New Arsenal Away Shirt For 09/10 Season: Revealed


Arsenal’s new away shirt for the 2009-2010 season will be white with redcurrant pinstripes and designed and manufactured by Nike.

The new shirt is scheduled to be released in June, 2009.

Some Arsenal fans may be surprised to discover that white has been a common color for the Gunners to wear for their away shirts, despite it being the same color as their north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur. Between 1895 and 1968, it was the prevalent color of their away shirts.

If Arsenal’s away shirt for the 09-10 season will be white, does that mean that Arsenal’s third shirt will be hunter green?

What do you think of Arsenal’s American inspired white away shirt (American in that pinstripes are quite common in America, not elsewhere)? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

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103 thoughts on “New Arsenal Away Shirt For 09/10 Season: Revealed”

  1. when did we change from football to baseball?! I’ve seen almunia wear a cap cos of the sun a couple of times, but full on stripes? Kroenke dipping his hand in? hehehehe.

    To be fair, its not that bad, just a bit bland.

    Should always be yellow.

    Now for Villareal…..

  2. I think its rubbish because I am stupid and cannot accept change. I will buy one because I am stupid and will do anything to be seen as an Arsenal fan. But it is rubbish because I am stupid…

  3. must say it worth a looking coz most of these tend to look better or worse at close range. however is that a tight fitting shirt?

  4. prefer yellow and blue thats our away colours nothing esle comes close but kids will buy it . she wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of may COME ON YOU REDS Arsenal to win tomorrow nite 2 – 1

  5. the away kit from a few years back. that fantastic bright yellow with that dark blue for the shorts and socks was really wonderful. more of that please

  6. Think you may have this wrong cos green shirt gonna be away and our yellow of this season will be 3rd. It just does not looklike a Nike shirt.


    i must say i really liked the white away stripe of last season. but this is beautifull!! 10/10. i wonder what the shorts and socks will be?

    i just wish our home strip was half decent.

  8. when did this site become the daily mirror? first you say its going to be hunter green now you say its this, you dont know yourself. this is obviously not going to be the shirt.

  9. I admit I like it, but this picture looks very fake. It looks as if someone went on to a “build your own jersey” site and created this. I’d like to see a real picture of one, or somebody laying one out or even wearing it. Unless Nike already announced this for some reason 😡

    Not a big fan of the collar as well.

  10. How can you not see this is not real?
    It looks like its been done on paint, the arsenal badge is a computerised image, not stitched on. Wow.

  11. Why are you gunners following the awful England white shirt? THis aint fukin polo! Its football!! JUSTICE FOR THE 96!

  12. No. No, No. I like the red currant, but white ain’t us, it’s Sp*rs. We should be red body, white sleeves @ home, yellow with blue trim away, red currant as the third shirt.

  13. pretty sure thats a mockup using the new england shirt and then just imposing the supposed pinstripes on top of it and inserting a tiny nike swoosh instead of the umbro insignia

  14. Totally no football and Totally not Arsenal!!!!!!! RUBBBIIISSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Repulsive. What is that a golf shirt? Would look fabulous round the country club.

    I work for Nike and even so hate what they do to Arsenal kit.

    Oh and by the way, can we ditch the cartoonish cannon and bring back the old school badge while we’re busy designing a decent away kit for the Goons?

  16. I like the collar, brings it all together and is some cool retro styling.

    I don’t understand this constant ‘the kit should always be yellow grr it’s tradition’ outrage. As the article quite rightly points out, the white away kit has been the most used colour during our history. I wonder if they had the same fuss when they changed from white to yellow in the sixties.

  17. What’s the matter with Nike? I suppose white is ok as a third choice (if we have to have one), but why can’t they stick to the classic yellow and blue? It’s all very well saying we wore white away from home in the first half of the 20th century, but do any Arsenal fans remember it fondly (or at all) or associate it with success? By contrast, how many Arsenal fans clearly remember or have seen the 1971 or 1979 cup finals, or the championship decider at Anfield – glorious games with The Arsenal in glorious yellow. White shirts in the Wembley sunshine are bland, whereas yellow looks striking and evocative.
    I know NIke have to create a new shirt every twenty-minutes to keep us tipping up cash, but that doesn’t mean they have to show a complete disregard for the history and identity of the club. In short: disgraceful.

  18. very nice and different and also CLASS just like the team wearing it

  19. This might not be anything like what we do wear away next season, even so, I like it.
    Smart, polished, slic. You guys that cannot see beyond cannery are unable to look beyond prejudice or just have sad aesthetic values.

  20. That could easily be something you Photoshopped. How do we know it’s real? You said nothing to provide credibility. Until you’ve provided some evidence to prove that Nike did make this I won’t believe it. I heard elsewhere that our new away kit is green. I’m more inclined to believe those sources.

  21. apart from the dark blue kit, and the yellow kit in season 2000/2001 ( light yellow with blue shorts) the rest have been no where near good!

  22. Whoever cannot see that this is the new England top with a pathetic nike logo and arsenal badge photoshopped on top of it clearly needs their eyes checked out.

  23. clearly a fake its the same shirt as the new england one not so cleverly foto shopped look at the quality of the nike logo and the fly emirates slogan

  24. It doesn’t take a genius to identify that this is a fake, sorry guys, there a some(few) tiny mistakes that give it all away..fake.

