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Champions League Quarter-Final Draw Revealed

champions league logo1 Champions League Quarter Final Draw Revealed

The draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League was announced earlier this morning. The games to be played April 7/8 and April 14/15 are:

  • Villarreal v Arsenal
  • Manchester United v FC Porto
  • Liverpool v Chelsea
  • Barcelona v Bayern Munich

The chances of having one or more English teams in the semi-final were increased by Arsenal being paired against Villarreal, the Spanish yellow submarine side who almost beat them a few years ago, and Man United being paired against FC Porto, the side — when managed by Jose Mourinho — who knocked United out of the Champions League years ago at Old Trafford.

While Barcelona against Bayern Munich is probably the most mouthwatering matchup of them all, the match between Liverpool and Chelsea will be one of the biggest talking points. It seems that the two clubs are inseperable almost like twin brothers who are always fighting against each other. While Chelsea is definitely capable of winning, the psychological advantage in this two-legged encounter will definitely favor Liverpool — especially in the Champions League where Liverpool is more superior.

What’s your opinion about the draw? And based on the quarter-final matchups, who do you think will qualify for the semi-finals, will we see three English teams in the final four again? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

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22 Responses to Champions League Quarter-Final Draw Revealed

  1. Lance says:

    Ugh…anyone BUT Liverpool (and that includes ManU). You’re right, Gaffer: Liverpool are on a great run and as a Chelsea fan, Liverpool is the worst possible opponent. Also, the fact that ManU gets the easiest draw (if there is such a thing) makes it that much worse.

  2. Marc says:

    Couldn’t be happier with the draw. The Reds go marching on.

  3. Charles says:

    This is just about the worst draw imaginable. Liverpool-Chelsea will be turgid. The defending Champions get (by far) the easiest draw, and the only two real chances for knocking out English teams (Bayern and Barca) are stuck playing each other.

    It’ll be a Manchester-Barcelona final.

  4. Arsenal easily beat vilarial and i can say confidentlly arsenal will becom semi final and beat last year chapion manchister united

    Liverpool beat cheals using his secret expreanse with chapions league
    Manchister easily beat porto
    Barcelona surly become semi final
    The final big match will be b/n.
    Arsenal VS Barcelona

  5. Burt Reynolds says:

    Has Robert Pires ever played at the Emirates? He might now..

  6. GC345 says:

    Liverpool v Chelsea yet again? Yeeesh. I don’t expect much scoring in that tie. It’s a really tough one to call as both have looked much better in recent weeks. Chelsea were really playing some smooth football against Man City this past weekend.

    Bayern v Barcelona looks the most exciting on paper by far. Hard to pick a winner at the moment. I think it will come down to the performance of the Barca midfield….if they control the game and keep Ribery’s time on the ball to a minimum then they should win.

    I think Arsenal should get by Villarreal. They are starting to get some key players healthy and Arshavin has given them a spark of creativity that they’ve been missing.

    It will be interesting to see how Manchester United perform this weekend. The Liverpool match was shocking, not so much that Liverpool outplayed them but that United shot themselves in the foot repeatedly. There were signs of this in the Newcastle league match as well as the Fulham FA Cup tie. Vidic looked shaky in both those matches and they conceded more quality chances than in previous weeks. Porto are quite capable of pulling an upset though it is a bit of a longshot.

  7. Kartik says:

    Klinsmann needs to beat Barca to secure his job unless Bayern picks up their league form. With Klose out a month it is going to be very very difficult.

  8. Double Pivot says:

    You know who I feel sorry for? The winner of Barca/Bayern. Because that team will have to watch footage of the Chelsea/Pool tie in preparation for the semis. And that’s just cruel. At least I can just watch something more interesting, like water boiling for an egg.

  9. MM says:

    This is excellent! We’re guaranteed that either Liverpool or Chelsea will be sent home.

  10. weenie says:

    Man U v Liverpool in the final, with the Scousers triumphant in Rome. I believe in Rafa!

