Is This Middlesbrough’s New Home Shirt For 09/10 Season?

boro adidas Is This Middlesbroughs New Home Shirt For 09/10 Season?

It’s probably the least of Middlesbrough’s worries right now especially given their fight to escape relegation, but a photograph has been leaked that shows the alleged Middlesbrough shirt for the 2009-10 season.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the new Middlesbrough shirt is designed in Adidas’s new template — the same one that will resemble Chelsea’s home shirt next season (except for the difference in color and name of sponsor).

Middlesbrough have decided not to renew its contract with Errea and will be wearing football kits by Adidas instead.

What do you think of the design for Middlesbrough’s new home shirt? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

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52 Responses to Is This Middlesbrough’s New Home Shirt For 09/10 Season?

  1. Myopian says:

    It’ll look nice with a Coca Cola patch

  2. smoggy says:

    That isn’t the new Middlesbrough shirt, it’s a photo shop version job of the new Chelsea shirt that is doing the rounds. As for a coca cola patch on it, its a shame our shirt won’t be seeing one, but I do think Newcastle and Sunluns will look nice with that badge on them.

  3. Wayne says:

    While I do think that it’s photoshopped, it still would be a great jersey. If it was real it might cheer Middlesbrough fans up next season on those wet Sundays playing away to Doncaster.

  4. Todd says:

    Generic kits. Brilliant.

  5. LS says:

    Garmin are not confirmed as Boro’s shirt sponsors for next season so this would seem to be a photoshop special.

  6. guz says:

    Im glad where using Adidas cos i hated Errea, but this top looks awful

  7. Boro Boy says:

    If Boro go down we’ll lose all our top players and all the kids will have to play for us and believe me youngsters would hate to were that kit. It looks like a rugby top and i haven’t heard anything about football turning into rugby next year.Plus i have already seen two other designs and they are much better for youngsters. Well i suppose they will keep them dry away at blackpool.

  8. kieran and annmarie says:

    nice shirt…..

  9. Richard Hough says:

    It’s awful – if that’s it, I ain’t buying one!! I’ve been a fan for years and I liked the home shirts that errea have produced (the away ones had some answering needed) but all in all the fact that fans were able to be involve helped in the process. This, in my mind, is not in the same league as what we had this year so thanks Adidas but no thanks, we ain’t Chelsea, WE ARE BORO!!

  10. aidan daggett says:

    it looks totally sh**e just like the team that are wearing it

  11. Daniel Davies(no.1 fan) says:

    It is the best kit since they existed and ignore Aidan he is a STUPID Liverpool fan. COME ON BORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Daniel Davies(no.1 fan) says:

    crap they are going down

  13. aidan daggett (lierpool no.1 fan) says:

    shame it won’t be seen in the premier league relegated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    come on liverpool

  14. Gavo Burke says:

    congratulations on the title win aidan! lierpools no 1 fan eh? go back to school fool

  15. S3DG3Y says:

    Nice Shirt relagated or not i still stick with my Team ….
    Come On The Boro!!!!!!!

  16. HUTTY says:


  17. benn howarth says:

    HAHA looks like a rugby lions shirt! Good look in the championship next year!

  18. ... says:

    This is Bayern Munich’s new kit, they have just edited it to look like Middlesbrough.

    This will not be Middlesbrough’s new kit, so don’t get excited.

  19. Dan_Boro says:

    A reckon it is the new shirt me, av to be propper good to photoshop that, looks real to me, n garmin signed 3 year deal ya dink

  20. Dan_Boro says:


  21. Norman Kirkman says:

    It is Middlesbrough’s shirt for 09/10. I don’t know who leaked it but as a supplier for the major retailers I can tell my fellow Boro fans this is what the team will be wearing next season.

  22. jack hufton boro4life says:

    its a mint top ill stick with my team for ever smoggy till i die !!!!!!!!

  23. james tomo boro4life:P says:

    this shirt is smart and it will also get sold out and i will support the boro till i die

  24. Nick says:

    why the hell they using money to buy new shirts they need new money but this probably is photoshopped.

    ha ha middlesborough are s**t go and play accrington they’ll still lose

    liverpool forever!!!

    • Jordan says:

      u cant talk we beat u liverpool 2-0 haha u would get beat by accrington stanley but haha u lost in the battle for the pl

  25. ryan boro fan says:

    this aint the real boro kit the new ones way samrter and it only 50 mayte

  26. NathanBentleyWoopWoop says:

    cant believe were down trips to blackpool on the cards should be good day out southgate needs to go and we need to try and keep tuncay no matter what if we are to have any chance of going back up to premier league but look on the bright side newcastle are down with us and we all love DAMIEN DUFF!!!!!!!! own goal hahaha

  27. NathanBentleyWoopWoop says:

    oh yeah and the tops ok

  28. NathanBentleyWoopWoop says:

    jack hufton whay whay whay u r my hufton my only hufton u make me happy when skies are grey youll never notice how much i love u plaese dont take are hufton away



  30. Sean Atkinson says:


    Well, seeing that Liverpool is more than twice the size of Middlesborough population wise, combined with the fact that they outdraw Everton, I think it is safe to say at least as many Liverpool supporters can say they support their hometown club as Middlesborough supporters can.

  31. antony says:

    i suport burnley but my mums from middlesbourgh so i hope its but if not ahh well

  32. C'MON BORO says:

    Although this kit is nice i do personally think it is photoshopped, i think this because if u look around the kit it does not resemble the boro store (kit is exclusive to club shop) also at there is another kirt which claims to be the new kit!

  33. boroboy97 says:

    i think it will look good wen we play against all these championship teams… glad newcastle went down

  34. Ethan Farrington says:

    blackpool next year bentley ;)

  35. Ethan Farrington says:

    as if burnley are a league above us how sick :|

  36. mackem fan says:

    unlucky toon n boro HAHA we are staying up !!!

  37. smoggie 97 says:

    middboro will b strate bak up !!! come on bura

  38. smoggy says:

    This not the new shirt, i work at boro and have seen the new shirt at the training ground and its loads better than this fake cr@p

  39. Desk-Ridden Fool says:

    Smoggy! What does it look like? Is it special? I can’t wait to see how The Mighty Middlesbrough Reds are gonna look with the adidas stripes!

    Thanks laddo!

  40. hufton says:

    ow offit is bentley

  41. smoggy says:

    its quality no white band across the shirt just 1 sleave thats white, ive got picture of it but dont know how 2 put it up on here

  42. come visit me at basterds tht kit is mnt

  43. beth says:

    at first i thought it was disgusting but now i think it looks better than last seasons!

  44. it is class and southgate buy joe hart

  45. Nick says:

    boro are made by adidas they don’t deserve a nice kit oh yeah anyone know what liverpool third shir is i have seen the away 1 it is lush post a picture someone please

  46. its a photoshop of the Chelsea

  47. shauna says:

    nor now lik a cola can

  48. unclemonty says:

    It’s actually far nicer than the real one.
    What happen to the promised retro badging and the stripe up the side is awful.
    Plus white shorts is a Man U trait.

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