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Product Review- 2008/09 Barcelona Jersey

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2008/09 Barcelona Home Jersey (Soccerpro)

La Gent Blaugrana are once again following their “Unconditional Love” this season as they try to come back from two consecutive down years and obtain possible historic Spanish treble. The Nike Barcelona Long Sleeve Home Jersey for 2008-2009 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing jerseys in recent years and is most reminiscent of the jersey they wore during the Centenary Season.

803b 1 Product Review  2008/09 Barcelona Jersey

Barcelona Centenary Jersey (Photobucket)

Consider it as Sunday’s best for the football fan. Many might consider a long sleeved jersey as stuffy or cumbersome; it is further from the truth. The jersey does not only feel comfortable, it “feels like Barca”.  Wearing this jersey in the brisk fall Saturday or Sunday en route to the Nou Camp, to any other pitch the Blaugrana play at, or simply your favorite pub or friend’s house completes the football experience that you are looking for.  In the back of the jersey, instead of a generic tag, Nike placed the lyrics to the El Cant del Barca. It is the same one that plays all throughout the Nou Camp whenever the Blaugrana play in front of the 100,000-plus fans that will them on to victory.

It is part of the immersion that many fans, both hardcore and novice, are looking for.  The jersey brings home the history of the club and it does so in style. I personally like the long sleeves over the short.  Whenever I can get a jersey that is long sleeved, I go for it.   Maybe that is the old-school goalkeeper in me.   There is an elegance that the long sleeves give any uniform sans stuffiness that jerseys of the past might have offered, especially in warmer weather.

nike barcelona home jersey 2009 5 179 detail Product Review  2008/09 Barcelona Jersey

Lyrics To El Cant del Barca (In Catalan and English)

Get the FC Barcelona jersey soon. This season’s AUTHENTIC Barcelona jersey is bound to fly off the shelves and virtual stores and once again be among one of the most sold jerseys in the world this year as well.

Special Thanks Goes Out To…Soccerpro

If you have any questions or comments regarding the product, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email at madaboutfutbol[at]me[dot]com.

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2 Responses to Product Review- 2008/09 Barcelona Jersey

  1. Matt says:

    I’m not sure how someone can actually find this kit pleasing to the eye, especially when the 07/08 kit was such a masterpiece. If they wanted to halves, they should have done contrasting sleeves like the old shirts years and years ago. Still, I can only hope that the stripes will return next year. It’s just not a Barca kit without them.

    Some historical kits can be seen here:

  2. wy ?ydzi says:

    gdzie znajde koszulki espanyolu barcelona?

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