Nine Premier League Clubs Make Forbes’ Top 25 Richlist

This just in – Premier League clubs are big money businesses. Forbes released their list of most valuable soccer teams. Here are some of the more interesting findings for the Premier League.

Three Premier League clubs – Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool – are worth over $1 billion, joining Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in that gilded club. This, of course, does not factor in the hundreds of millions in debt hanging over all three clubs.

Cristiano Ronaldo may long for Real Madrid, but he currently plays for the demonstrably biggest club in the world. Man United is worth $1.87 billion. Real Madrid are the next highest at $1.35 billion. United brought in $160 million in income last year, $68 million alone from winning the Champions League.

An unheralded golden egg in United’s portfolio is Old Trafford. The club owned stadium is 27% larger than the next biggest Premier League stadium, seating 76,000. The stadium alone earned United $200 million in revenue last year.

There are six other Premier League clubs on the top 25 list: Chelsea (8 – $800 million), Tottenham (11 – $445 million), Manchester City (17 – $310 million), Newcastle (19 – $285 million), Aston Villa (21 – $240 million), Everton (24 – $207 million). West Ham, on the list last year, dropped off it.

The Premier League has a combined $4.5 billion in debt.

On current form, Newcastle will be the largest club in the English championship next season.

Arsenal and Liverpool rake in over $15 million per year from Emirates and Carlsberg respectively to employ you as a human billboard when you wear their shirts.

To emphasize the revenue disparity the Premier League enjoys, Manchester City earned 2.4 times as much revenue as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Unfortunately, the club does not own its stadium.


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