Pictures Of England Home Shirt Revealed


Over the past few months there has been more hype about the new England home shirt than the actual friendly match against Slovakia. Thankfully, the suspense can now be lifted now that we can unveil England’s new football kit.

Here are the official photographs courtesy of Umbro:








Without a doubt, it’s been worth the wait. For all of the flashy kit designs we’ve seen over the years, it’s refreshing to see a simple classic design that looks elegant and traditional.

Pre-order the new England home shirt today. Here are your options:

Now that the new England home shirt has been officially unveiled, what do you think of it? Share your opinion by clicking the comments link below.

28 thoughts on “Pictures Of England Home Shirt Revealed”

  1. bit stupid to have to wait till over half the day is over just to see the shirt. Would’ve made more sense to unveil it around noon or even in the morning.

  2. Wish I could Kopite, but I’m under a strict NDA from Umbro not to unveil the images until kick-off time. They’ll be here in a very short while.

    The Gaffer

  3. It reminds me of a school PE kit – John Terry in the top pic looks like he’s just been pulled up by the teacher for chewing :)

  4. What a dully uninspiring effort. Umbro kept fans waiting with baited breath for a plain golf shirt with a tiny Three Lions on the breast? Absurdly disappointing.

  5. Definitely the worst kit we’ve seen over the last few years. Im all for the old school, simplistic look, but it looks like a school boys rugby polo shirt. The designers have had a Weston with this one!

  6. That’s how football kits should be, no flashy patterns or glossy material, no giant logos, just a simple looking shirt and a simple badge … great retro design why have kit manufacturers spent years trying to make all these flashy kits that look terrible when all they need is something like this … England is always looking for cultural identity, we invented football and this shirt shows that we are proud of where the game came from.

  7. Pure class! Love the fact there are no silly flashes on it. Just been to the Umbro site and watched some videos and it looks so much better close up then in the pics. No no-nonsense kit for no-nonsense football – bring on Ukraine and well played Rooney! Fingers crossed for Wednesday.

  8. you could wear that kit and people who didn’t know what it was wouldn’t think it was a Football kit, let alone, a home nations.

    a bit disappointed, but at least its pure white, (have to get the daz out to wash it with lol to keep it looking sharp.

  9. Someone was up all night on this one.

    $80 for something that looks like an Asian knockoff of an $5 Old Navy shirt.
    Balls of steel asking for that sort of money.

    The walk from the tunnel reminded me of Andre Agassi’s first Wimbledon appearance in the early 90’s.
    They all should have worn wigs.

  10. It’s a polo-shirt with a badge.

    Absolutely pathetic. How much do the geniuses at Umbro get paid for their inspiring creativity.

    Yeah, it’s retro, but is that such a good thing? I mean, LOOK at it… utter garbage, you wouldn’t be seen dead in that thing.

  11. Chris:
    I know that shirts and kits sales help the site and maybe a necessary evil but this one was over the top. Did we really need a close up of the elbow. Ok. I’m a bit upset after the USA tie and having to work all day on a Saturday but this post was way too long.

    I’ll be better in the morning.

  12. I do like the new shirt to be honest, however people are complaining about the new price, as a follower of rugby and wales i paid 80 pounds for the players shirt, so 50 isnt really that much. Guys get a grip and remember were living in a reccesion.

  13. Well as one celebrity said a few years a go all white at the back perhaps this little number should have also stayed in the closet, those fine people at umbro have certainly worked the over time on this artical of clothing, you never know it could turn out to be a real shirt lifter .
    god bless their little cotton socks

    Dickie from london

  14. underwhelmed at first, but now i think it’s the best shirt we’ve had in decades. It’s understated, subtle, clean and dignified. Most football shirts feel like flavour-of-the-month efforts, but this looks like a classic.

  15. I think the shirt is brilliant. It took me a second to think about, but that shirt is pure class. It isn’t about some chav design for you to wear around. It isn’t about selling kits. It is all about a shirt that looks impressive on the players on the pitch. England has plenty of choices of shirts to show support, but as far as a pure kit for the men performing on the pitch this is top notch.

  16. What a simple and blah shirt! As a Yank I understand that England wants elegance and simplicity…but where’s the designer factor? This could have been picked out as some said from any school PE locker. Does anyone see a world champion in this uniform? Hard to picture…. Good luck England and thank God you have the greatest players!

    Phil in Florida
    Huge English Fan….and U.S.!

  17. i love the new england kit. the one that the played in against Ukraine with the numbers on the front was good. it looks like a rugby shirt. i think the badge is cool. it is like the old type.

  18. Still not seen on on the street, it seems the entire world thinks it is shite and ill be honest i agree with them.

  19. Great looking shirt but an absolutely poor wash. First wash it went it white & came out with blue splash stains all over it & the collar is now darker. Due to the blue in the badge I presume. Washed it again with Vanish, stains came out but collar still looks dirty. After second wear & another wash , alot more stains this time. It looked like someone had trodden on it on ( they hadn’t ) & collar still dark. Such a shame as its a nice shirt. Wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve got a fortune to spend on stain removal stuff.

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