Fox Soccer Channel Officially Announces Champions League Coverage

Fox Soccer Channel logoFox Soccer Channel just completed a press conference to officially announce the acquisition of the Champions League TV coverage in the United States.

Among some of the findings were that:

  • Fox Soccer Channel will go ahead and do the highlight shows and pre-game shows with Fox talent,
  • Fox is seriously considering using the international feed for the commentators,
  • Video highlights of the UEFA matches will be available for free from, and
  • Matches will be available via a Fox Soccer Mobile package (they’re in talks with different carriers at this time).

When asked about Premier League TV rights for the United States, both Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta are confident regarding renewing the rights. However, Fox Soccer Channel executive David Sternberg did say that the sales process won’t end until mid-summer — which was much later than was already anticipated by EPL Talk.

Kartik Krishnaiyer from our sister site Major League Soccer Talk has the rest of the details regarding the press conference and what other things we learned.

6 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Officially Announces Champions League Coverage”

  1. Ugh…Pre-Game show with Fox “talent”. Lets hope its Cohen, McMahan and Barton and not these idiots we see regularly.

  2. Agreed. No more Max Bretos, Christian Miles and other such misunderstandings!
    Bobby McMahon must be a regular at the studio.

  3. I guess this means more good soccer in low def. Is Fox Soccer Channel ever going to produce the best soccer in the world in the best resesolution? HD would draw more viewers that are acustomed to viewing sports in HD.

  4. Yeah, what’s up with the HD thing? They have totally been pushing the Sylvania HD LCD TVs, talking about the fantastic quality, yet, all the programming is in standard definition. Makes me want to rush out and buy it…not.

  5. If Fox uses the commentary provided by UEFA, I’ve found it to be quite professional. At least what they provided on their pay-streaming broadcasts. It’s usually just one commentator with no color commentary. Nice and simple, let’s the football do the talking for itself.

  6. If you listen to World Soccer Daily today, David Sternberg was on and he said that FSC was looking to launch their Full HD FSC channel in January 2010, but with the acquistion of UEFA CL, it would move this date up signifigantly and they will include Barclays Premier league games, Serie A games, UEFA games in High Definition. They will utilize their other Fox Channels i.e. FX, Fox Sports net, and FSC HD, for their high definition content.

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