Sneak Preview of Everton’s New 09/10 Home Jersey


Everton’s new football kits to released this summer will be from Le Coq Sportif, as we revealed in March. But now two new images have been unveiled which adds more evidence to what the home shirt and goalkeeper jersey will look like.

The new images (pictured above) feature a training jacket — which gives a strong hint of what the actual home shirt will look like underneath. The goalkeeper jersey, meanwhile, looks like it’ll be grey with some blue and white.

Source: New Soccer Jerseys.

What’s your opinion about the shirts that you can see above? Click the comments link and let us know.

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5 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of Everton’s New 09/10 Home Jersey”

  1. If this is similar to the classic 84-85 strip, which these pictures appear to hint at, then I will love it. This brings back great memories of Sharp, Gray, Sheedy, Steven, Bracewell, and all the fabulous times associated with the club.

    And coupled with the fact that we are perhaps only a couple of players short of recreating those glorious days, then I will be a very happy bunny, indeed.

  2. Don’t be fooled wot Phil Neville is wearing ! its a jacket the real kit is on the everton website and its gettin released on the 27th june its amazing and the keeper kit is descent as well but i do not have a clue about when the away kit is gettin released and to be honest i don’t care and the third kit i do not know lets hope its good 1

  3. Hate the kit, it might bring back memories for some but for the rest of us it just reminds us all that we will never win the league again. A couple of players away you say, well I agree if those players are Ronaldo, kaka, Torres, Villa and Vidic but then most of us are living in reality and know all we can hope for is to break into the top 4 again. But alas with the money-men taking over Man City it might simply be a case of fighting it out for Europa League. Seriously, we don’t need our past thrown in the faces of the current squad, try making your own history with your own kits Le Coq.

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