  25. Boring Boring …. Just like Arsenal were under George Graham come on Nike we’ve moved on we are one of the most exciting teams in the world and we need a kit that shows that! The thing with this is i know it must be down to cost, make it as cheap as possible and sell it for as much as possible. Arsenal are just as much to blame for this. I’m guessing that who ever looks at this site will have interests or plays football and the thing is if you look good the battle is half done! We don’t just want cheap we want new, exciting ,something innovative, something that when worn it makes you stand proud and say “I look good” “I fear nobody” “I am a winner” and “I will win!”….. it may be a little bit harsh but this top only has loser on it! I just hope it’s fake otherwise I’m buying the new man u kit lol!

  26. this is quite possibly the mingest kit iv seen in my life its on a par with utds dodgy tops 4 next season! from kopite justice 4 the 96!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. id rather have a jar of marmite over me frosties than buy that pathetic american student look alike top……. WHO THE HELL IS BOB GELDOF?????? justice 4 the 96 im a gooner by the way

  28. That is pure awesomeness. I think the yellow/blue *traditional* away colors are pukey garbage. I’ll never wear Yellow. It’s a the color of cowards.

    This is much better. I wouldn’t label it “pinstripes” though, like the New York Yankees wear. Those stripes have much more white space so they can actually be seen by someone standing more than 20 feet away. Nobody will see these stripes unless you are within 5 feet of the wearer.

  29. by the way the green one is authentic i bought it in pakistan (thats right) no joke its real nice. i also have the gold one which is the same as the 08/09 yellow away, which wont be release in the uk.
    the green shuld be on its way in the summer.

  30. The green shirt has already been copied and is for sale in Florida. The guy trying to sell to me said it was 100% what they were going with but I sincerely doubt they will go with green. Have we ever had a green shirt? I don’t think so!

  31. It is much better than the green one I have been seeing and whits ok, I like Arsenal playing in blue or yelloe for away kits but last seasons white was ok. Not sure about pinstripes lol, maybe we should have gone black lol.

  32. This is a complete fake photoshop job, any one can c that its the new england shirt just wid a load of uneven pin stripes across it and an arsenal badge n nike tick. still looks gud tho.

  33. this is a defenite fake, and i can actually back it up.
    When nike make an agreement with the club to make the kits, in the contract there is a specification that each shirt must have a nike logo on it. This “logo must be a certain size and placed on the shirt where it can be easily spotted and identified”.
    if you look at the size of the one on this shirt, you realise that it’s actually 50% smaller than it should be. I do like the top however but can ensure that it won’t be the kit next year. It will be hunter green as they have already taken test shots with the players and got good feedback so it just has to be sent to manufacturin and Clarified.
    I hope I have helped the situation

  34. the kit looks good but look fake from distance i was thinkin we are goin to wear that arrible green and black shirt arsenal af make op ther mind so it cold be steel that green and black shirt we will not now yet on til the end of the seson if weel we use the fantastique white shirt whit the polo or the green and black shirt so we shall see .

  35. Honestly…u people believe anything! cant u tell that pic is so fake? amazes me hoe people tend to just accept the first image that is shoved under their nose.
    The new away kit is BLUE. It has been advertised on Fabregas & the image has appeared on ARSENAL.COM. There u go – proof of authenticity! lol
    It’s a blue away shirt (similar to the pepsi ad footy tops)…with collars and it may possibly have stripes on it.
    Btw…It is ‘NOT’ HUNTER GREEN. lol x

  36. Well, let me just say its going to be okay and its more preferable than the last season own..We look forward to have it shop…

  37. well as an Arsenal fan from Africa,Zambia to be precise guys this jersey looks as though we are taking our club to join baseball.The previous jersey was more classy.

  38. This kit is the same design as the actual one…just with white.
    We can probably assume that they were going to do this one, but thought white again might not go down well with the gooners?

  39. is this their 3rd strip? its well smart ive gotta get it, but i can only c da new blue away shirt out in da shops! any1 know where or when i can get it?.

  40. arsenal are crap and i would lyk 2 wipe my arse on this shirt to leave some skid stains onit hahahaha safe to all the h-town soildures

  41. arsenal fun from Ghana,nima i,m not worried about the jersey but i hope this jersey will bring us luck to win trophies

  42. i’m an arsenal fun, the jersey looks awful, try and make a change. looks fake, need a ootball jersey not a baseball jersey

  43. haha jeez all of you people arguing and saying this isn’t the new away kit. it might not be the away kit but it is the international kit (3rd kit) so all of you people who were saying it was fake or had been photo shopped from and england kit , were all LIARS !!! if your not going to tell legit 100% facts then you might aswell not tell them at all !!

  44. hey all arsenal fans keep the spirit of the round football and always believe in your team. i believe that arsenal can win something next season. but i think arsene wenger should buy the needed players not just buying players but the needed ones. so help us god cos all other football loving fans that are supporting other clubs are mockingus, i know, and i believe that arsenal will be celebrated ones more. last note for all gunner fans “belive in arsenal”

  45. I think it’s not that good. it doesn’t really look like a football kit. however, i still feel it is better than the one we were using last season. who knows! it may bring some good luck to our team.

  46. Arsenal is the best and always the best,players come,players go,but Arsenal still remains,no matter what happens,am still a gunner.greetings to all Gunners in the World,especially you reading this message

  47. i love ARSENAL… hope get new jersey can improved skill…
    and management can BUY NEW STAR IN WORLD CUP 2010..

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