Tuesday Quick Hits

  • Brad Friedel’s red card suspension has been rescinded and he will play versus Manchester United in two weeks.
  • Marcus Tracy scored his first league goal for AaB yesterday. Watch the goal here, and recall last week we discussed Tracy critical late match performance for Aab in the UEFA cup tie with Manchester City, the world’s richest football club.
  • Per Steve Goff of the Washington Post, Chelsea and AC Milan will face off in Baltimore on July 24th. Milan will face cross ground rival Inter in Foxborough two days later.
  • Brian Quarstad from Inside Minnesota Soccer reports that USL-Live may be free this season and sponsored by UMBRO. This would be good business from USL. As someone who has previously paid for the package, I believe the high price  charged by Turner Sports limited USL’s overall exposure.
  • Honduras star David Suazo has suffered a terrible injury per our friend Luis Bueno and the Touchline. This is a huge development as CONCACAF qualifying moves forward potentially giving Mexico the break they need to win a game down in Honduras. Honduras is training in Fort Lauderdale this week and I’ll find out what I can about the injury.
  • I will be attending the US training session in Miami this afternoon and will report the news, if any from that session later this evening.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Quick Hits”

  1. Kartik:

    Does anyone have a run down of what MLS players will be lost this weekend to the international games. My Fire will missing two, Soumare and Segares. I’m hurting over it already. Lucky for DC.

  2. Lou, honestly MLS wants to be taken seriously yet plays right through QUALIFIERS! These are not friendlies. These aren’t games where you say “oh don’t call in this guy or that guy.”

    Soumare and Segaras is all you are losing? Don’t sweat. TFC is probably losing half its team. Guevara, and Robinson for sure.

    Eventually guys who are ambitious enough to be in their national teams will either skip MLS or you’ll see national teams other than the US stop picking MLS guys. Either way it’s a losing proposition for the domestic league.

    USL also. I know alot of you don’t follow USL or care (some as I said yesterday have started rooting for Mexican teams against USL clubs)but last season the league played its title game on an international weekend and players were missing. How pathetic. We seem to operate by our own rules when it comes to football in this region and it stinks.

  3. Hey, Kartik, good to finally find you.

    I was wondering what had happened to the American Soccer Spot updates. I figured you must’ve had something to say about the MLS over the past few months.

  4. Hey Ryan! Glad you found us. You can catch up in the archives of the site what you’ve missed.

    Regarding TASS, it may be back in the near future. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  5. Tracy’s goal was a game winner.

    To answer EPLNFL’s question as a US fan the less MLS players the better. We need guys who can react better, ya di ya di ya. See my comment on the thread on the national team for more explanation.

  6. MLS needs to step up and keep young talent from leaving the US.

    Tracy is a perfect example. Developed in college but not signed by MLS because of $$$.

    MLS can never be truly a “Major” League until they can keep home grown talent at home even for just a few years. Once guys go to college if they are really good they look to get out ASAP. Some guys like Lee Nguyen and Andrew Jacobson have failed taking that path, but others like Charlie Davies, Sal Zizzo and Kamani Hill have become much better players just by training in Europe than they were when they left college.

  7. Guevara and Robo are the only ones leaving TFC. De Ro will play guevara’s spot and vitti will play where de ro ws. Robo will be filled in for by cronin, leaving ricketts as the right mid and likely johann smith as the left mid.

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