John Terry Can’t Stop Crying Despite Chelsea Win


We love a good midweek match now and then and Liverpool v. Chelsea was the record put on repeat as the Reds met up with the Blues for their requisite Champions League match for the season.  While not a league game, it may as well have been, if not for the evening kickoff and painfully overplayed Champions League anthem, while the pride of England stood proud at Anfield.

Well, the game ended with Chelsea thumping the hosts for three, throwing a serious damper on hot Liverpool, at least in the Big Cup.  That’s not really the story though.

If anyone saw John Terry moaning after the match about Liverpool players hounding the ref for the yellow card that ultimately benches him next week, don’t tell me your jaw didn’t drop when you heard the drivel coming out of his mouth.

I was just saying to Stevie (Gerrard) that it’s disappointing to see  his teammates sort of surrounding the referee demanding a yellow card.  I felt is (sic) I went for the ball; that’s all I ever do as a player.  I spoke to (Pepe) Reina, he said that it wasn’t a yellow card.  He knew I was on a yellow, and he was asking for it . . . . It’s just disappointing when fellow professionals ask for the yellow card.

Before you Blues fans go nuts and threaten to stand up for JT’s honor by meeting me at some junior high school parking lot late at night, you have to admit you had to cringe a bit when you heard this.  Really, JT?  This from the guy on that certain London team with players who love surrounding the ref when a foul’s been committed, whether culprit or victim.  Did he not grab a yellow out of a ref’s hand a while back?

We know it’s a charged atmosphere in a match, and players are genuinely the victim of harsh calls at times.  But you know you’re on a yellow.  You know everyone else knows you’re one a yellow.  Of course Stevie G’s colleagues are going to try and get you sent off.  They’re all from the continent, that Liverpool side, so one can expect them  to border on the dramatic when it comes to getting stuck into, particularly when the challenge is clumsy.

The point is, stop the crying.  So you’re suspended for the next match.  In a competition you lead 3-1 and are finishing at home. To not make it through to the next round, where you’ll play, by the way, would be a colossal collapse on your team’s part, like, say, letting a center-back take one of the first penalties in the Champions League final, but that’s another story. If Chelsea can’t advance, even without their captain, they certainly don’t deserve to.

The brave Captain Enger-land shouldn’t groan about his suspension after watching a reserve defender slot in two against one of the hottest teams in the toughest league.  Especially over something he’s done himself in the past.  JT, if I was your friend on Facebook, I’d send you some virtual tissues or something similarly absorbent to soak up those tears.

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9 thoughts on “John Terry Can’t Stop Crying Despite Chelsea Win”

  1. Brian, I agree. It was a stupid remark by John Terry especially seeing that it was a very late challenge by John Terry which thoroughly deserved a yellow card. A good decision by the referee. Yes, the Liverpool players crowded the referee but so too did the Chelsea players.

    The Gaffer

  2. Thanks Mossad; it’s always helpful when the criticism is constructive.

    If I hated JT, I wouldn’t be so disappointed in his comments. I’d simply use this as ammo that he’s a tosser. But seriously, your team’s going to the next round, you don’t have to worry about being suspended for it b/c you already are. More time to spend buffing that Aston, or at least Toni.

    The fact that JT stands for England and Chelsea (like it or not), means that he is held to a high standard. Why wear the suit and play the professional if you’re going to point fingers at your peers for being unprofessional for something everybody does? Given a decisive victory over a red-hot Liverpool, that was the only thing that marred the game, but there’s nothing new about a footballer being hypocritical

  3. “That’s not really the story though”!
    Firstly please stop the Engerland crap, it’s for divs. Secondly it’s called sportsmanship (something Americans like to bang on about). It’s a tradition in England not to ask for fellow pros to be booked, I think it’s fair enough to point this out.
    It’s not something everyone does, I don’t know if JT has ever done it, I can’t hear him from here and I doubt you can.

    I find this JT hatred an interesting phenomenon, he doesn’t do anything Roy Keane didn’t, yet one is slathered over and the other reviled. Wrong club, wrong passport, what?

  4. Tracey, are you telling me you’ve never seen Chelsea players surround a ref whenever one of theirs gets fouled? Perhaps I’m not standing next to them to hear what they’re saying, but do you suppose they’re talking about the weather, or where to go for dinner after the match?

    I don’t see where you presume there’s a hatred of JT. All I’m saying is that his comments don’t put him in the best light.

    This happens with nearly every single foul in every single league, so don’t pretend it’s some sort of badge of honor. If you’re a professional, you do everything within your power for the benefit of your team. That’ s more professional than following some set of unwritten rules.

    If I hated JT, i certainly wouldn’t talk about this; I’d pick on something personal, like the way he dresses, cuts his hair, etc.

    Let’s not forget that he’s one of the best at the game (and on Enger-land), gets paid well for it and since he’s in the public eye, it’s certainly fair to criticize him.

    Where’s this defensiveness coming from? I happen to like a lot of players that do things I don’t agree with often. Does that mean I’m hating on them?

  5. as a player jt is ordinary, as a man he’s pathetic and as a captain he’s a disgrace. to think that this loathsome, arrogant prick is england captain is unbelievable. in my world sir bobby moore is still england captain and terry is just begging on the streets of lahore. when he fell over and lost the european cup final was the greatest moment for 42 years, i laughed for hours and i was on a high all summer. drogba and ashley cole deserve terry. being john terry is his crime, it is also his punishment.

  6. furthermore, chelsea have had no real success, a billion pounds spent and they couldn’t beat southend at home, they have no style, they whinge and bitch their way through games diving and moaning. not one of them had the guts to follow mourinho out of the door after pledging their “undying” loyalty to him, loathsome. hatred? no it’s gone far deeper than that.

  7. Terry really is a vile little tapeworm, a nauseating blob of scum on the toiletbowl of life, the lowest of the low, pure scum, hated globally, a real bellend.

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