New 2009 MLS Kits

Hello there, this is my first post on MLS Talk and I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

Now, on to the Kits.

I’ve always had a passion when it comes to kits/jerseys/athletics wear. Here, I am going to summarize the new kits for this MLS Season.


I really love this template that Adidas pumped out. But what’s the point of the lines coming across the front? The “Sun Rays” ruin this kit. I’m waiting for the Phoenix Suns to use this jersey!!! (I noticed Frei of Toronto FC had the same kit temp as a keeper, minus the lines??? Anyone notice???)

I was glad to see those messed up Tribal lines go. To be replaced with… more lines. But in all respect the Light Blue lines look nice. Which brings me around to this: Why the light blue? The only real sign of it, even on the website, was the outline of the logo. I wouldn’t mind that blue be black, or even white. But the blue is nice. The lack of the MLS Cup Champs patch is surely a weird sight.

MARK: 5 Possibly-Phoenix-Suns-Super-Tacky-Jerseys out of 10

First of all, my club shouldn’t have changed kits that fast. Two years in, guys? And, the kit ain’t too good either. Lets start with the kinda weird gray background to the Adidas triple stripe on the shoulders. Personally, if you are gonna do that just do the sleeves gray. It has a bit more tradition in it. And I would love to see TFC stick to a tradition like that. Just like how you remember Arsenal have the white sleeves (pre-2008). The away has the black shorts that really are awesome. I love both gray and black in the away. Black would be a nice third as well. Now, at launch, it was said that All-For-One was going to be put on the shoulder (check here) but since, there has been no sign of it. Also, there’s no sign of a kinda faded maple leaf in the chest stomach area, that you can also see in the link. I also haven’t seen the “Sun Rays” on the pitch from the Houston kits. I would like to see a solid maple leaf maybe on the sleeves or even on the small of the back.

MARK: 6 White-stripes-on-a-Gray-Backround out of 10

New York:
I don’t really mind the whole Red Bull branding situation. I really don’t. (I just hope we don’t see a Los Angeles Amp situation….TALK ABOUT A DERBY!!!) The bulls colliding adds a intimidating but still tacky touch. I think they should do a Quarters style kit to match the can (I would actually buy that kit!!!). But in seriousness, this kit is pretty ok.

The main topic on this kit is the Zipper looking thing. Apparently it is a a small piece of rubber that says “Red Bull New York” Thanks Ric!!! Its decent collar to boot. I still like the color combos. Like to see the white at home. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one not wanting the red top, white bottoms from the first year of the New York Energy Drinks saga. The navy is also pretty nice.

MARK: 7 Cases-of-overdose-from-Energy-Drinks out of 10

Yes, this is why we’re here!!! These kits are very, very cool. The color combo really does it for me. The green is magnificent on the home. The Blue underpit yokes are a nice touch. We probably wont get a glimpse of the blue away (since no team wears green) but it is still fairly good. Nice XBOX ad as well. Fits nice.

Very short and sweet. Not a lot of bad things about this kit.

9 Stains-of-beer-on-Drew-Carey’s-Shirt out of 10


LEAGUE: The whole MLS will have their respective nations flag and the MLS logo on either side. It also cuts off the Adidias Triple Stripe.

San Jose gets Amway Global as a shirt sponsor. Nice touch, fits well. Wasn’t a fan of the SAN JOSE block letters, glad to see them go.

They swipe “RAPIDS” and “COLORADO” from front of jerseys, leaves them blank. More than likely a sponsor will step in. Also, puts 5220 in back of collar. To represents Denver’s elevation in feet from sea level, which is a nice touch as well.


Adds MLS CUP patch to front. See it here.


Thank you everyone for letting me do this!!!



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