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Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 4

Posted on by Peter C

red card3 Take Me Out to the Ballgame   Week 4
Week 4 in the MLS saw 5 draws in 7 games. Keller got red-carded, a Blanco to McBride goal was brilliant and the Galaxy may have found a starting keeper in Donovan Ricketts. Oh yaeh, Seattle gave up its first goal after Keller was ejected and lost its first game.

This week’s seven matches averaged just a bit over 17,200, an increase of over 1,300 from last year’s week 4 matches. Naturally, a Seattle home game helped, but that should not be counted as an oddity that skews the numbers, but rather as an positive addition that is of a permanent nature. Good for the league, no doubt.

5 clubs remain winless, including the 2008 MLS Cup finalists, Columbus and Red Bull, along with FC Dallas, Houston and the Galaxy. Three clubs remain undefeated, idle New England, Chivas USA, and Chicago who gained a draw with San Jose on a terrific Chirs Rolfe strike in the 85th minute.

The Red Bulls still have not scored a goal. The only goal for them was an own goal in the New England game.

There were 7 ejections this week, including 3 in the Super Clasico in LA. Greg Berhalter, in his first game for the Galaxy was among the group.

After week 4 the numbers look like this…

2009 – Week 4: 17,258
2008 – Week 4: 15,896
2007 – Week 4: 15,336
2006 – Week 4: 15,619
2005 – Week 4: 12,952

Of the teams that have played at least 2 home games, here are the early attendance comparisons to 2008:

Chivas: +6.5%
Columbus: +7.7%
DC United: -14.9%
FC Dallas: -22.9%
Houston: -11.5%
Kansas City: -9.5% (attributable to the miserable conditions last week)
Los Angeles: -8.7%
Real Salt Lake: -29.5%
San Jose: -4.7%
Toronto: +1.7%


It’s a little early in the season for these scoring statistics to be considered relevant, but here they are…

Chicago and Real Salt Lake lead the league with 2.0 goal scored per game. The Red Bulls are bottom with an average of .25.
Defensively, Seattle, Chivas and the Revs are giving up less than a goal a game, while FC Dallas and surprisingly the Quakes are allowing 2 goal per game.

6 Responses to Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 4

  1. eplnfl says:

    Word is that they are asking to open up more seats in Seattle. Good news for the league and just wait until the other Pacific Northwest teams take the field. The weather is still a problem in the Midwest for sure. I would not look for a big crowd in Chicago until a warm up.

    As to Chicago, all of what the Fire has done so far has been with limited action from Blanco and Rolfe. If you have not seen the Blanco to McBrdie hook-up for the score yet take a look at it now! It’s a preview of what you can expect at Toyota Park this summer.

    We may have reached the point with the MLS of have and have nots. Chicago, Seattle, and New England maybe the haves. It looks like some clubs like the Texas teams, Columbus, and New York maybe among the have nots. I was impressed with RSL’s offense. Lets hope the warm weather arrives soon and maybe some more room for a player of some quality to be brought in by some of the clearly weaker teams. Looking forward to a great summer.

  2. THIS is football says:

    What happened between 2005 and 2006 to raise attendance so much?

  3. Peter C says:

    What happened between 2005 and 2006 to raise attendance so much?
    A few things come to mind.
    The early MLS season is in the run up to the 2006 World cup(As ’09 is to ’10).
    It was Houston’s first year and they drew much better than San Jose in the opening weeks of the season.
    New York must have had a big event on opening day in ’06 where they drew over 35,700.
    Dallas was playing in Pizza Hut Park from the start of ’06 and blew away ’05 numbers.

  4. Lars says:

    One thing that came to my mind as well. If Seattle adds more seats, this will mean more revenue to be shared with weaker teams. Unlike NASL, there’s sort of a punishment for being a ‘have’ team. It means you have to help out the have nots.

    This is actually good for the league because it will keep some teams alive longer and allow them to re-establish themselves in certain markets if they’re suffering from poor attendance.

  5. EmilyKennedy says:

    Oh yaeh, Seattle gave up its first goal after Keller was ejected and lost its first game.

    Wait, the Kansas City Wizards didn’t win anything? You mention Keller twice in your opening paragraph, rather than giving KC some props for being one of the 2 teams of 7 games that actually won something? I guess you’re a coast guy or something.

  6. Peter C says:


    Well, the post was mostly about attendance and a few other tidbits, not really an analysis of the week’s play. There are plenty of posts reviewing each game.
    How many other teams didn’t I mention?

    As for the Keller references, let’s see, the top goalie in the league, as yet unscored upon, playing for the team that’s the league’s top story gets red-carded. Then that previously undefeated team loses. Worth a mention, don’t you think?

    And no, not a coast guy. As for the Wizards, Arnaud is the story for me, with a clamor rising for Bradley to pick him for the US team.

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