New 2009 MLS Kits

Hello there, this is my first post on MLS Talk and I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

Now, on to the Kits.

I’ve always had a passion when it comes to kits/jerseys/athletics wear. Here, I am going to summarize the new kits for this MLS Season.


I really love this template that Adidas pumped out. But what’s the point of the lines coming across the front? The “Sun Rays” ruin this kit. I’m waiting for the Phoenix Suns to use this jersey!!! (I noticed Frei of Toronto FC had the same kit temp as a keeper, minus the lines??? Anyone notice???)

I was glad to see those messed up Tribal lines go. To be replaced with… more lines. But in all respect the Light Blue lines look nice. Which brings me around to this: Why the light blue? The only real sign of it, even on the website, was the outline of the logo. I wouldn’t mind that blue be black, or even white. But the blue is nice. The lack of the MLS Cup Champs patch is surely a weird sight.

MARK: 5 Possibly-Phoenix-Suns-Super-Tacky-Jerseys out of 10

First of all, my club shouldn’t have changed kits that fast. Two years in, guys? And, the kit ain’t too good either. Lets start with the kinda weird gray background to the Adidas triple stripe on the shoulders. Personally, if you are gonna do that just do the sleeves gray. It has a bit more tradition in it. And I would love to see TFC stick to a tradition like that. Just like how you remember Arsenal have the white sleeves (pre-2008). The away has the black shorts that really are awesome. I love both gray and black in the away. Black would be a nice third as well. Now, at launch, it was said that All-For-One was going to be put on the shoulder (check here) but since, there has been no sign of it. Also, there’s no sign of a kinda faded maple leaf in the chest stomach area, that you can also see in the link. I also haven’t seen the “Sun Rays” on the pitch from the Houston kits. I would like to see a solid maple leaf maybe on the sleeves or even on the small of the back.

MARK: 6 White-stripes-on-a-Gray-Backround out of 10

New York:
I don’t really mind the whole Red Bull branding situation. I really don’t. (I just hope we don’t see a Los Angeles Amp situation….TALK ABOUT A DERBY!!!) The bulls colliding adds a intimidating but still tacky touch. I think they should do a Quarters style kit to match the can (I would actually buy that kit!!!). But in seriousness, this kit is pretty ok.

The main topic on this kit is the Zipper looking thing. Apparently it is a a small piece of rubber that says “Red Bull New York” Thanks Ric!!! Its decent collar to boot. I still like the color combos. Like to see the white at home. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one not wanting the red top, white bottoms from the first year of the New York Energy Drinks saga. The navy is also pretty nice.

MARK: 7 Cases-of-overdose-from-Energy-Drinks out of 10

Yes, this is why we’re here!!! These kits are very, very cool. The color combo really does it for me. The green is magnificent on the home. The Blue underpit yokes are a nice touch. We probably wont get a glimpse of the blue away (since no team wears green) but it is still fairly good. Nice XBOX ad as well. Fits nice.

Very short and sweet. Not a lot of bad things about this kit.

9 Stains-of-beer-on-Drew-Carey’s-Shirt out of 10


LEAGUE: The whole MLS will have their respective nations flag and the MLS logo on either side. It also cuts off the Adidias Triple Stripe.

San Jose gets Amway Global as a shirt sponsor. Nice touch, fits well. Wasn’t a fan of the SAN JOSE block letters, glad to see them go.

They swipe “RAPIDS” and “COLORADO” from front of jerseys, leaves them blank. More than likely a sponsor will step in. Also, puts 5220 in back of collar. To represents Denver’s elevation in feet from sea level, which is a nice touch as well.


Adds MLS CUP patch to front. See it here.


Thank you everyone for letting me do this!!!


30 thoughts on “New 2009 MLS Kits”

  1. it’s not a zipper on the RBNY kit. the black line that looks like a zipper is a small piece of rubber that says “Red Bull New York”.

  2. This league really likes to hype itself up, doesn’t it?

    Hopefully the American flags on the jerseys will drive away the Latin American fans (that flag means White America, rather than all of America, to more people than not).

    And the crew are going to wear that patch all season? Like winning that league is a big deal. Not even the Superbowl or World Series champs wear something like that. Talk about pretentious.

    I’ve never seen an organization be more all-hype-and-no-substance than this league. The sad thing is that their fans have no idea. They’ll swallow it all up. That’s why people like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are successful in this country. Same principle.

    How much is that patch on the Crew going to mean if they get their asses whipped in the next ConcaChampions? Kinda reminds me of Rocky Balboa’s training leading up to his first fight with Clubber Lang.

  3. Uh, GFiG, many European leagues celebrate their champions by letting them wear a badge for the entire next year. The EPL has done it all of its existence, and Serie A has done it for decades. The UEFA Champions League started in on it this year, and even FIFA wants clubs to wear its club champions badge in all competitions after winning their Mickey Mouse tournament over Christmas.

