Guti Refuses To Warm Up?

José María Gutiérrez was always a players with a temperment. Now that same temperment has him on the outside looking in with Madrid coach Juande Ramos. This rivalry has become part of the subplots in the Madrid media as the team now sees the weeks pass by and their six-point deficit on Barcelona not budge.

Guti was observed by Spanish network El Cuarto while he was on the bench during Madrid’s 1-0 over Málaga on Saturday. Guti goes out and starts to warm up in order to come in to the match. Then around the 85th minute, the trainer asks him to warm up and the Spanish international refuses.

Could this be the end of Guti as we know it at Real Madrid if Juande Ramos remains with the club?

3 thoughts on “Guti Refuses To Warm Up?”

  1. As a huge real madrid fan. I have seen Guti’s career blossom from a super-sub that comes in to score that crucial late goal in the game under John Toshak. Into an effective convert striker to replace an injured Morientes under Vicente Del Bosque. But when Ronaldo later arrived in the winter transfer market. Guti lost his spot and then the Galactico era forced him back into the bench. The end of the Galactico era was good for Guti since he was able to win his spot back into the team. But his inconsistent form has been more noticeable lately. Guti has alway been a fan favorite from any Madridista since he came from Madrid youth system. But history always dictate that if you argue and refuse the Manager’s orders in Real Madrid. You are on your way out. Just ask Morientes when he argued with Del Bosque when he refused to come in to play. Much far worse is Antonio Cassano’s demeanor with Fabio Capello when he argued why he wasn’t used as a sub to play when the team lost.

  2. zsw… it works, you retard!!!! There is a button on the bottom left that you click so the video plays. It is called the play button.

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