FA Cup Matches On U.S. TV Revealed


The US TV schedule for the 2009 FA Cup semi-finals and final can now be revealed. Setanta Sports will show the final on Saturday, May 30th at 10am ET, while the semi-finals are scheduled as follows:

  • Arsenal v Chelsea, April 18, 12:15pm, Setanta Sports
  • Manchester United v Everton, April 19, 11am, Fox Soccer Channel

What do you think about Setanta Sports showing the FA Cup final instead of Fox Soccer Channel? Share your opinion by clicking the comments link below.

8 thoughts on “FA Cup Matches On U.S. TV Revealed”

  1. Is the final on regular Setanta? Or Setanta PPV? In the past I don’t remember the final every being on regular FSC or Setanta (subscription service in the US). It was always on PPV for $19.95. So to me, if this is on regular Setanta, then this is much better than before. (I mean, like last year, I wasn’t going to pay $19.95 to watch Pompey/Cardiff. I didn’t pay for the Liverpool/West Ham final a few years back either, and even tho I really couldn’t care about either team, that would have been a great final to watch.)

  2. You should double check your intel. I recall reading the new set up this year has the Final simulcast on both Setanta & FSC……

  3. Curious, it’s possible. Unfortunately Fox Soccer Channel hasn’t released their TV schedules for May 30th yet. Right now, all we know for sure is that it’ll be on Setanta Sports.

    The Gaffer

  4. Well, it won’t be at those times. The Arsenal Chelsea game is on at 17:15 local time, 12:15ET here. The Setanta coverage starts at noon ET Saturday. FSC have the United Everton game Sunday at 11am.

  5. if it is only on setanta thats unfortunate for a lot of people out west. for alot of satellite and cable customers setanta is only available with the premium packages. Will be a good game, but will have to miss it.

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