Spain Present New Jersey For Confederations Cup


I am kind of in limbo regarding the new Spain jersey. There are certain things that I like about it, but then I look at it in a different light and eventually change my mind. The first person I thought about was my friend Elisa. I some aspects it has personality, hell much more than Brazil’s current design. The newest Adidas jersey for the Spanish national team has received a great deal of criticism after Tuesday’s presentation in Madrid.

Forums for newspapers like As are 60/40 against the jersey. I would honestly like to get the criticism of my friend Elisa. Don’t duck us, girl.

What I did seem to see as a tad distasteful was the war paint most of the players had on. I mean they didn’t learn from the Olympic experience? article-0-0243ef2700000578-604_468x260_popup-1

Tell us what you think about La Furia’s new jersey?

5 thoughts on “Spain Present New Jersey For Confederations Cup”

  1. I purchased the jersey for the Euro which in my opinion very beatiful but the Confed cup shirts are simply fugly!

  2. I like the new jerseys with the blue stripe on the shoulder. The war paint I still don’t understand. Maybe I need to hear their reasoning for the face paint cause its unnecessar but I can see how it could be offensive. One thing is for sure, Spaniards love to create controversy.

  3. In what way is the warpaint offensive? seriously how? If this offends anyone they need to be kept wrapped in cotton wool, inside a bubble, inside their mum and dads house, under lock and key, with a blindfold on, and with ear plugs in for the rest of their sorry lives. And we DO NOT like to create controversy we just don’t give a shi-t if we upset crying ass sensitive souls!

  4. The new jersey is definitely different. Not as good as the Euros, but unique. Now the war paint is kinda kitschy and cheesy, but not offensive, come on! They are going to go to “war” to qualify for Europe. Sheesh PC gone crazy? If you don’t like the war paint, then think of it as kitty cat whiskers as the girls from mentioned. =0)

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