    i lkie it ummmmmmmmmmmh

  20. dj malone says:

    dj from ireland i tink the jerseys are fab like the team and they are not fake up the blues

  21. Sean Atkinson says:

    I really dislike the new Adidas template. I hope Liverpool can somehow manage to avoid having to use this template.

  22. Paul ogomigo says:

    good new season jersey

  23. dj malone says:

    chelsea is the best

  24. hi says:

    there way cool

  25. hi says:

    but they suck


  26. bob says:

    man utd we love ther going to win the final like u didnt

  27. kumar says:

    man the away jersey is super cool man…. cant wait to get 1

  28. madukah says:

    well they r really cool but am a go 4 the 2nd and third

  29. Tomos Roberts-Young says:

    This is very emmbarasing HELP!!!! Let the 09/10 season be over so we can get new kits

  30. Alex says:

    Superb shirts!
    Finally some inovation by oldfashioned and conservative adidas.
    Third shirt is fantastic!!

  31. calv says:

    looks like a rugby top

  32. dre says:

    the 3rd jersey is a complete rip-off of inter milan’s 3rd from the 97/98 season

    check it out:

  33. shep says:

    the home kit is growing on me and the 3rd kit is wicked, and for all the critics we always rip-off other shirts, barcas away one 2 seasons ago we hi-jack for our away kit, its how we roll.
    and any united fans that think its funny that you got to the final, at least we put up a fight against barca and didnt lose, or play like newcastle united against them :D

  34. DJM says:

    Why does adidas creata better jersey designs than nike? I can’t stand to keep wearing a Man Utd jersey if its going to look uglier and uglier every year – Chelsea has a nice jersey every year, even when they had umbro…

  35. Nerns says:

    Does anyone know where to buy one of Chelsea’s 2010 away jerseys? I’ve seen the home jerseys for sale but can’t find the away jerseys anywhere.

  36. sree says:

    chelsea has certainly got the 12th man … is the colour at bridge.

  37. Ohniruom Esoj says:

    Inter Milan much?

    I dislike the first kit, but the second and third ain’t half bad, and that’s coming from a ‘pool supporter.

  38. charlos says:

    my team has the white one!!! ;)
    and the goalie has the black and blue!!! ;P
    were made up of young mexicans! [><]
    and our coach is 3 feet tall!!!!

  39. sambalkicap says:

    what is with the chest pad thing?.. it looks more like a rugby kit. i know its like a new tech, good for footballers, etc but can they HIDE it or something? and and please rid the zip completely!.. i prefer the old kit because they all looked like a FOOTBALL kit.

    but if its the trend next season maybe i have no choice buy to wear 1 too.. lol!.. love Chelsea and hope the new kit will also brings in the silverware.

  40. nana agyemang says:

    i love this jersey’s they are very nice,i know we are going to win lot’s of trophy with these jersey’s

  41. aj says:

    home kit is 5 out of 10
    away kit 9 out of 10
    3rd kit 10 out of ten

  42. JG says:

    I can verify that the 3rd kit is correct, although the collar isn’t quite the same as the home kit because I bought one about a week ago at a specialty store. The 3rd kit definitely rocks this year! Go Blues go!

  43. JC says:

    The new away kit is shown on Chelsea website, so the above away kits aren’t quite correct

  44. Raka Adhitama N says:

    Nice kit…I like it.

  45. J says:

    The purple and black pictured here is much better than the actual away kit, I wish I could purchase Carefree Chris’s versions.
    His third kit this year matched the exact colour pattern of the real away kit (long before the other, correct leaked image with the chubby model), so maybe his away kit will match the colour pattern of Chelsea’s third kit.
    At any rate, I still wish I could purchase Carefree Chris’s mock-up versions, they’re quite classy.

  46. deckylees says:

    at the start there were bad comments but finally near the end there were good comments which is good because they are 3 brilliant kits if i may say so myself even though i am a chelsea supporter.

  47. okta says:

    love forever with chelsea fc

  48. Arian says:

    Chelsea is best club in the world and chelsea have best players .Best formatio
    in Chelsea is this Cech Alex Terry Bosingwa A.cole Ballack Essien Lampard
    Malouda Anelka Drogba

  49. pp75 says:

    I am lovings this uniform. First ones are going make chelseas score more goals than before.

    Please stay for ever Jan Terrey

  50. FRANK says:

    Wow dese kit is awsom im gon buy dem all 2 times ha ha

    Chelsea Blues 4eva

  51. Wacov says:

    I can’t wait to see Joey Cole in that jersey, he’ll look so fine.

    Has anyone seen the shorts? I hope they are teeny tiny

    Go Joey

  52. GateGourmetLFC says:



  53. EyesBright says:

    I might have to change teams if they keep coming out with these outstanding tops.

    Got to go, my special bus is here……………

  54. EyesBright says:

    In fact, sod it. I’m Blure through and through.

    I must be the amount of times i’ve been on BAWA

  55. saleh saeed says:

    the new our shirt is very nice , i want to buy the original shirt from megastore online in website of chelsea , but i don’t have visa even master card ,,, i will buy the shirt from any shop in mu city in ksa

  56. skento says:

    I realy like the new away one!

  57. marcus price says:

    i’m very disappointed of the new Chelsea home kit…..It looks like crap, but i really like the second and third kit ;)

  58. marcus price says:

    but I have a blue heart and all my love to the blues so don’t really care :D

    btw, great debute for Zhirkov and what a stunning goal from drogba against milan :O

  59. jason says:

    the third kit shown here is actually going to be the away kit this season!it is slightly different as it doesnt have the padded areas at the chest.does anyone no when the white one will be being released as i think its smashing!i’m chelsea through and through and have the 2 other kits already and they look even better wen u see them real!

  60. jason says:

    doesnt matter…it ready for pre order and released on the 27th of august if anyone interested just go to the online megastore

  61. Austin says:

    I really like chelsea jersey dis luk so fantastic..i like d way adidas always design fact they re number sport kits in d world.hw are wish dat adidas is kitting man utd too.kudos to u..1 luv

  62. Michael says:

    Luv the 3rd kit,its awesome.

  63. Andy says:

    I Luv our home kit, honestly it’s one in million….since the beginning of soccer football, there is none like it.kudos to our designers they are really wonderful. Also our 3rd away kit is sweet, in fact Chelsea…we are the BEST..!

  64. Michael says:

    Iv bought d 3rd kit nd i customized it wit my name its fan+ast+ic.up chealsea

  65. Guys i need a site to customise my name on a chelsea jersey and download it

  66. C4eva says:

    Love the jerseyz!!!!!
    and if they wernt awsom hell i would still wer um.

  67. Marvin Barshell says:

    yessssssss this top is very nice, it’s a winning jersey….

  68. jose is d best one in football man-ge

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