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SAT, 2:30PM ET

Sven Sacked, Celades Cleared to Play

sven in columbus 300x265 Sven Sacked, Celades Cleared to Play

Well we said today was going to be busy. A source told me earlier today Sven Goran Eriksson would be sacked by Mexico at the next FMF Board meeting, April 27th, but it appears to have been done already according to Soccernet. Mexico was destroyed last night by Honduras, losing 3-1 in a match which felt more like a 5-0 scoreline was appropriate.

Last August, I penned a column predicting that Sven’s tenure at Mexico was a “ticking time bomb.” I’m not always right, but sometimes my thoughts are prophetic.

In another big piece of news  Spain World Cup veteran and former FC Barca and Real Madrid defender Albert Celades has officially joined the Red Bulls. This is a very good signing. Just two seasons ago, I saw Celadas play very well for Real Zaragoza.

By the way I did not miss the FC New York announcement in USL but will wait until tomorrow to discuss it as today has been a crazy day in the football world here in North America.

On this whirlwind of a day you can be rest assured I will be back with more news later.

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15 Responses to Sven Sacked, Celades Cleared to Play

  1. Joey Clams says:

    Thanks, Kartik.

  2. EPLNFL says:

    This is why we love the game. It’s played on so many levels and in so many different forums.

  3. EPLNFL says:


    Maybe you can relax by watching the RSL game tonight on ESPN. What a exciting time to be a soccer fan in the US. I must admit that maybe we in the US have something the European’s don’t. We get great coverage of the European leagues, great coverage of the CL, great coverage of MLS, great coverage of Euro 2008 and World Cup qualifications and the Mexican league. A site like this helps tie it all together for us.

    Fans in America that haven’t spent the time to get to know the game you do not know what you are missing.

  4. Sage says:

    Sven was not the problem.. the problem, like many all-stars teams, is the prima dona symptom where all the players wish to be the star and forget that football is a TEAM effort…

    Sven will find a job and probably leave with around 7 million dollars, he wont be complaining lol…

    I doubt the Mexicans will reach next years World cup…

  5. Derek says:

    Too bad, I liked the job he was doing!

  6. Jack says:

    I want Mexico to qualify, they are one of the few teams we could beat in the world cup.

  7. Brian says:

    What job would you rather have right now – Coach of the Mexico National Team or President of the U.S.A.? I think at this moment, President would be the less demanding job, and the job where you wouldn’t be as bothered by the press.

  8. Joey Clams says:

    Yeah, but Sven certainly would have been pushed off the plank earlier had he given an ipod with his speeches on it to Bradley.

  9. LS says:

    At least Sven still has his job with Special 1 TV :)

  10. Joey Clams says:

    Nick Webster on SGE’s England tenure: “The only thing that Sven were good at were the ol’ broom closet, wunnit?”

  11. The FMF is messed up right now. The players think that they are better than what they really are. Sven was not the problem.

  12. EPLNFL says:

    Could it just maybe be that Mexico as a team is over rated. That despite having talented players they are unable to work well as a team. Sven is not the first manager for Mexico that got run out of town in the last year. Will it take a young generation of Mexican players coming up through youth football and U-20 tournaments to work together. We can all name teams from other sports or times that despite talent and obvious skill never played well together.

  13. Terry says:

    Sven is a horrible manager plain and simple. Barwick, Scudamore and all the tools with the FA bought his charm offensive after failures. Mexico didn’t. CONCACAF is tough on the road and it will spit out less capable managers. Had Mexico kept Hugo Sanchez they’d be ahead of the US by now. In Sanchez’s last game they drew the US on US soil and were integrating the youngsters, Vela and Dos Santos. But the FMF initially got swayed by Sven’s charm offensive.

    So they hired Sven who is and has always been a fraud. But wisely, they cut their losses and ate the contract before he sunk their world cup hopes. If Sven had stayed Mexico would have missed South Africa for sure.

    I hope we never see Sven in England again. Let him manage in Moldova or someplace.

  14. Joey Clams says:

    Sven at least imposed some order. With Aguirre in charge, that team will finish every match from here on in with eight players.

  15. Lars says:

    If Mexico was named Canada, they’d be rated 96th. Lots of talent, no coaching and poor development.

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