  11. Will says:

    Would like to have seen Barcelona and Bayern in the Semis against two English teams but it looks like only one of them now has the chance to do that. Oh well! Btw, are these draws done by computer or is it old school drawing a name from a hat? I assume computer, but does anyone know? Just curious.

  12. Robbie says:

    Wow, the prospect of Manchester United vs. Arsenal in the seminfinal is very mouth-watering. Alot of bad blood betwen the clubs over the years, so this encounter, if the get past Villareal and Porto respectively, will be Armagedon. Can’t wait. Though Porto and Villareal are dangerous opponents and take nothing away from them, will push United and Arsenal to the presapus. Liverpool vs. Chelsea again I can’t believe it. They are like star crossed lover destined for one another. I would like to see Chelsea vs. Barcelona, then Barca beat the living daylights out of “Chelski” and send them packing. My final would be Manchester vs. Barcelona in Rome. Would be a qaulity match with the top two contenders battling it out. Should be a showdown to the final. Bring on the qaurterfinals and semifinals.


  13. Shakira says:

    Another Liverpool- Chelsea snoozefest, be still my beating heart. I expect Manchester United, Arsenal, Barca and Chelsea to advance to the semi’s but Arsenal should be careful.

  14. Jorge Wong McGee says:

    From my evaluation of the draw, it’s 97.654 % certain that Liverpool will win the ECL (European Champions Liverpool). There you have it. Tah tah.

  15. marty says:

    The draw is done by pulling balls out of a “hat” that have the teams names on it.
    No computer used.

  16. Peter says:

    im happy with arsenal getting villareal i was hoping for anyone but liverpool. if we were to have gotten man united this would probably be the best time for it though. it will also be a real shame not being able to play arshavin but oh well.

    liverpool will get throuhg against chelsea and barca will beat bremen and in the end im guessing it’ll be man united liverpool and united win. hope not though

  17. Patrick says:

    More superior?

  18. TC-Hammer says:

    Bayern Munich is fortunate to get minnows Barcelona and will advance. Munich and Klinsmann surely in the semifinals.

    Arsenal’s luck, aside from injuries, defeating Hull in the FA Cup game according to many people’s opinion, I didn’t see it, an offside goal and now, drawing Villareal who in the past had Juan Pablo Sorin and I think Riquelme but now, don’t have that same punch. Likewise, if Villareal are worth their salt, this is a fortunate draw for them.

    Fulham/MUFC today, again, this is one thing I don’t quite like with all the tournaments is how often teams will start to play each other. Chelsea/Liverpool could be titanic honestly. Need we forget a few years ago, L-pool and Arsenal seemed to be squaring off frequently.

    To an extent, it is a lucky draw for MUFC, I do admit that but one never knows. Anyway, it comes with the territory, someone was going to draw the lesser teams and this is close to strongest (current holder) and the less stronger (Porto or Villareal are probably 7 and 8 rating all the teams with Arsenal at 6th, Imho everyone!)

  19. Milo says:

    Does anyone on this website not worship English football? Barca can easily win the tournament if they just manage some level of consistency. Liverpool-Chelsea is going to be a good nap. Arsenal will destry Villareal. The only game worth watching is Barca-Munich and whoever wins that will have the honors of crushing england and all of their supporters dreams.

    “Those who don’t know anything about football, support Man Utd.”

  20. Marty says:

    awh lads we can’t stay away from liverpool at this stage in the Laegue of all Leagues… But you hav to say that chelsea are going to cum out on top.. Drogba is too strong for the likes of Skertal and with John Terry in the centre no Torres wil be terrified !!!!

  21. liam says:

    this is a good draw, liverpool have a good game on the run and since the game Liverpool v Real madrid we have been the best team in the champians league and the premier league. As a liverpool fan i do belive the big final match will be

    liverpool v barcalona

  22. yoseph mersha says:

    arsena will beat both vilarial & the winner b/n M.U & Porto, and a final match wz chelsea .score arsenal 3-2chelsea .

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