    They all find a way to dal with the humiliation of wearing a “champions” patch while dropping results.

    If you’re going to crap on MLS, do a little homework, try a little harder, and find something worthwhile to piss and moan about.

  4. Bishop: I know that, but at least those European accomplishments were earned against world class football clubs. Winning Garber’s league means you didn’t suck as bad as the other teams. So your argument fails.

    And why did you call the CWC a mickey mouse tourney? The CWC is the point of our CONCACAF Champions League. If you piss on it, you piss on our region as well.

  5. GFiG – how can anyone dispute such…. stunning…. logic.

    You assume that the winners of various leagues that feted its winners with badges on shirts were always considered world class sides.

    By your determination, the point of winning the UEFA Champs League would be… to play a mid-season tournament in Japan? Boy, the winners of that trophy must have felt unfulfilled for the first 45 years of the event.

    But, if the whole point of winning the MLS Cup would be to compete in the CONCACAF Champs league, why wouldn’t you announce your pedigree?

    MARTY – rest assured, if the thread spins wildly off-topic, you’ve arrived! Good article, though I’m no fan of the template kits. eats away at the uniqueness of the individual clubs if you ask me

  6. Marty: My post was regarding that patch on the crew jerseys, so I stayed on topic

    bishop: For the leagues you mentioned, yes, they are world class. Garber’s league is FAR from that.

    The timing of the CWC finals is a problem for many, and understandably so. But many who have participated in the IC Cup did recognize how special it was to face off against the South American champ. Even Sir Alex Ferguson has said so. Since you think there wasn’t a CWC type cup for the first 45 years, you’ve proven your ignorance of football.

    They shouldn’t announce their pedigree until the league is world renowned and respected. Ask any European fan what they think of this league. That should rest my case.

    It’s all about humility, which shows character. I feel Garber has none. You’re free to counterpoint.

  7. Guess what, nobody cares what european fans think of the league.

    MLS fans realize the league isn’t as good as the EPL. Go home if that’s why you’re upset.

  8. I agree with Garber Football Sucks about MLS which is a disgrace.

    I want to feel like I am supporting the game here in america so i am pleased that i can now watch usl for free.

    Good post though Marty with the kits though. Enjoyed looking at them, and they aren’t as bad as the MLS kits USED TO BE!

  9. Curtis-

    I only called them that cause that’s what they looked like…

    I was aware of the badge. Am i gona call them “Star Rays” Then?

  10. GFS, who cares what Europeans think about our league? I personally think that the EPL is awful to watch. I mean seriously, who wants to watch the four richest teams beat the stuffing out of the other 16 teams week in and week out?

    But you know what? I doubt that most English soccer fans could really care what I think of their league. Since I’m not English, my opinion of their league has little to do with its success.

    The same is true with respect to European fans and our league. Their narrow-minded views of a league that is foreign to them in ever way except that they share common Laws of the Game mean very little with respect to the health of our league.

    To try to appease European fans of other leagues is inherently self-loathing. It cannot end well. Let’s keep that in mind when you troll.

  11. Cavan: 1st of all, it’s FOOTBALL and 2nd of all, I’m not trolling. If you want to continue to be the laughingstock of the football world, so be it. But just keep in mind that people who really care about the game (people like me), will try all they can to destroy your league.

    I will throw a party once your league if finished for good

  12. Cavan, the perception of MLS in Europe affects the transfer market beyond belief. MLS clubs are lowballed for players in a way South American and Asian clubs are not, and national team managers automatically cross a player off their player pool potential selection list when they go to MLS. This is a deterrent to MLS improvement. The league’s results in FIFA sanctioned international competitions are worse now than they were in the league’s second and third seasons. The excuse that the league is young is used over and over again by fans who were not following MLS in the beginning when so much more was promised to us.

  13. thanks marty. great first start!

    i like Seattle’s colors as well. however, these colors are extremely similar to our brothers to the north, Vancouver’s Olympic colors.

    it must be a pacific northwest thing

  14. MLS is lowballed but can you blame the european teams? I mean lets face it not too many american players have been that great in Europe. Are alleged best ever player Donovan is still in MlS and hes 27. I mean Honduras and T&T have produced more players who have achieved more in Europe then us.

  15. djmk – I know eh!!!

    Once Portland and Vancouver get in its gona be a big mess of green.

    Plus no other team had green as a team color before Seattle came around. :/

  16. I think that our league could be as successful as possible in all international competitions and the Europeans would still lowball our players. And GFS would still talk about how horrible it is and how it needs to be killed “for the good of the game.”

    It’s arrogance, pure and simple. I don’t see anyone from FIFA ponying up any money to improve salaries in our league so teams can field rosters that are large enough to withstand the wear and tear of a domestic season, domestic cup, and CONCACAF cups. If our league has to stand on its own two feet financially, it’ll take a while until it has enough money to compete with clubs from other countries.

