ON TV This Weekend


I was traveling yesterday and did not get the opportunity to do the TV listings involving American players.



Rennes- St Etiene, 3pm Setanta

San Jose- Chicago   4pm, Telefutura

TFC- FC Dallas 4pm, MLS DK

Washington-Chicago (WPS),  6pm FSC

San Luis-Tecos,  6pm Telefutura

RSL-DC United, 6pm DK

Carolina-Minnesota 7pm USL Live

Columbus-Colorado, 7:30 PM MLS DK

Pachuca- Toluca 8pm, Telefutura

Houston-Red Bull NY, 8:30 PM, FSC

Charleston-Vancouver 10 pm, USL Live

LA Galaxy-Chivas USA 10:30 PM, MLS DK

Seattle-Kansas City, 10:30 PM MLS DK


Man City-Fulham 11 am  FSC

Lyon-Monaco 3pm Setanta

2 thoughts on “ON TV This Weekend”

  1. I know this sounds strange from a guy like me but do we have too much soccer on TV. Today I will be watching soccer from 6:30am until I decide to go to bed. What other sport can say they have that wall to wall coverage. How can the ESPN or FSC ratings be that great for their evening games when their MLS presentation come on after hours of a soccer on TV and maybe you had a chance to go out to the park to see a game. Oh, btw, maybe you local high school had a big game also.

    Jamie Trecker made this point in your podcast with him a couple weeks ago. American’s have too much soccer on TV and it may very well be hurting MLS. The ESPN game comes on when many on the east coast will be thinking about going to sleep for the night. Can we expect the ratings to be very good when the finish is after midnight for many. Certainly not. Oh, and the free online USL games start tonight. How can you say next to nothing ratings.

  2. Why is FSC not doing a doubleheader tonight? Wouldn’t it be natural on an evening when the champions Dynamo are playing the Red Bulls who come from the biggest media market and follow it up with the LA Derby involving Chivas and the Galaxy on the tube this evening?

    The MLS has me tonight but that is going to change within the next two weekends once the NHL and NBA Playoffs begin and like a fish I will get hooked by those sports.

    Tonight would have been a good night to do a doubleheader for the MLS with tomorrow being Easter. Maybe in the future FSC will build up the night before Easter as a big night of doubleheader MLS Action.

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