Altintop Returns, Butt and Lell Called Upon

The 4-2-3-1 has been selected by Klinsmann. The big news is that Altintop will be starting after a lengthy absence.

A couple of notes on this. Mark Van Bommel is a disgrace and should be banned from football.

I have never seen a player more scared than Christian Lell.

Franck Ribery has been schooled by Dani Alves, who is one of the best defending fullbacks as well as attacking fullbacks in the world.

Altintop was brought back too soon as he has been useless.

Wolfsburg may have destroyed Bayern forever. This is a team that looks more like 1860 Munich.

Goddamn, is this Barca team fun to watch. I don’t spend enough time watching them.


3 thoughts on “Altintop Returns, Butt and Lell Called Upon”

  1. today was disgraceful. I don’t understand why Lell and Oddo are playing such pivotal roles in such a big match. I would have much rather seen Klinsi put Altintop and Ze Roberto in at the wingbacks. Having more natural midfielders on the field might have increases our ball possession.

    That way he could have played Borowski in the midfield, put Schweini out right and have Poldi play the striker/ winger position that Low has been playing him in for Germany. It would have given Ribery more freedom and might have sparked a little more attack then what we had today.

  2. “Wolfsburg may have destroyed Bayern forever. This is a team that looks more like 1860 Munich.”

    I so hope u are right, they didnt have to show it in CL though. The match was desastrous, good thing I was so drunk already when it started that I dont remember much and was busy making sandwiches all the time.
    CL games start at 2:45 am here, going out partying to stay awake until then is not a good idea, I can see that now. A lot of fun though :)

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