    I have no problems discussing what can be improved in MLS. However, I automatically circle the wagons when I see stuff like GFS’s comments. That stuff is just mean. I mean seriously, the rest of the world prodded us for years to found a league. We did and now they talk about how horrible it is. OK. I see how this works. It’s really just the rest of the world looking to bully and deride us now matter what we do. At least that’s how comments like GFS feel to me.

  17. “But just keep in mind that people who really care about the game (people like me)”

    I can’t help but notice how clueless and arrogant this quote is.

    I grew up playing the game. I refereed from when I was 13 until this past year. I’ve been a DC United supporter since 2002. Hmm… player, referee, fan. If that’s not caring about the game, I don’t know what is.

    MLS is what we’ve got. It has plenty of room for improvement. But, if it goes, we’ll never see another division 1 pro league in any of our lifetimes. USL will go back to the USISL and APSL days with attendences in the hundreds rather than thousands. American players will not be lowballed by Europeans because they won’t even get tryouts since they’ll be unknown. I don’t see how killing it would be good for the game, at least in this country.

    The only people it might sort of be good for is the Gang of 18 rich clubs in Europe. No more competition from a domestic league. More merchandise and TV ratings. Except it won’t. Without a domestic league, soccer will go back to being a purely immigrant game rather than a growing niche.

    Finally, I will always call it “soccer.” I don’t see why that should be something to deride, unless you’re just looking for excuses to deride. I am American. I have always lived in the United States. When someone asks me what my favorite sport is, if I say “football,” they think I mean the Redskins. However, when I say “soccer,” they know I mean DC United. It’s just how it is. I didn’t make the rules on that one. I just use the word that I grew up with and makes sense in common usage in my nation of residence. I really have nothing against anyone calling soccer “football.” It’s still the same game. If Kartik wants to, that’s fine, it’s his blog and most readers are soccer fans anyway who get that he’s not talking pointyball. However, ridiculing me for calling the game “soccer” is as silly as me ridiculing you for calling it “football” would be.

  18. Hey Marty, great post.

    What do you think is the best kit that DIDN’T change this year? I’m a nutbar Revs fan, so I’m totally objective, but I have to say that DC’s simple black has always been pretty badass too.

  19. Big Tasty –

    Rev’s kits always are in my mind but I agree, DC really wins.

    I would like to see a Black White vertical Stripes for DC.

    Hell, they could just use Newcastle template with the same colors!!!

  20. Kyle and Kartik make good points.

    Cavan’s posts made me laugh until my stomach hurt. “that’s just mean!” Hahaha, are you a woman? If so, then it’s excusable. If not…

    You expect money from the FIFA? Hell no! I could name 100 other organisations who deserve the cash before you. Have some personal pride and don’t ask for handouts.

    The FIFA, not the rest of the world, told you guys to form a league as a condition for World Cup ’94. Unfortunately, you did. I would have prefered that the FIFA told you to take a long walk off a short pier. But oh well.

    That scenario you mention of the USA never having a pro league again… that’d be my wish come true. I’d celebrate for years.

    The G-18 are class organisations. If they can steal the football attention away from your countrymen, then that’s good. Part of the thrill of spectating football is watching titanic teams clash.

    Don’t you see that football is the name of the sport? Look at the media and football organisations the world over. Learn about the history of the game. Have some respect for the f’n game. To call it what you call it just shows that a) you’re ignorant of the game’s roots, and b) you don’t have the fortitude to stand up for the identity of the game. You’re an embarrassment to the rest of us when you let Armoured Rugby steal the name of the beautiful game. DON’T LET THEM.

    Indians are now called Native Americans. Blacks are now called African-Americans. Jesus is increasingly called Yeshua lately. Same principle. It’s all about respect. It’s NOT a triviality.

  21. If you’re upset about political correctness, you’re worse than half the pansy ass ninnies who refuse to say Merry Christmas. I’m an atheist and I STILL say Merry Christmas. Just like I’ll still call it soccer. Watch your own damn league if you don’t like it, quite frankly, as a North American I could care less.

  22. On top of that, there’s nothing in the Laws of the Game that prevent the use of the word Soccer. So unless you can prove that the use of the word Soccer is negatively affecting the North American game, I’d get the hell off our forum.

  23. YOU are the pansy ass ninny, and I don’t watch your joke of a league, so don’t worry about that.

    Are you obsessed with that pansy-ninny word? That’s what it is. Why would you use that as a substitute for “football”, the name of the world’s game? Do you think it’s cute or something? Is “football” too boring so you need a Mickey Mouse name for it in order for you to get excited about it?

    This is why I don’t want Anglo-America near our sport. Idiots like you who spew such stupidity.

    You must be mentally challenged. Only the mentally handicapped need to frivolously label their reality in order to enjoy it.

  24. GFS/ICF, your trolling posts prove the points I make in my comments better than I ever could. If you’re the “rest of the world,” we’re better ignoring you.

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